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Why does my dog sneeze on me?

A sneezing dog is usually a happy dog, and a dog that sneezes on his owner is most often showing true devotion. A sneezing dog is not something we often think about, but sneezing is actually one very effective way a dog communicates with his humans and fellow canines. Here is more to know about your sneezing dog.

Why does my dog sneeze on me?

Dogs sneeze for many reasons, and when they sneeze right on you, there are some specific reasons why.

Play Sneezing

Would you believe there’s such a thing as play sneezing? Think about it. Maybe your dog has done it to you when he has been happily playing or just plain being with you. He’ll usually sneeze a bunch of times in succession on you as he entices you for more play. His enthusiastic sneezing is his way of affection and communication that he wants to keep being with you.

Although not specifically sneezing on you, notice the next time your dog plays with other dogs. He becomes excited and chances are he’ll sneeze to signal to the others that he is playing, wants to continue to play, and is not interested in negatively aggressive behavior.

Reactions to Irritants

It might be coincidental that he sneezes on you when some kind of irritant has gotten the best of his nasal passages. His sneezing is an attempt to clear them and get rid of the offending substance.


Nasal infections are rare in dogs, but if your dog does get one, he may sneeze repeatedly (on you?) and act generally blah. Unlike in humans when dogs get upper respiratory infections, they generally cough, not sneeze.

However, frequent sneezing coupled with nasal discharge and lethargy indicate the need for a visit to the vet. Another signal that something is amiss is if your dog paws at his nose and appears to be in pain.

Why does my dog sneeze on me in the morning?

And you thought you were a loud sneezer? A dog’s sneeze can serve as the household’s morning wakeup call! A dog who sneezes is often going to do it first thing in the morning. Why? There are several reasons and here’s what they are:


After a night of rest, when your dog awakens, so do his allergies, and when his allergies awaken, so does his nose. Thus, he sneezes. And if you are nearby, you well may be the recipient of the resulting spray.

A Tickle

Have you ever gotten a tickle in your nose that causes you to sneeze? Well, the same is true for your dog. A tickle could be caused by anything: his fur, a feather from your bird, or just anything floating in the air.

It’s Play Time

A dog excited about playing may very well sneeze on you to entice you to have fun with him.  Many dogs are ready to rock and roll as soon as they open their eyes in the morning.

He’s Sick?

Although dogs don’t generally sneeze when they are sick, this is always a possibility when a dog sneezes. However, the tell-tale sign of illness is that his behavior will be markedly subdued. Then you’ll know it’s time to go to the vet.

Why does my dog sneeze around me?

The main reasons your dog sneezes around you is that he loves you and wants you to play with him. However, there are some other things to consider when your dog sneezes when you are near.

Can He Stop?

When he sneezes, does he have trouble stopping? Sneezing is perfectly normal, but it’s not normal for a dog to sneeze continuously without stopping.

Nose Discharge

Check the discharge coming from his nose. The normal color is clear. A milky, yellow, or crusty discharge is not normal and could be a symptom of illness.

Come Play With Me

If he seems happy and excited after he sneezes, then you have a dog who is asking you to play.

Reverse Sneeze

Have you ever heard your dog make a sort of honking noise while his body stands still, and his head extends forward? Chances are he is reverse sneezing. When a dog does this, he’s inhaling deeply through his nose repeatedly. Reverse sneezing is most often caused by some kind of inflammation, an irritant in the nose, or becoming overly excited. Reverse sneezing is also more common with “short nosed” dogs such as Boston Terriers, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Pekingese and English Bulldogs. The short nasal passages in these dogs make them more susceptible to sneezing.

Why does my dog sneeze on my face?

Have you ever had a human get right up in your face to communicate? The same holds true for your dog. The closer, the better and the more certain he is to get his message across to you.

Why does my dog sneeze on my feet?

Think about your dog’s body position when he sneezes. At first his head comes up as he gathers energy for the sneeze, and then it lowers when he expels the sneeze. If you are near him, then when he lowers his head and sneezes, you can count on your feet catching the breeze.

Why does my dog sneeze when he smells me?

The main reason your dog sneezes when he smells you because he becomes excited. This can happen when you are nearby or if you are not, he may sneeze when he catches your scent in some other way.

If you want to minimize the frequency and amount of sneezing your dog does, there are some things you can do.

Control Allergy

If your dog’s sneezing is caused by allergies, pay attention to what may be triggering him. Close the window at night. Talk to your vet about medications.


It may not be your favorite thing but dust the entire house often to remove pollens and other irritants.


Even more important than dusting, vacuuming regularly removes the pollens and irritants that reside deep in the carpets.

Minimize Use of Chemical Cleaners

Take a close look at your cleaning supplies and avoid using the ones with particularly pungent odors around your dog. Other scent producers such as air fresheners and scented candles may also promote sneezing.