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Should I put the dog crate in the bedroom or living room?

You are probably aware that crating your dog can provide many benefits. However, there are also lots of questions and challenges that come along with crating. 

One of the most common questions about crating is where to put it. Is it better to have it in the living room, or should you put it in the bedroom? 

Should I put the dog crate in the bedroom or living room?

There’s no one size fits all answer to which room is better to keep your dog’s crate in. Both the living room and bedroom have advantages and disadvantages. 

Before we look into how to choose which room to put the crate in, it’s important to note that you don’t have to choose one room.

You can move the crate from room to room, or purchase two crates. This can give you the best of both worlds. 

The Room Where You Are 

One of the keys to determining which room is best for the crate is which room do you spend them most time in? For many families, this is the living room or bedroom. However, if you spend a lot of time hanging out in a kitchen or den, this might actually be the ideal place for the crate. 

Placing the crate in the room where you are will help your dog feel like they are part of the family. Placing the crate in an area where they can’t see you can feel alienating, and lead to loneliness and boredom. 

Remember, your dog’s crate should be their personal space, but it shouldn’t feel isolating from the rest  of the family. 

When Is Your Dog Crated

Most families will sleep in bedrooms, and spend their waking hours in another area of the house. This means you’ll need to decide between where you are during the day and evening, and where you are at night. 

When you intend to crate your dog can help you decide between the two. If you plan to crate your dog at night, but rarely or for short periods during the day, the bedroom is the ideal place to put the crate. 

However, if your dog will spend a significant amount of time in the crate during the day, it’s probably better to place it in the living room, or other high traffic area. 

When are You Home? 

Another consideration is when people are at home. If you plan to crate your dog while you are away at work, crating them in the living room might not offer the intended benefit, because there’s no one there. 

If you also plan to crate them at night, then crating them in the bedroom might make more sense. 

How Does Your Dog Sleep? 

You should also take into consideration how your dog sleeps. If they go into their crate at night and immediately drift off, the crate may be fine in the living room. 

If they frequently wake up and need reassurance, the crate should be in the bedroom. If they need to potty during the night, the crate should be near you. This allows you to wake up to take them out to potty. 

Adult dogs should be able to hold their bladder overnight, but puppies can’t physically hold it through the night. 

Another consideration is how deep a sleeper your dog is. If they are easily woken by noise, you may want the crate in the bedroom, because its usually quieter at night. 

Is it ok to have the dog crate in the bedroom?

Yes, it’s ok to have the dog crate in the bedroom, particularly if they sleep in the crate. It’s not a good idea to crate your dog in the bedroom for a long period of time if you are in another room of the house. 

So, crating your dog in the bedroom at night is a good idea, but crating them in the bedroom for several hours during the day can make them feel lonely. 

Should you crate your dog at night in your bedroom?

Generally, yes. It’s a good idea to crate your dog in your bedroom at night, particularly if you are crate training. Dogs are learning to like the crate during the training process, and being nearby you can help with that. 

Advantages of Crating in Bedroom 

There are a few advantages of crating in the bedroom. It can help you develop a close relationship with your pooch. It allows you to spend a lot of time together, and this leads to strengthening the bond. Even though you are sleeping, you still know you are together.  

The other major advantage of crating in the bedroom is that it can help your dog be familiar with your routine. If they are present when you wake up and go to bed, they will learn when to expect these times of the day. 

They may also learn when you are getting dressed for work in the morning, for example, and understand you need to be left alone during this time. 

Disadvantages of Crating in the Bedroom 

There are a few disadvantages of crating in the bedroom as well. One disadvantage is dog smell. You may not smell it, but others may notice your room or clothing has a dog smell if you aren’t careful with your dog’s hygiene and crate cleaning. 

The other issue is that bedrooms often have limited space. The crate will take up space, and this can make moving around your bedroom more difficult. 

Lastly, you are more likely to be woken by your pooch barking or whining if they are in your bedroom. On the other hand, having them in the bedroom may make them less likely to whine or bark.  

Is it ok to have the dog crate in the living room?

There’s nothing wrong with having the dog crate in the living room. Like crating in the bedroom, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Crating in the Living Room 

Crating in the living room allows you to be near your dog during your waking hours.  The living room is typically full of activity during the day, so your pooch will feel like they are part of the family.

There’s also more room for their crate, and more room for them to play when they are outside their crate. 

Lastly, the stimulation of activity in the living room can help prevent your pooch from being bored. 

Disadvantages of Crating in Living Room

Because the living room is a high traffic area, it can be overstimulating. If your pooch goes into their crate to rest, they may find it hard to do so in the living room. 

It’s also an issue if you invite company that they dog isn’t familiar with over. Your dog may become anxious or stressed, even if they are in their crate. After all, a stranger is near their den. 

What room should a dog crate be in?

 Essentially, which room the crate should be in will depend on your lifestyle and preference. 

However, many owners choose to put a crate in both the living room and the bedroom. You can do this with two crates, or you can move one crate back and forth. This shouldn’t cause any confusion for your dog.