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Why does my dog throw up when excited?

Why does my dog throw up when excited?

Dogs have no problem showing their excitement around us! They will often wag their tag, bark uncontrollably, jump up and down, and even drool because of the excitement. However, sometimes this excitement can come with added side effects, one of which is vomiting.

Why does my dog throw up when excited? There are several reasons why your dog might vomit when excited or overly happy. These reasons can include anything from pent-up anxiety to a diet change. Vomiting is not an enjoyable feeling for us humans, so it makes sense that our dogs would feel the same way too. So let’s take a look at some causes of your dog’s vomiting when it gets very excited.

Why does my dog throw up when excited?

One reason why your canine might vomit when excited is a diet change. Something as minor as switching from a dry dog food brand to another, or more serious, like introducing new foods to your dog’s diet may cause issues.

For example, many dogs will get nauseous if you give them anything sugary such as sweets or chocolates. Dogs are known for their love of all things sweet! So offering them even the tiniest bit of candy can trigger vomiting in some cases.

The Holidays

Another reason your dog might throw up when excited is due to this special time of the year. Halloween and Christmas are two holidays that come to mind at times when dogs typically begin vomiting around their owners. This typically occurs because they feast on a variety of foods, which can include leftovers from their owner’s dinner. While there isn’t a specific food culprit for this case, it’s important to monitor what you’re feeding your pet during the holiday seasons.


Anxiety is another common cause of dogs throwing up around us. In particular, older dogs will experience something called bloat as they age. Bloat involves an extreme amount of anxiety due to separation. It’s one of those unique situations where anxiety causes more anxiety, resulting in vomiting.

If you have a dog that is left home alone for extended periods, this could be another reason why your pet is vomiting when excited. The more anxious your pet gets without its owner around to calm it down, the more likely it is to vomit. This is an instance where having someone stay with your pet during work hours or on vacation would benefit both the owner and canine friend.

Signs of anxiety can be different depending on your dog’s breed, size, and overall personality. For example, some dogs will drool excessively if they are anxious about being out in public. However, other breeds might just become overly quiet before suddenly vomiting for no apparent reason.

Playtime Vomiting

Another reason why dogs vomit when they get overly excited is playtime. If your dog is still a puppy, you might notice that it will vomit soon after playing fetch or tug-of-war with you. There’s nothing mean-spirited about this, just an activity that can make their stomach flip at times!

Eating too soon before playtime could also be another reason why your pet is vomiting. It’s best to give your dog at least 15 minutes of rest after eating before engaging in any form of physical activity with them.

Do dogs vomit for attention?

Some dogs will throw up when they realize that this excites their owner. In particular, older dogs that have been around for a while might display this type of behavior from time to time. This is because young puppies are cute, and the less-wanted attention from our parents makes them feel unwanted.

One example of a dog throwing up for attention happens when you make a big deal of your pet vomiting. For instance, if your dog pukes on the carpet and you begin yelling at it in anger, this might cause the same reaction all over again! So it’s important to avoid overreacting whenever your dog vomits because you’re guaranteed to get more than what you bargained for.

If you absolutely must overreact, then try to keep a sense of humor about it instead. You can even ask a friend or family member to distract your pet while the puking takes place so that it won’t notice your anger when approaching. In most cases, This is an effective approach, because dogs will become confused if they don’t know what you’re upset about (since all they did was vomit).

Secondly, never reward your dog with attention when it vomits. If this behavior becomes routine and your pet realizes that puking means more attention from YOU, the cycle will continue without end. So it’s best to ignore both the act and your pet altogether until you’re ready to forgive.

To avoid this situation altogether, you should try to reason with your pet before it happens. For instance, if you know that your dog throws up when excited due to anxiety about being left alone for a long time, try spending time together beforehand so it won’t feel as neglected later on. This is one way dogs learn behaviors and patterns without us even realizing them.

What to do about my dog throwing up when excited?

If playtime vomiting is the culprit, reduce the frequency of playing this particular game with your pet until its stomach settles down. If you feel like bloat might be the answer to this question, then spend more time at home with your pet to allow for some interaction between each other in a relaxed and calm environment.

Also, see if there’s something that can be changed in terms of diet. Remember that healthy meals will put less strain on their stomach and result in fewer occurrences of throwing up from time to time. As a result, you’ll have a happier and more active dog on your hands!

Just remember that if bloat is the issue, then there’s nothing wrong with this behavior either. Bloating is mainly caused by stress and will soon go away once your pet feels safe and secure again. So keep your canine comfortable until the symptoms disappear for good!

How to get my dog to stop throwing up when excited?

If throwing up is a common behavior and doesn’t seem like something that can be changed, then you should probably look into getting some dog training instead. Just remember that there’s no such thing as a bad dog; we’re the ones who need training most of the time to keep our pets happy!

However, if your pet seems uncomfortable with vomiting and is ready to make a change, give playtime or dinner time some extra attention beforehand. The positive time will reduce the frequency of puking from happening altogether, which means more time spent enjoying each other’s company instead of cleaning up puke.

Adjustments To Feeding

First, avoid feeding them anything for the next 6-8 hours after vomiting. You want their stomach to have plenty of time to settle before giving them any food or drink again. Give them something bland that won’t upset their belly any more than it already has been, including boiled chicken and rice, cooked carrots & potatoes, or unflavored yogurt. After they’ve eaten something small, wait half an hour to see if they throw up again. If not, then it’s safe to feed them a little more in small increments with fifteen-minute breaks in between.

If throwing up continues after several hours or they start vomiting bile instead of food, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. This could be a case for getting some anti-vomiting medication so they can keep down nutrients safely until their system fully recovers. Canine bloat is dangerous and needs medical attention before things get worse.

See a vet

If your dog has been throwing up excessively, and has been behaving unusually in other ways, it would help to take your dog for a checkup with a vet. By doing so, you should be able to get expert advice tailored towards your particular dog and to rule out more serious causes.

Will My Dog Vomit When Excited About Another Dog?

If you have another dog, sometimes it might show signs of jealousy. The jealousy can lead to puking when excited about seeing them or smelling their scent on something that belongs to them. You should probably work on improving your current relationship first before trying to bring in a new one, especially if it’s not worth the trouble.

You should also start this training process by making sure your other dog is trained as well, so they’ll be able to keep out of each other’s way whenever necessary. The last thing you want is for both pets to try fighting with each other because neither side will back down!

As for how many dogs too many, the only limit lies within us humans. Sometimes it takes time and patience to train an additional pet successfully, especially if you have to work all day and can’t give them enough attention. But don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t seem like things are working out at first; dogs tend to work best with a little bit of patience.

Should I Worry About My Dog Vomiting?

Keep in mind that throwing up isn’t usually dangerous unless accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhea, lethargy, or severe pain due to stomach issues. Just try to avoid showing any negative emotions. Dogs are very sensitive to stress and negative attention could make things worse. If your pet is happy but still throws up frequently, then try giving them a little more attention beforehand so they’ll feel less anxious later on.

Always seek professional help if you’re not sure what’s causing this behavior, especially if it results in chronic vomiting or other problems that are affecting their health. Your veterinarian knows best when there’s something seriously wrong with your dog, so don’t hesitate to contact them for some additional information!