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Can dogs eat straw?

If your dog happens to eat straw, it can cause a number of ailments. These ailments include reactions of hypersensitivity, such as difficulty breathing, lethargy, coughing, nosebleeds, wheezing, sneezing, and lowered appetite. If you are a dog owner with an outdoor kennel, you are probably concerned about keeping your pooch warm. For several centuries, straw …

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Do dogs gain weight during heat?

When a dog is in heat, she may go through many different biological processes. If you’re not used to her cycle or it’s your pup’s first estrus, you may be wondering if your dog will gain weight during heat. There are many factors to consider when assessing your dog’s weight, including age, breed, and activity …

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Why are dogs more loyal than cats?

Dogs have a reputation for being man’s best friend. They are believed to be extremely loyal. Dogs are known to develop extremely close relationships with their owner, while cats are seen as loners. Are these reputations deserved? Are dogs really more loyal than cats?  Why are dogs more loyal than cats? Both dogs and cats …

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