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Yorkie Pomeranian Mix: All You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what you get when you cross a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian? A Yorkie Pom!

These dogs are small and known for their fluffy fur coats as well as vibrant personalities. Thanks to their intelligence, they’re a treat to train. Their diminutive size makes them practical pets for people living in small apartments.

Read on to learn more about the size, appearance, and personality of the Yorkie Pomeranian mix. We’ve also included some useful guidelines to follow when caring for these pups.


The Yorkie Pom is a hybrid breed that comes from mixing Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians. Both of these dogs are officially registered with the American Kennel Club. On the other hand, the Yorkie Pom isn’t an officially recognized breed.

This mixed breed is also referred to as the Yoranian or Yorkshire Pom. 

Brief History of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

We don’t know much about how the mix between Yorkies and Pomeranians initially came to be. However, experts from the Designer Dogs Kennel Club believe that this hybrid breed wasn’t created intentionally. 

Instead, it resulted from a “romantic encounter” between a Yorkie and a Pomeranian.

Since these dogs weren’t selectively bred, you’ll often find Yorkie Poms that bear little resemblance to their Yorkie and Pomeranian parents.

Yorkshire Terrier

As you can probably tell from this breed’s name, dogs belonging to it were initially bred in the British county of Yorkshire.

In the 1800s, immigrant Scottish weavers deemed it necessary to breed a dog that was small in size, yet brave at heart. They successfully reached that goal by trying out different mixes of Terrier breeds.

So, why did these Scots need such a dog? 

The need came about from rodent infestations in their textile mills that were causing serious problems. The diminutive size of Yorkies allowed them to get into the mills’ nooks and crannies and capture those pesky rodents.

Yorkie dogs were also tasked with mouse-hunting duties in the county’s coal mines.


When you think of Pomeranians now, an adorable lap dog with a fluffy coat of fur is what comes to mind. Surprisingly enough, that wasn’t their original purpose.

Pomeranians come from the lineage of Spitz dogs. These Pomeranian ancestors originated in Iceland and were much bigger than the Pomeranians of this day and age. 

They were bred for herding livestock and guarding their owner’s estate against thieves and unwanted guests. Their owners also used them as sled-pulling dogs.

These dogs were trained to alert their owners by barking loudly when they felt something was off.

Pomeranians’ beginnings in Iceland are probably the reason why they have such voluminous fur coats and small ears. These traits enabled them to survive the harsh, cold weather of the region.

It wasn’t until the latter stages of the 19th century that Pomeranians appeared in North America. Only a few years later, they became an official breed registered with the AKC.

Characteristics of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

In this section, we’ll outline the characteristics of Yorkie Poms in terms of their size, appearance, and personality.

How Big Is the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Both Yorkies and Pomeranians are relatively small. In turn, you’d expect the breed that results from mixing them to follow suit.

The largest Yorkie Poms can weigh up to 7 pounds and grow to a height of 10 inches.

Smaller Yorkie Poms are around 6 inches tall and weigh about 3 pounds.

Exactly how big your Yorkie Pom is will depend on the sizes of its Yorkie and Pomeranian parents.  As is the case for the majority of dog breeds, gender also plays a role in Yorkie Poms’ size. Male Yorkie Poms tend to be larger than females of the same breed. 

What Does the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Look Like?

The way Yorkie Pom pups look depends on the genes they inherit from their Yorkie and Pomeranian parents. They usually lean heavily towards one of their parents in appearance.

This is why you’re likely to find significant differences between Yorkie Pom puppies from the same litter. 

Fur Coat

Depending on the genes they inherit from their parents, Yorkie Poms can come in a wide range of colors. These colors include black, brown, white, tan, and blue. There are also bi-color variations of this breed, the most common of which are black and white, and a combination of black and tan.

Tri-color Yorkie Poms are much less common, but they do exist.

Due to their Pomeranian heritage, these dogs tend to have medium-length or long fur. Their coat’s texture can be either wiry and fuzzy, or soft. 


Yorkie Poms typically have a round face covered in a thick coat of fluffy fur. The length of their snout can vary depending on the dominant gene they get from their parents. They can either have a short snout like their Yorkie parent or a slightly longer, pointier one that resembles a Pomeranian’s.


As with many small dogs, Yorkie Poms have a relatively short tail. These dogs’ tails are quite fluffy and can either extend straight behind them or curl upwards over their backs.

Eyes, Nose, and Ears

These are probably the features of Yorkie Poms that make them look so darn cute.

These dogs have large wedge-shaped ears that perk upwards. Those ears, coupled with their wide brown eyes and little black nose, will undoubtedly melt your heart.

What Is the Personality and Temperament of Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Yorkie Poms are super intelligent dogs that are a joy to be around. They’re also full of boundless affection and have an insatiable appetite for cuddles.

Additionally, these dogs are highly protective of their family and make excellent guard dogs thanks to their Pomeranian lineage.

One thing to keep in mind is that these dogs are susceptible to separation anxiety. So, you should avoid leaving them alone at home for extended periods.

How Much Does the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Cost to Buy?

To be clear, if you’re considering buying a Yorkie Pom as the newest addition to your family, be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise either; since these dogs result from crossing two breeds that are quite pricey in their own right. Yorkshire Terriers can cost up to $1,500, while a Pomeranian is likely to cost approximately $2,000.

The common rule when gauging the price of a mixed breed is to take the average of the parent breed’s prices. However, this rule doesn’t apply to Yorkie Poms. You’re likely to find them offered at prices close to $1,000 by reputable breeders.

If this figure is out of your budget, you can go another route and look for a Yorkie Pom on puppy classifieds or at your local rescue shelter.

Doing so, however, will put you at risk of buying a dog that you don’t know the health and mental issues of.

Caring For Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Thinking of owning a Morkie Poo pup? Then you should be aware of how to care for it.

Here are some useful tips to help you with your new Morkie Poo pup:

What Is the Ideal Environment For a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Yorkie Poms are quite small. In turn, they don’t need much space to not feel like they’re pent up. This makes them perfect housepets for those living in smaller apartments.

In case you have other furry pals at home, make sure to share your affection equally between them and your Yorkie Pom. If your pup feels like it’s getting the short end of the stick, it’ll start acting out and harbor jealousy toward your other pets.

Finally, those with toddlers or infants in their family shouldn’t leave a Yorkie Pom with them unsupervised. This is for both your kids’ and your dog’s safety. Yorkie Poms will bite if they feel like they’re being roughed up. Additionally, they can be easily injured if accidentally stepped on by one of your children. 

How Do You Train a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Due to these dogs’ intelligence, you’ll enjoy training them. They’re enthusiastic, quick learners that respond well to positive reinforcement training strategies.

However, some Yorkie Poms may inherit a slight stubborn streak from their Yorkie parents that may make training them more of a challenge.

As is the case for all dogs, Yorkie Poms need a lot of mental and physical stimulation as part of their daily routine. Make sure to take them on plenty of walks and engage them in mental games to keep their minds sharp and on point.

How early you start is the most important factor in successfully training a Yorkie Pom. If you kick off the training process while your dog is still a young pup, you’ll have a much easier time bringing up an obedient and well-socialized dog.

What Should You Feed a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

The main consideration when creating a feeding regimen for your Yorkie Pom is providing it with the optimum balance of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Failing to do so may lead to owning a malnourished pup.

We recommend that you steer clear of grain-based dry food, for instance. Such food fills your pup up with empty calories and may even cause it to develop allergies. Instead, go for kibble that’s rich in animal-based protein and healthy carbs.

Consider including high-end probiotic dog food in your Yorkie Pom’s diet as well. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s great for your dog’s immune system.

As for table scraps, Yorkie Poms enjoy chicken, turkey, and potatoes. However, don’t allow your dog to indulge in such foods too often. This can lead them to outright reject dry food in the long run.

Finally, make sure that you’re not overfeeding your Yorkie Pom. We know how hard it can be to say no to these fluffy little balls of cuteness. Nonetheless, you don’t want your dog to become obese and develop health issues down the line. 

How Often Does a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Shed?

Even though Yorkie Poms have a fluffy, thick coat of fur, they don’t shed as heavily as you might expect. These dogs are moderate shedders, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t require a lot of grooming.

In other words, you should brush your Yorkie Pom’s fur daily to keep it looking as sleek and healthy as ever.

It’s also a good idea to take your Yorkie Pom to a professional groomer once every few months to get a good trim.

Lifespan of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Generally speaking, smaller dogs tend to lead shorter lives than larger ones.

However, Yorkie Poms are one breed that bucks this trend. These dogs can live anywhere between 12 and 16 years.

Exactly how long your Yorkie Pom’s lifespan is will depend on several factors. Most importantly, it depends on the level of consistent love and care it gets from its owner. 

The lifespan of a Yorkie Pom is also contingent on its diet and whether it’s fortunate enough to not suffer from any serious health conditions throughout its life.

What Are the Potential Health Issues in Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Unfortunately, Yorkie Poms are prone to a variety of ailments and illnesses. They include patellar luxation, entropion, tracheal collapse, and legg calve perthes disease.

Other potential health issues are liver disease and kidney problems.

Additionally, Yorkie Poms are commonly plagued with dental issues like most small dog breeds. This means that periodontal disease is a common occurrence in these dogs. 

Take your pup for a checkup every few months to catch any health problems your Yorkie Pom may have early.


The Yorkie Pomeranian mix is often referred to as the Yorkie Pom.

This hybrid breed is a highly intelligent one that’s bursting with affection for its owner. These dogs also love cuddling their soft, fluffy coats of fur against you.

If you satisfy these dogs’ feeding, grooming, and care requirements, you’ll have an amazing furry pal that’s cute as a button for well over a decade!