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Teacup Pomsky: All You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what you get when you cross a Siberian Husky and a Teacup Pomeranian? A Teacup Pomsky!

Teacup Pomskies are one of the most recently introduced hybrid breeds out there. These dogs are under 10 inches in height and 8 pounds in weight. They’re highly intelligent, affectionate, and easy to train. Their size also makes them ideal for people who live in small apartments.

Read on to learn more about the characteristics of Teacup Pomskies in terms of size, appearance, and personality. We’ve also included in this guide some useful tips to follow when caring for these dogs.

Teacup Pomsky Overview

The Teacup Pomsky is a hybrid breed that comes about from mixing Teacup Pomeranians with Siberian Huskies.

The difference between them and regular Pomskies is their size. These dogs are much smaller, and breeders produce them by crossing Huskies and tiny Teacup Pomeranians. In this breeding process, the female is usually the larger of the two dogs being mixed.

Teacup Pomskies aren’t recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, both of their parent breeds are. 

Brief History of the Teacup Pomsky

When it comes to hybrid dog breeds, the Teacup Pomsky is one that’s only been introduced as recently as 2009.

Although the history of this breed is short, there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding it. This is because the breeding practices used to produce these dogs are widely regarded as unethical.

Most breeders resort to artificial insemination to produce Teacup Pomsky litters, and that can be detrimental to the resulting dogs’ health.


In this day and age, Pomeranians are known to be diminutive, fluffy lap dogs that’ll melt your heart with their cuteness.

Interestingly enough, the original purpose that these dogs were bred for was quite different.

Pomeranians are the descendants of the Spitz dogs of Iceland. These ancestors of Pomeranians were much larger. Their owners tasked them with herding, guarding, and sled-pulling duties.

These dogs were trained to sound the alarm with their loud barks to warn their owners that something was amiss.

Their Icelandic origins are also the reason for their dense fur coats and small ears. These features helped these dogs cope with the icy weather conditions of the region.  

Pomeranians first arrived in the United States in the late 19th century. They went on to become an official AKC-recognized breed in 1900.

Siberian Husky

Out of all the dog breeds you may have heard of, the Siberian Husky is probably the most ancient.

These dogs have been around for over four millennia. They started as the canine companion of choice for the Chukchi tribe of North Siberia. They were their primary form of transportation by way of pulling their sleds over the icy terrain.

Despite Huskies’ long history, they only appeared in North America in the 1900s. Their rise in popularity there was due to their exceptional performance in sledding competitions.

However, the undisputed highlight of the breed’s history came during the events of the diphtheria epidemic. The disease ravaged the Alaskan city of Nome until Huskies came to the rescue.

They helped save thousands of lives by transporting the medicine the people of Nome needed when no one else could reach the city through the severe blizzards. 

Only a few years later, the AKC acknowledged Siberian Huskies as an official breed.

Teacup Pomsky Physical Characteristics

In this section, we’ll explore the characteristics of Teacup Pomskies in terms of their size, appearance, and personality.


Teacup Pomskies are some of the smallest dogs you’ll ever come across. Even when they’re fully grown, they can still easily be mistaken for puppies.

The typical height of a Teacup Pomsky is about 10 inches. As for weight, these dogs can be anywhere between 3 and 8 pounds.

The best way to gauge how big a Teacup Pomsky will get is to look at the heights and weights of its Teacup Pomeranian and Husky parents. 

A Teacup Pomeranian can weigh between 3 and 7 pounds and up to 11 inches tall. As for Huskies, they can reach a height of 23 inches and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds.

As with most dog breeds, female Teacup Pomskies tend to be smaller than their male counterparts.


If you rank the cuteness of Teacup Pomskies on a scale from one to ten, these pups will probably break the scale.

Let’s see what makes these dogs so adorable:

Fur Coat

Teacup Pomskies inherit their fur type from their Pomeranian parent and their fur length from their Husky parent. This results in a dog with plume fur of moderate length.

As for their coat color, these dogs can come in a variety of hues. They can be sable, white, black and white, or brown and white.


The facial structure of a Teacup Pomsky can vary depending on the traits it inherits from its parents. However, the head shape of most Teacup Pomskies can be categorized into three types:

  • Fox head
  • Baby doll face
  • Teddy bear face


A Teacup Pomsky’s tail resembles that of a Pomeranian more than a Husky’s tail. It curls onto the dog’s back and is covered with a dense layer of fluffy fur.

Eyes, Nose, and Ears

Teacup Pomskies can have many different eye colors. They can inherit the electric blue eyes that make their Husky parents so stunning. Additionally, these dogs can have hazel or green eyes.

Their ears are also Husky-like with their erect, wedge-shaped form.

The snout of a Teacup Pomsky is almost always black. It can be dark brown at times.

Personality and Temperament

As with all hybrid breeds, the Teacup Pomsky’s personality traits are a mix of those of its parents.

Since both Huskies and Pomeranians are highly intelligent breeds, their offspring is also incredibly smart. This makes it relatively easy to train. 

However, both parent breeds are known to have a stubborn streak, so Teacup Pomskies are likely to be that way, too.

In terms of aggression, a Teacup Pomsky’s tendency for it is minimal. Of course, this is contingent on the fact that the dog is properly socialized from a young age.

Additionally, Teacup Pomskies are as loving and loyal as they get. Despite their diminutive stature, they’re super protective of their family.

Finally, dogs of this breed are small bundles of boundless energy that need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to remain healthy and happy.

Teacup Pomsky Price

Getting a Teacup Pomsky as your newest pet comes at a rather steep price tag.

This should come as no surprise since these dogs are quite rare and come from a pair of dog breeds that are pretty expensive themselves. The price of a Husky is around $1,500, while a Teacup Pomeranian is likely to cost approximately $2,000.

A Teacup Pomsky’s price will typically be at least $1,500 and may reach a whopping $3,000.

These high prices are due to the selective breeding that’s needed to produce these dogs. 

If these prices are out of your budget, you can try searching for Teacup Pomskies on puppy classifieds or at your local rescue shelter. However, your chances of finding one in these places are highly slim.

Caring for a Teacup Pomsky

If you’re considering making a Teacup Pomsky your furry pal, you should arm yourself with all the information you need to take care of it the right way.

Here are some care tips and guidelines to follow for Teacup Pomskies:

The Ideal Environment for a Teacup Pomsky

Teacup Pomskies are as small as dogs get. Therefore, the required space to have them feel comfortable is minimal. 

This makes them ideal canine companions for people living in apartments with limited space that wouldn’t be practical for larger dogs.

If you have other pets in your household, getting your Teacup Pomsky to co-exist with them isn’t likely to be a concern. If you’ve socialized your Teacup Pomsky well while it’s still a pup, it’ll have no problems becoming best friends with your other furry pals.

One concern about getting a Teacup Pomsky is when you have young children in the house. These dogs are incredibly small, so the risk of an infant or a toddler accidentally stepping on them and injuring them is real.

How to Train a Teacup Pomsky

As we’ve previously mentioned, Teacup Pomskies inherit the intelligence of their parents. In turn, training them is pretty easy for the most part and is highly enjoyable. 

Teacup Pomskies require plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Their physical exercise should consist of daily walks. These walks shouldn’t be very long since these little pups’ tiny legs will wear themselves out rather quickly.

You may face problems related to excessive barking with Teacup Pomskies. Sounding the alarm when they feel something isn’t right is in these dogs’ nature. However, you can easily condition that behavior out of them

The most important thing to do to have a well-trained and obedient Teacup Pomsky is to start training it as early as you can. Make sure to expose it to plenty of different situations to do away with any anxiety or fear it may have as a result of being so small.

What to Feed a Teacup Pomsky

The main consideration when feeding Teacup Pomskies is to put them on a well-rounded regimen that’s rich in the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Your best bet is to go with high-quality dry food that’s based on a substantial dose of carbohydrates and meat-based protein

Do your best to avoid feeding your pup kibble that has high levels of grains. These foods don’t nourish your dog and can cause allergies.

Probiotic dog food is another excellent feeding option for Teacup Pomskies.

Due to their diminutive size, these dogs don’t need that much grub to keep them well-fed and content. A Teacup Pomsky’s diet should consist of around 250 calories per day. This translates to one cup of kibble daily

We know how hard it is to say no to your cute little pups, but it’s essential that you do it from time to time. Overfeeding your Teacup Pomsky can lead it to become overweight, which can cause some health complications in the long run.

How Often Does a Teacup Pomsky Shed?

As you’d expect from a dog breed that has such a dense, fluffy coat, Teacup Pomskies are heavy shedders. These dogs shed intensively all year long, particularly during spring and summer.

In turn, their grooming needs include brushing their hair daily to avoid having stray fur all over your furniture.

It’s also a good idea to take your Teacup Pomsky to a professional groomer every few months to give its coat a good trim.

What Is the Lifespan of a Teacup Pomsky?

Smaller dogs tend to have shorter lifespans in general, and this applies to Teacup Pomskies.

Regular Pomskies live between 13 and 15 years. Their Teacup versions have the same maximum lifespan, but they can also live for as little as 10 years.

Exactly how long your Teacup Pomsky will live depends on a variety of factors. First and foremost, the more love and higher quality you give your pup, the more likely it is to live well past a decade. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the breeding practices that were used to produce your dog. Some breeders use unethical methods that can significantly shorten a Teacup Pomsky’s lifespan.

Finally, any serious health conditions that your dog develops during its life may affect how long it lives.  

Potential Health Issues in a Teacup Pomsky

Unfortunately, Teacup Pomskies are prone to a variety of health conditions and illnesses. They’re at risk of developing diseases such as: 

As is the case for the majority of Teacup dogs, dental problems such as periodontal disease are also a prevalent concern.

Again, how prone a Teacup Pomsky will be to these health issues primarily depends on the breeding practices used to produce it.


The Teacup Pomsky is one of the smallest dogs you’re ever going to see. However, don’t let these dogs’ diminutive size fool you. They’re bursting with energy and personality.

As long as you give these dogs the proper environment and care they need, you’ll have a terrific canine companion that’ll brighten up your mood every day!