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Why does my husky growl at other dogs?

Why does my husky growl at other dogs?

If your husky keeps growling at other dogs, this post will show you a number of possible reasons why and what you can do about it.

So, why does my husky growl at other dogs? Possible reasons are that it didn’t socialize with other dogs as a puppy, it was mistreated, it’s being protective, it’s being dominant or you might have inadvertently reinforced the behavior.

There are actually a number of possible reasons why your husky might be doing it. Fortunately, there are also a number of things that you can consider that will help in understanding the exact reason.

Why your husky growls at other dogs

Each of the different reasons that it growls at other dogs will likely come with some clues in the way that it does it. Below, I will show you a number of reasons why it might growl at other dogs and what would make them more likely.

It didn’t socialize with them as a puppy

Huskies will, naturally, explore their environment a lot as puppies and it is when they will learn about the world. Not getting a lot of exposure to other dogs when it was younger could be why yours growls at other dogs. This is because it might not have learned what dogs it can trust so it sees them as a threat.

In this case, desensitization training would likely work best which is discussed a few sections below.

It was mistreated

The reason that it does not like other dogs could be that it was mistreated by one either recently or in the past. If it was mistreated by a dog recently and it has started being aggressive towards other dogs since then, it would likely be due to being mistreated by the other dog.


The reason that it does it might be that it is being protective. This would be more likely if it also growls at people that it does not know, at times, as well. It would also be more likely if it growls more at dogs that it is unfamiliar with especially when at home or around your property.


It could be the case that your husky is being dominant. This would be more likely if it tends to do it more to dogs that are smaller than it and it does not growl at bigger dogs.

Reinforcing the behavior

It might be the case that you have been inadvertently reinforcing the behavior by giving it things that it wants when it growls at other dogs.

Instead of giving it things such as treats when it does it, try to use the training tips mentioned below to train it not to do it. You can also try to recognize when it is likely to be about to start growling and to redirect its focus onto you or doing something else.

Things to consider

When it first started to growl at other dogs

It would help to consider when it first started growling at other dogs since it could be the case that an event caused it to start doing it.

If it started growling at dogs suddenly, it would make it more likely to be due to things such as being mistreated by other dogs recently or you might have reinforced the behavior. It would help to consider what else happened when it started doing it.

Whereas, if it has always done it being dominant, overly protective or not getting much exposure to other dogs as a puppy could all be causes.

When it does it

It would also help to consider whether or not it tends to do it more in certain situations.

If you notice that it does it more to certain dogs than to others it could be the case that it is being dominant or that it is due to having a strong prey drive.

Whereas, if it seems to be that it only growls in certain locations then it might be due to feeling insecure in that location for some reason.

How to get your husky to stop growling at other dogs

Below are some options that you have when training your husky to stop growling at other dogs.

Train it to associate other dogs with rewards

One option you have is to train your husky to associate other dogs with rewards.

To do this you would start giving your husky special treats when you are approaching other dogs with it and stop when your husky begins to growl at them. By doing this it will learn that growling around other dogs results in it not getting rewards.

Desensitize it to other dogs

Another option would be to let it be around other dogs in a controlled environment. When doing so you would reward it when it is not growling and stop rewarding it when it starts to growl. If it starts being well behaved again, you would reward it. This will teach it that being well-behaved results in it getting rewards.

Train it to listen to your command

It would also be important to train it to listen to your command in general so that it learns how it is meant to behave and so that it does what you want when you need it to.

If you have not given it much training, it would help to start with the basics by doing things such as to train it to stay.

Get help from a dog behaviorist

If you cannot figure out why your husky growls at other dogs, you cannot get it to stop or it becomes aggressive, the best option would be to get the help of a dog behaviorist or trainer. By doing so you will be able to get expert advice tailored to your particular husky and to train it in a safe manner.