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Why does my dog shake when he sees me?

Why does my dog shake when he sees me?

Dogs have many behaviors, some of which are obvious to humans and others that are not. It’s challenging for us to understand what our dogs might be trying to communicate to us, which is why it’s imperative to have knowledge of dog behaviors or hire a trainer that can teach you before you jump into owning a dog. 

Dogs use many physical cues to explain to us how they’re feeling. Jumping, barking, growling, pawing, and shaking are just a few of these cues. If you’re one of the people wondering why does my dog shake when he sees me, you are certainly not alone. 

In short, there are a few reasons that your dog may shake when you enter a room. The good news is, it’s not always fear-based or undesirable behavior. 

Why does my dog shake when he sees me?

The most common reason your dog is shaking when he sees you is that he is excited! Many dogs have trouble dispelling extra energy, especially when their owner comes into the room or if they’ve been separated for a long time, such as the duration of a workday. 

If you come in the door and find your pooch shaking uncontrollably, he’s actually exhibiting a way to expend energy without running around aimlessly or jumping all over you. We need to remember that dogs don’t have the same amount of stimulation as humans. 

We have work, family, friends, and social lives. Our dogs only have us. From this perspective, it almost seems expected that they would shake and shimmy any time they see us!


Dogs might also shake from fear, but it’s unlikely that you are the cause unless you’ve recently taken in a rescue. Many rescue dogs suffer from unclear or abusive pasts. Some may have a fear of men, while others might be uncomfortable around women or older children. 

Every issue a rescue dog has stems from how they were treated in their past, so you’ll want to consider working with a professional trainer to help diagnose and treat the problem. By spending time with you and your dog, a good trainer will see what is scaring the dog and plan to eradicate the behavior over time. Gaining trust doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t get frustrated. 

Medical Issues

Some neurological issues can cause a dog to shake, but they won’t have anything to do with a particular person. For example, if you’ve noticed that your dog seems to shake only when he sees you, it’s not medical. 

However, if your dog’s shaking is beginning to concern you, there is never any harm in reaching out and speaking with your veterinarian. The more information your vet has regarding your pup, the easier it will be for him to make current and future diagnoses. You should never feel overprotective when it comes to keeping that line of communication open. 

Why does my dog shake when I look at him?

If your dog is shaking when you look at him, he’s likely feeling either excited or scared. If you have a good relationship with your dog, excitement is the culprit here!

When you look at your dog, you’re engaging him directly. This engagement means quite a few different things to your pup. Perhaps you’re thinking of feeding him or taking him for a midday walk! You could be looking at him for so many reasons, and he won’t know why until you tell him. Therefore, just looking at your puppy could cause him to shake with unbridled excitement!

If your dog shakes with fear because you’re turning your attention to him, there could be a couple of reasons. First, you might have an undesirable relationship with your dog based on fear instead of respect. Second, you have a rescue dog, and fear is how they’re currently coping. Both situations are fixable with time and professional training. 

If you’re unsure whether or not your pup is shaking with fear or excitement when you look at him, consider his other body language. Is his tail tucked? Are his ears back? Is he crouching? These are all signs of fear. 

On the other hand, if your dog is shaking with perked ears and a wagging tail, then you’ve got excitement on your hands. These are two very different emotions, and therefore should be handled differently. 

Why does my dog shake his head when he sees me?

Dogs don’t typically shake their heads due to excitement about seeing their owner, and your dog shaking his head probably doesn’t have much to do with you. However, if your pup is happy to see you, causing him to bark, he may shake his head due to the vibrations in his ears from his bark. 

For the most part, dogs shake their heads often when they’ve got ear irritation, such as an infection or allergies. If your pup is constantly shaking his head or whining when he does shake his head, then see your vet right away. The sooner you get your dog looked at, the sooner you can begin to treat whatever medical issue might be happening. 

Why does my dog stare at me and shake?

If your dog is staring at you, he probably wants something. If he’s staring at you and shaking, he’s either excited or scared. When a dog is unwilling to take his eyes off of you, it’s because he thinks you’re going to do something desirable (such as feed him or pick up his leash for a walk), or he’s afraid of you. 

You’ve got to figure out this situation sooner rather than later, so don’t hesitate to call your vet and ask what they think. A professional vet can listen to your case in detail and point you in the right direction toward a medical evaluation and the help of an expert dog trainer. 

You are never on your own concerning understanding your dogs’ behavior. If you need help, don’t ever hesitate to ask for it, as it will make life much easier for you and your pup!