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Why does my dog never get tired?

Why does my dog never get tired?

Do you have a pup that just won’t quit? Even after a long walk on the beach or a romp in the local dog park, they’re still wired and ready to go? You’re not alone!

Plenty of dog breeds are notorious for having loads of energy, including but not limited to American Pit Bill Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, Huskies, and Boxers. So if you’ve got a high-energy breed, it’s likely that you feel that your dog is never tired. 

As humans, we tend to visualize the perfect life with our hounds consisting of romps in the dog park followed by cozy cuddles on the couch. However, with some dog breeds, there is more romping than cuddling. 

In fact, many dogs want to do nothing but romp. The non-stop energy can be challenging for owners who don’t love to exercise or work too much to tire out their dogs.

Breed research is essential before adopting or purchasing a dog or puppy. Of course, when adopting, it can be difficult to discern what type of breed you’ll be dealing with, but in general, the rescue can give you a pretty good idea. 

Regardless, if you find that you’re sharing your life with a dog that plays more than he sleeps, there are actions you can take to tire your four-legged friend out. Then, with a bit of time and creativity, your dog will be pleased-as-punch to relax on the couch with you when the workday ends.

Why doesn’t my dog get tired?

There could be plenty of reasons that your dog doesn’t seem to tire out. But, typically, the issue of endless energy is easy to resolve, as long as the owner is willing to work with the energetic dog in question. 

It’s crucial to target the problem before coming up with a solution. Here are a few of the main reasons that certain dogs have trouble wearing themselves out. 

You have a high energy breed

As previously stated, high-energy breeds are difficult to tire out. They have seemingly endless amounts of energy that no dog owner with a life outside of their dog could possibly keep up with. 

Your dog is bored

Even dogs that don’t have a high-energy drive that comes naturally to them are hard to tire out if they’re bored. Dogs are notorious for needing both mental and physical stimulation. This need for mental exercise means a couple of walks each day might not be enough.

You’ll know if your dog is bored by the way he acts in the home. For example, he may pace or chew on household items that don’t belong to him, looking for attention and stimulation.

You have an anxious dog

Issues like anxiety and overall nervousness can wire a canine up so much on a mental level that they have a hard time relaxing. For example, an anxious dog will whine, pace, and rarely lay down to rest. 

Your dog isn’t getting enough exercise

Lack of exercise is one of the most common reasons that dogs have endless energy. This situation is not breed-specific. All dogs, even the lazier breeds such as English Bulldogs, need exercise. 

If you find yourself constantly wondering why your dog refuses to take a nap, think about how often and how much exercise they’re getting daily. You can start writing it down to track it as well. What feels like a long walk to you might be a much shorter walk than your dog needs. 

How do I make my dog tired?

Making a dog tired is a big job. Breeds like the Belgian Malinois and Border Collies are not for the faint of heart. You need to be just as high-energy as your dog or find clever ways to trick them into working out all that energy without you having to run ten miles a day. 

If this sounds like your situation, don’t get discouraged. While your high-energy breed may never be exhausted (unless you spend a weekend camping, swimming, and hiking), you can still help them get the exercise they need without running yourself into the ground physically.

Before you attempt to exhaust the furry ball of energy that lives with you, please be sure that you’re looking at the situation from a place of patience and positivity. Your dog can’t help that he’s full of energy, but you can definitely help him expend it!

Give your pup some mental stimulation 

We can’t stress enough that dogs need mental stimulation just as much and possibly more than physical. Mental games are an excellent way to tire out your energetic pup, and you don’t have to spend time making the many DIY options on Pinterest. 

Puzzle games and feeders are available, in abundance, at your local pet store and online. These games require dogs to use their brains to figure out how to get treats out of the toy itself, and there are plenty to choose from in the toy aisle!

Engage in basic training

Dogs love training because it feels like playing for them! Not only are they doing tricks that make you ooh and ahh, but they’re getting treats as well. 

Basic training takes care of both mental and physical stimulation. Not only are you moving with your dog by practicing commands like “come” and “heel,” but you’re asking them to think about what they’re doing and stay on task. Training will wear any energetic pup out in no time. 

Try some agility training

Nothing wears the human mind out quite like learning something new, and dogs are no different! They love to learn new things, and if you’ve got a dog that never seems to stop moving, agility training is the perfect way to refocus that energy and attention.

You don’t have to have access to a top-of-the-line facility to get started. Many dog parks offer agility equipment for free! Try searching online for off-leash parks close to you that provide the chance for your dog to practice agility! It’s so much fun, and you’ll both leave ready for a nap. 

Try regular physical and HIIT exercise

It sounds like an ad for a gym, but humans are not the only species that can benefit from regular physical and High-Intensity Interval Training. Dogs are natural athletes, and while we often lack motivation and drive, dogs rarely do! 

They love to run, play, and chase. In addition, dogs have a prey drive that encourages them to move and engage. Regular physical exercise, such as walking and jogging, is terrific for every dog. 

However, if your pup is extra-energetic, you might want to try HIIT. Start any HIIT sessions off gently, primarily if your dog isn’t used to intense exercise. HIIT doesn’t take up a ton of time, which is why so many people love it for both their dogs and themselves. 

If you’re unsure where to start, you could try sprinting on an incline with your dog or asking them to chase a ball up a steep hill. Any activity that gets the heart rate up for short bursts of time is perfect. 

You can even ask your dog to pull you on rollerskates! Of course, always check in with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is physically fit enough to take on intense exercise. 

Make it fun

If you want to tire out your dog, you had better make it fun. Games like hide and seek (in a safe environment, where they don’t risk running off), swimming, and fetch are always safe bets when it comes to giving a dog the right amount of exercise. 

Pet stores worldwide are full of toys and games geared toward helping dogs get more exercise. For example, flirt poles are a fantastic tool for allowing your dog’s prey drive to kick in while they chase the little toy or a stuffed animal attached to the end of the pole. The best part? All you have to do is wave it around.

Walks are rarely enough exercise for any dog, and if you’ve got a breed that exudes energy, then forget about it! But don’t fret because you’ve got many options available to help you give your dog the energy release he needs.