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What happens if dogs eat rotten meat?

Dogs are not picky eaters. They may give a new treat an extra sniff or two, but they will likely still eat it.

Our four-legged friends also don’t shy away from eating food that’s not meant for them. We’re not just talking about the food you have on your plate either. If your dog gets into your garbage and finds some meat there, they will not hesitate to chow down.

But is that a problem? Will your dog experience health problems after eating rotten meat?

Included in this article are the answers to those questions and other related queries. Go through this article so you have a better idea of how to handle rotten meat if you have a pet dog.

Can Dogs Eat Rotten Meat?

Most pet owners care deeply for their animal companions. They even set aside a budget just for pet food so their furry friends never starve.

They would never consider the idea of giving their pet rotten meat unless they were in a really tough spot. Even then, they are likely to look into other means of securing appropriate dog food before offering spoiled meat to their canine companion.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t always seek your permission when they go looking for food. Once they get into your garbage, they will eat anything resembling food in there. Rotten meat is not an exception to that.

So, how worried should you be if your dog eats rotten meat? You should be very concerned if that happens.

Although dogs have tougher stomachs than we do, they are not immune to food poisoning. The harmful bacteria and toxins found in spoiled meat can spread inside your dog’s body. If that happens, your dog may fall ill and start developing some serious symptoms.

What Happens if Dogs Eat Rotten Meat?

Bad things can happen if your pet dog develops a case of food poisoning. Let’s go through the symptoms of canine food poisoning so you can better grasp how serious it is.


Diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms presented by dogs dealing with food poisoning. Your dog’s waste will be more liquid due to diarrhea.


Along with frequent defecation, dogs suffering from food poisoning will also vomit often. Sick dogs tend to vomit all over the place so watch out for puddles.


Dogs expelling liquid waste and vomit regularly are highly susceptible to becoming dehydrated. Make sure they have easy access to their water so they can replenish the liquid in their body.

Loss of Appetite

Although dogs are known for being voracious eaters, even they cannot maintain their appetite while dealing with an illness. Dogs may also drink less water if they’re sick.

Excessive Drooling

Is there a sizable puddle of drool near your dog’s mouth? If there is, that likely means they are battling a bout of food poisoning.


You can detect one of the symptoms of canine food poisoning by placing your hand on your pet’s body. If you feel them shivering, that probably means that they are not feeling well.

Unusual Aggression

Some dogs have an aggressive attitude, but they may become even more aggressive while they’re sick. They may display aggression even if you’re just trying to approach them like normal.


Dogs affected by food poisoning may also suffer from seizures. They may even collapse and lose consciousness due to how sick they are.

What Happens if Dogs Eat Rotten Vegetables?

Spoiled meat is not the only item in your garbage that can give your beloved pet health problems. The rotten vegetables you’ve thrown away can be problematic as well.

Rotten vegetables contain other bacteria and toxins that can make your dog sick. They can also cause your dog to suffer through a bout of food poisoning.

Dispose of those rotten vegetables carefully. Keep them in a sealed garbage container that your pet cannot access. You should also throw them out along with the rotten meat as soon as possible so your dog has no chance of getting to them.

Can You Feed Your Dogs Expired Meat?

No pet owner wants to give their dog expired meat, but it may happen from time to time.

It could happen accidentally. Perhaps you weren’t aware that the meat in your freezer was already expired before you cooked it up and gave it to your dog.

If you’re in a tough spot financially, you may not have much of a choice in terms of what you feed your dog. All you may have is some meat that’s a day past its expiration date so you decide to feed that to your pet.

Will your dog get sick if you feed them slightly expired meat? The answer depends on just how expired the meat is.

Inspect the meat closely. If it still looks edible, then you should be able to feed it to your dog without issue.

A piece of meat that gives off a foul smell is no longer safe to eat even for dogs. The same can be said for pieces of meat that have started to turn color or are being invaded by mold. The only thing you should do with those expired pieces of meat is to chuck them into the trash.

What to Do if My Dog Ate Spoiled Meat?

Discovering that your dog has eaten the rotten meat in your garbage is scary. However, you cannot allow that fear to get the best of you. That is the time when your dog needs you most.

Help your dog through their ordeal by following the steps detailed below.

Fast Your Dog for the Next 24 Hours

Fasting your dog is highly recommended if they ate rotten meat. The fasting process can effectively clean your dog’s body. The process will help remove the toxins and bacteria that they ingested after eating the rotten meat.

Don’t give your dog anything to eat for 24 hours. You should only give them water during that time so they don’t get dehydrated.

Monitor Your Dog while They’re Fasting

Your dog should be doing nothing other than resting and drinking while they’re fasting. Meanwhile, you need to keep a close eye on them during that time.

Hopefully, the fasting will work and your dog will start to feel better. If their symptoms persist, you must proceed to the next step.

Take Your Dog to the Veterinarian

The symptoms may not disappear during the fasting period. In that case, you should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. They will be able to deal with your dog’s condition more effectively.

I also want to mention that you don’t have to wait to take your dog to the veterinarian. Bring your pet to the veterinarian right away if you’re concerned about their symptoms and don’t want them getting any worse.