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What Happens if My Dog Eats a Tootsie Roll or Pop?

Tootsie rolls have been around for a long time. That chocolate taffy has been a fixture in candy stores since the early part of the 20th century and they are still pretty popular today.

Just like many of the other treats you bring home, your dog can get into your bag of tootsie rolls or pops if you leave it unattended. Is your dog’s health in jeopardy if they ate a tootsie roll or pop? The answer to that question and other important details are included below.

What Happens if My Dog Eats a Tootsie Roll or Pop?

Few things terrify pet owners more than seeing their animal companions eat something that should not be in their diet. That’s because you don’t know how they will react to that particular item. On top of that, they cannot tell you directly if something’s wrong.

So, should you be worried if the treat your dog ate is a tootsie roll or pop? That depends on their current condition. If your dog was in good condition before eating the candy, they should end up feeling fine. It may not even seem like they ate anything out of the ordinary.

Why is the impact of a Tootsie Roll or Pop on your pet so minimal? You can attribute that to the candy’s chocolate content.

Why Tootsie Rolls or Pops May Not Harm Your Dog

When people think of Tootsie Rolls, they think of their distinct chocolate-y flavor. They may come in other flavors, but chocolate is clearly the most popular option.

We know that chocolate is bad for dogs because it contains theobromine. That means a chocolate-flavored Tootsie Roll or Pop will also be bad for your pet dog, right? Surprisingly, the chocolate content of that candy is not something you need to worry about.

Tootsie Rolls and Pops do not contain a lot of chocolate. The amount of chocolate inside a typical Tootsie Roll or Pop is so small that it is unlikely to have an adverse effect on your dog.

Even a small dog should not encounter any difficulties after eating a Tootsie Roll or Pop as long as they are in good condition. Your pet would have to eat several Tootsie Rolls or Pops to start feeling the effects of chocolate poisoning. They may need to go through the entire bag to develop that kind of problem.

Why Tootsie Rolls or Pops Could Harm Your Dog

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been using qualifiers to discuss how Tootsie Rolls and Pops can affect dogs. We noted that your pet should be fine as long as they were in good condition to begin with.

We included that qualifier because it’s possible that a Tootsie Roll or Pop can indeed seriously harm your pet. That is likely to happen if your dog is diabetic.

Although the amount of chocolate inside a Tootsie Roll or Pop can be regarded as negligible if you’re a pet owner, the sugar content cannot be described that way. There is a lot of sugar inside a single Tootsie Roll or Pop and it may be enough to trigger an adverse reaction from a diabetic dog.

Your pet may start to experience seizures after eating that candy. Things can also get worse if your dog was already in rough shape to begin with.

A dog that eats multiple Tootsie Rolls or Pops may also have other issues even if they avoid chocolate poisoning.

Too much sugar can wreak havoc on your dog’s stomach. After a while, your dog may start to experience diarrhea and vomiting.  Dogs who have consumed too much sugar also tend to become lethargic for a while.

Keep an eye out for those symptoms if your pet snagged a few of your Tootsie Rolls and Pops.

Additional Concerns

Tootsie Rolls and Pops can also cause a problem for your dog, but not because of their chocolate or sugar content. Instead, the problem could be caused by the wrapper.

The wrapper used for the Tootsie Roll or Pop could get lodged somewhere inside your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. While in there, the wrapper could cause some serious problems. Your dog may also have a hard time breathing because of the obstruction inside their body.

Look how your dog is behaving if they did indeed eat a Tootsie Roll and its wrapper. If their breathing appears labored, you will need to take action right away.

What to Do if My Dog Eats a Tootsie Roll or Pop?

Did your dog eat a Tootsie Roll or Pop while you weren’t looking? There is no need to panic even if something like that happens.

Go through the information included in this section so you can take action properly if your pet just ate a Tootsie Roll or Pop.

Monitor Your Dog

Upon discovering that your dog ate the candy you were saving, you may also notice that they look fine. They may be cowering from you a bit because they know they did something wrong, but they may be fine otherwise.

In a situation such as that, you can stay at home and just monitor your dog. Give them some water and allow them to relax after that. During that time, you should also monitor your dog and see if they display any symptoms of an upset stomach or chocolate poisoning.

Keep monitoring your dog for at least 12 hours. If they don’t show any ill effects from eating the candy after the first 12 hours, then they should be fine.

Take Your Dog to the Veterinarian

Is your dog diabetic? A diabetic dog who ate a Tootsie Roll should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. The sugar from that candy can harm your diabetic pet so secure treatment for them right away.

You should also go to the veterinarian if you cannot remove the wrapper stuck in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

Going to the veterinarian is also a must if it looks like your dog has too much sugar in their system. Due to the vomiting and diarrhea caused by that upset stomach, your pet may end up dehydrated if they don’t receive treatment.