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Pug Pit Bull Mix: Facts, Details, Pictures

Some want a perfect breed for their family and setup at home. Some need dogs that cope well with small children, and others need protective dogs. So, what is a pug pit bull mix breed, and what can you expect from them?

A pug pit bull mix, also called pugbull, is one of the most affectionate and friendly dogs to own. Coat colors differ depending on the parent colors. Facial traits combine the pug’s pushed-up snout, the longer muzzle of the pit bull, and the pug’s shadowed and almond-shaped eyes.

The pug pit hybrid breed is a fascinating dog, and knowing more about this dog will determine whether or not this is a dog you should invest in. We will look into its history and traits so you know what to expect from a pug pit bull mix.

The History Of The Pug Pit bull Mix

The pug pit bull mix’s history is unknown, but looking at the two sides might give us a glimpse of this breed’s heritage. The two cannot be further from each other regarding lifestyle and uses in the past.

The pug was seen as a royalty dog and started in China as early as 206 B.C. The royal family had pugs as pets; sometimes, these dogs even had their own guard. During the 1500s, China started exports to Europe, and one of the exporting products was these little dogs. 

Pugs soon became popular over Europe amongst the royal and upper class, and some even took their pugs to church. Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria also favored these lap dogs. Some artists painted these dogs, and it is safe to say that the pug was quite a famous sidekick in the 1500s.

The American bull terrier has the opposite story. So far from a lap dog, the pit bull was crossed with bulldogs to get lively hunting dogs. Unfortunately, these dogs were used in dog-fighting matches in the early 19th century. Because of this reason, they are still not allowed in some countries. 

Luckily, other countries saw that it wasn’t the dogs’ fault. Finally, in the mid-1800s, the pit bull arrived in the United States and, in 1898, became the first breed under the United Kennel Club.

American pit bull terriers evolved from their harsh past, and people saw that they were great companions, watchdogs, and hunting dogs. Unfortunately, the stereotype still exists in some places that the pit bull is a dangerous and vicious dog.

Other Names For The Pug Pit bull Mix

What would you call your pug pit bull mix dog? There are a few names, and you can decide which sits right with you.

  • The most popular name for the mix is pugbull.
  • Another one you might hear often is pug pit.
  • Pug bull terrier
  • Pug-a-bull
  • Pit-a-pug
  • Pit pug
Pug Pit Bull Mix
Pug Pit Bull Mix

Physical Traits Of The Pug Pit bull Mix

The physical traits of a pug-pit will sometimes follow different patterns, as mixes sometimes have less than 50% of each breed. The physical characteristics will depend mainly on the dominant species in the mix, influencing their coat color, nose color, and features.

The physical trait you can work with is that the dog will reach a medium height, have short hair that doesn’t shed, have rose-shaped ears, and a pug’s curly tail. If the pug gene is a little more dominant, you will have more of those wrinkles everyone adores on a pug.

Physical TraitsCharacteristics of the Pug Pit bull Mix
Height13 to 15 inches; females are on the shorter end, and both genders reach adult size around 18 months.
Weight25 to 30 pounds
Coat ColorA mix between brindle, black, red, fawn, cream, blue, white, sable, and brown. Depends on the parents’ colors and the dominant gene.
Eye colorBrown
Nose colorBlack, blue, or brown
Coat textureStraight hairs
Coat densitySparse
Coat lengthShort hair
Eye shapeAlmond-shaped (Pug heritage)
Muzzle shapePushed in snout from the pug, and a little longer muzzle from the pit bull
BuildMuscular, stocky build
Litter sizeThey can have 5 to 10 puppies at a time
Life expectancy10 to 13 years

Temperament Of The Pug Pit bull Mix

The great thing about a mixed-breed dog is that you get the best of both breeds. If you want a medium-sized dog to invite into your family home, the pug-pit is the perfect mixed breed. They are friendly, happy dogs that will fit in with most setups. Whether it is an apartment or a fenced yard, they only need sufficient exercise and love.

The pug-pit is an intelligent, sometimes stubborn dog; thus, training will be needed early to ensure they know who the alpha is. They are energetic and love spending time with humans. They are protective and won’t be too fond of strangers unless trained otherwise.

The pug-pit mix doesn’t like to be alone and might start barking then, but overall they are not big on barking. This is perfect for people living in apartments or a close neighborhood not to bother the neighbors.

Grooming Requirements Of The Pug Pit bull Mix

Because the pug-pit mix doesn’t shed and has short hair, their grooming requirements are pretty basic. However, it is essential to establish a grooming routine at a young age to ensure you don’t struggle, and they understand that this happens once or twice a month.

Bathing is only necessary when you feel that they are dirty, don’t overdo it. The pit bull in the mix is sensitive to touch and won’t like bathing much. Bathing once a month will keep their natural oils in the coat, remove debris, and it is still not too often to irritate them. 

Suppose you have a pugbull with a little more folds than usual; you must clean between the creases to ensure they stay healthy and infection free. 

Use a wipe or cotton ball to clean the ears and ensure no debris or mites are inside. Because they have little hanging ears, you might not know about these issues until it is too late. Clean the ears once a week.

Brush their teeth twice weekly to reduce tooth decay and prevent plaque buildup and smelly breath. You can also opt for dental stick snacks.

Their coats need to be brushed with a pin brush twice a week to stimulate the natural coat oils and keep their coats healthy and shiny.

Nail clipping is also part of the grooming routine if your pug-pit doesn’t wear it out with everyday activities. For example, when you hear your dog before seeing him, you should know it is time for a nail-clipping session.

Food Requirements Of The Pug Pit bull Mix

Pugbulls are not obsessed with food and will take what you give them. However, they need at least two cups of food per day. So, opt for good quality food to prevent any health-related issues as much as possible. They also love snacks, and you can use these to train them or during playtime each day, but beware not to overfeed them, as they can have weight issues.

With the likeliness of joint problems, you should look for food that contains omega-3 and calcium. These will help strengthen the bones and cartilage and keep most of these problems at bay.

Illnesses To Look Out For With A Pug Pit bull Mix

There are specific concerns when it comes to pug pit bull mixed breeds. Unfortunately, some are more common than others. Still, if you are vigilant and know what to look out for, you will surely enjoy the company of your pugbull for a long time.

Illnesses to look out for with a pug pit bull mix dog:

  • Hip Dysplasia – is quite common in larger breed dogs, where the joints in the hips cause problems as they age. Giving omega-3 and nutritious food will ensure their bones are strong and joints are lubricated.
  • Epilepsy – is usually caused by a genetic disposition and can lead to seizures that complicate your dog’s life. 
  • Patellar Luxation – the knee cap slips out, causing pain, discomfort, and limping. The cause can either be anatomical (genes) or trauma like a fall.
  • Hemivertebrae – deformation of the vertebrae on the back. This can lead to breaks, lower body lameness, and death.
  • Hypothyroidism – the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones to perform normal bodily functions, which may lead to weight gain and tiredness. It can be treated with a focused diet and medication.
  • Pug dog Encephalitis – is a brain condition causing nervous system inflammation. There is no cure, and it is fatal. It can be inherited.

Other problems you can look out for but are not too familiar with this mix are:

  • Heart diseases
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Dry eye
  • Allergies

If you stick to the recommended vet visits and take your dog to the vet when something feels off, they will be healthy and happy dogs.

Exercise And Activity Requirements For Pug Pit bull Mix

The exercise requirements for a pug pit bull mix will be moderate. The pug-pit are moderately active dogs and need daily exercise to keep them healthy and prevent boredom. When housing these dogs in an apartment or house, always have toys that will stimulate them and keep them busy.

Daily walks around the neighborhood or a few ball tosses in the park are always good ideas to keep their energy at bay and keep them healthy.

The pug part of the dog is brachycephalic, which means they have a small head structure and flatter nose, leading to more difficulty breathing. Thus, these dogs should be kept from being pushed to their limits or left out in the hot, scorching sun all day.

You can aim for around 45 minutes of activity daily, which you can divide into shorter bouts if possible. For example, a light, brisk daily walk will do your pug-pit well. Aim for a distance of 6 miles on average a week.

Training Your Pug Pit bull Mix Dog

The pit bull and pug are trainable, requiring positive reinforcement when training. Thus, your pug pit bull mix breed will need the same. Start from a young age, use treats, and break up the training into 5- or 10-minute bouts. Include socialization into the movement, and never use harsh language or methods. You will teach them quickly and enjoy your pup from a young age.

If you are not up for frequent home training, opt to join a training class. At these classes, the dogs get to socialize with other dogs, and it is a great bonding time for dogs and their owners.

Training classes vary between $30 and $80 per class, depending on where you do it and how long the course is. If classes are sold separately, you can purchase a few classes and see if you need more. This pug pit bull mix is well-trainable, and you won’t require hours of training for them.

Price Of A Pug Pit bull Mix

When you look to buy or adopt a pug pit bull mix, be sure to do your research and find out about the bloodline of the puppies or dogs. The best would be to buy from a reputable, certified breeder who can show the genes of the puppy’s parents.

With these two breeds mixed together, you wouldn’t want a pug gene line contaminated with illnesses and problems. But, on the other hand, you also wouldn’t want a generation of aggressive pit bulls in the mix.

Buying or adopting a pugbull puppy will vary between $700 and $2000. This will depend on the age of the puppy or dog and the breeder you are buying from.

Should You Get A Pug Pittbull Mix?

A pug pit bull mix is for you when you are looking for certain things in a dog and willing to adhere to their needs.

  • A family-friendly dog that is affectionate and loving.
  • Low to no shedding.
  • Low grooming requirements.
  • Willing to put in the effort to play and exercise with your dog each day.
  • Ready to take out pet insurance should you see that your dog might have one of the genetic illnesses?


One of the best mixed breeds you can go for would be a pug pit bull mix. They are the ideal family dog and live long enough to be a part of and make memories with the family. Be sure you are up for the challenge it takes to be a lovable owner to a pugbull.

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