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Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix: Facts, Details, Pictures

If you are a dog lover, the idea of owning a Weimaraner or a pit bull has potentially crossed your mind or made it onto the list of options to choose from. These are both great breeds of dogs, and there is no surprise that you are curious about what a mix between the two would be like. So, what could you expect if you owned a Weimaraner pit bull mix?

A mixture of two dogs, such as a Weimaraner and a pit bull, can make great pets; for example, in this situation, you will have the joy of a loyal and energetic dog. There is one aspect to consider, though, and that is that they require a level of patience, especially when training them.

Once you have grasped the ins and outs of owning one of these dogs, you will discover if it is the right fit for you or if you should consider something else. Generally, it can be tough to figure out the elements of a mix of two breeds (in this case, the Weimaraner and pit bull). Still, thankfully we have you covered, and by the end of this post, you will be glad you took the time to read through it.

Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix Is Known As A Pittmaraner

They are well-built and sturdy animals, but at the same time, their temperaments are charming. These dogs are highly intelligent and have mounds of energy, which can be great, especially for active families who enjoy going for hikes or runs. Also, they do not mind spending time in the yard or garden playing with their bundle of joy.

This mix that is donned as the Pittmaraner is the result of crossbreeding two spectacular dog breeds; the Weimaraner and the pit bull (American). A dog like this, though, demands a certain amount of love, care, and attention (like many other dog breeds). Rest assured that it will reciprocate if you offer your hybrid enough dedication, time, and passion.

This type of dog does not come around every other day, though, so if you are looking for one, it may be a tad tricky to find one. It is unfortunate, as the two breeds make for an excellent combination of their attributes. They are also not well known, so when you ask, some people may need clarification on what you are looking for.

Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix
Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix

Appearance Of A Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix

When it comes to the type of appearance of the dog that you can expect, unfortunately, this is often quite unpredictable and unforeseeable. You are looking at a mixed breed, and when this happens, genetics (the stronger genes) will play a massive role in your dog’s appearance. Additionally, it is a unique combination.

But, if you are looking for some general idea, you can do an internet search of the mixed breed. You will typically find that although they are larger in size, their appearance tends to lean more towards that of the pit bull. 

Size Of A Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix

When it comes to the size that you can expect your Weimaraner pit bull mix to grow to, be prepared for a medium to large-sized pooch. This varies from dog to dog, as the genetics they inherit from their parents will play a big part in their overall stature. In general, they are more than likely to grow into quite sizeable dogs.

Let’s examine the average height of this particular mix. They tend to stand at an average height of between 20 and 22 inches tall. The females typically are not as big, and the males can often measure slightly higher numbers. The likelihood of your dog growing to these sizes is that the Weimaraner genes will more than likely play a significant role. 

On top of the height of the dogs, they will also be stocky; the average weight you can expect is roughly 60 pounds. The males can become somewhat heavier, and you will find that the females are often a tad lighter than this figure.

The Space Required For A Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix

To be sure to keep a dog like this with the projected sizes, you will require a relatively spacious area to keep them in. These types of dogs cannot stay in tiny spaces such as apartments or even the yard or garden of a small property. These dogs need adequate space; otherwise, you are in for a big problem on your hands.

Suppose you cannot offer your dog a large enough area to run around and entertain itself. Especially when you are not there to provide attention and playtime. In that case, you will face a miserable dog that may become aggressive or, at the very least, misbehave. The reason is simple; you have the combination of a large build and high energy levels.

General Behavior And Ease Of Training

When it comes to the Pittmaraner, we ought to let you in on the fact that you will need to put in a fair amount of time and energy to ensure that it is well trained, and going to puppy training is highly advisable. If you get a slightly older one, you may find it challenging to get your dog obedient if it has not been 


Overall, if trained, the Weimaraner pit bull mix will behave relatively well amidst people and with other dogs. The temperament and behavior of this combination will usually sit somewhere in the middle of both breeds. However, there will be times when outliers lean more towards the nature and trainability of one species over the other. 

Though they can be less amicable, the dog may have a tendency to bark at people passing by your house or even at guests who come to visit you. This is typically just a show of this being their turf and a way of protecting you, your family, and your belongings. Still, there are times when it can be slightly out of hand, and their behavior can be frightening.

It is important to note that spending enough time with your dog is essential and that you have trained them well so that they listen to your instructions when you tell them to stop barking or to go lie down. The opposite of this behavior can also occur because it is often tough to gauge. When dog breeds are mixed, you cannot be sure which traits will dominate.

In the case of the Weimaraner pit bull mix, it can be even more tricky to tell what you can expect. This comes down to the fact that they are a scarce mixed breed; therefore, there have yet to be extensive studies on the type of dog.

It will come down to, and this is the best you can do, training it appropriately and ensuring that it socializes sufficiently with people and other dogs from a young age. You probably do not want a dog that will roll over for someone who attempts to break into your home, but you also need a dog that will behave around guests.

Ultimately if you want something more predictable from the start, then your best bet is to go with a purebred dog. As their nature and temperaments are typically well-known and documented. If you are not up for the challenge of having a dog that could be too aggressive or overly friendly, opt for the breed you will be able to predict.

Amount Of Exercise Needed For A Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix

This section is essential. If you are still happy with the details, we have offered thus far, and the idea of getting yourself a Weimaraner pit bull mix sounds like your ideal dog, please pay attention. These dogs require a relatively high amount of exercise and play. And if you happen to get too busy or forget, they will undoubtedly remind you of this fact.

In our modern society, with all that is required of us regarding time, primarily work, it may be challenging to fit everything into a single day. However, this is one thing you will need to prioritize. The minimum recommended time to exercise the Weimaraner pit bull mix is 30 minutes. Still, it would help if you were looking to hit between 1 and 2 hours daily.

This may seem like an absurd amount of time to request of you, and finding space in your schedule may take some serious planning, but you will thank us if you heed this advice. These dogs need to be active to stay happy and healthy; what you invest is what you get out. So, if you want a well-trained dog, who does not tear up your garden out of frustration, then be sure to pencil this in. 

Getting To Know The Weimaraner

To give you more insight into the type of mix you will be getting, it is a great idea to start by looking at the kinds of dogs which will breed to give as the resultant pup. The Weimaraner is a dog breed that has its origins in 19th-century Germany. The initial purpose of these dogs was for them to be hunting dogs, which will explain why they need their space.

Like pit bulls, these dogs also have high energy levels and immense stamina. For someone who owns one of these dogs, it goes without saying that you cannot leave them stuck inside all day. They need to spend plenty of time outdoors; even better, they love venturing out of the yard, so walks and runs are a great idea.

These dogs are intelligent, but they are not fans of significant changes. It is wise to keep things like their food, surroundings, and schedules fixed so that they feel confident and comfortable. Also, extreme weather conditions, especially the heat, do not sit well with them. They will be fine if you stay somewhere with a cooler climate, but freezing temperatures do not agree with them. 

Finally, something that has already been touched on is that they are the parent dog that will offer the genes that lead to the Weimaraner pit bull mix’s large size and weight. They are large dogs, and these genes tend to come through strongly.

Getting To Know The Pit Bull

The thing about Weimaraners and pit bulls is that they both share qualities and also diverge in certain areas. And this is often a good thing, despite some negative connotations and misinformation regarding this dog breed. In the end, the type of dog we get from breeding a Weimaraner and a pit bull can be fun, playful, intelligent, strong, and loyal.

One thing that you have likely thought about is the misinformation regarding how aggressive and volatile they are. This is not true about the breed of dog, though. Their typical and general nature and temperament are friendly, and they make good family dogs. One point to raise is that they must be closely watched when meeting other dogs.

This is because pit bulls were initially bred to fight, often involving the act of bear and bull-baiting. These practices have long since been banned; however, some still promote this fighting instinct in their dogs (often by starving and abusing them).

Now, although pit bulls are generally lovely and friendly dogs, they can have the tendency to push the boundaries and misbehave. This, however, is often the result of poor training or a lack thereof. This is typically prevalent in the presence of other dogs. Still, it is rare for them to show signs of aggression, especially with people.

When looking at what the pit bull will bring to the table when mixed with a Weimaraner, their temperament and behavior tend to be somewhat similar. They are well-behaved if appropriately trained and have a friendly and loveable nature. They require (just like the Weimaraner) attention and discipline, so they are not for the novice.

They are highly energetic and active dogs which will add to the amount of exercise we discussed regarding the mixed breed. In terms of their size, though, they are medium-sized dogs. Although unlikely, if your Weimaraner pit bull cross grows smaller than expected, it is owed to the genes of this parent being dominant; however, this rarely occurs.


This type of dog mix is relatively uncommon. Still, if you like the idea of a Weimaraner pit bull mix, where you have a large, intelligent dog that is strong and immensely energetic, you may have just found the right match for you. In conclusion, you will need to be prepared to invest time and energy into your dog, from training as a pup to caring for the adult.


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