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Morkie Poos: All You Need to Know

What do you get when you mix a Maltese, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Poodle? A Morkie Poo!

Morkie Poos are small dogs that are known for their boundless affection and fluffy fur coats. They’re relatively easy to train and are ideal pets for people that live in small apartments.

Read on to learn more about the features, personality, and care requirements of Morkie Poos.


The Morkie poo is a hybrid breed that comes from mixing Maltese dogs, Yorkshire Terriers, and Poodles. All three parent breeds of these dogs are recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, the mix between them isn’t. 

Brief History of Morkie Poos

When it comes to designer hybrid breeds, the Morkie Poo is one of the more recently introduced ones.

Breeders only started mixing Yorkies, Poodles, and Maltese dogs to create these furry balls of cuteness in the latter stages of the ‘90s.

The resulting offspring was a small dog that was highly affectionate and cuddly. However, what made the demand for Morkie Poos skyrocket is their low-shedding nature. This makes them perfect canine companions for people with allergies.


The first of the Morkie Poo’s three parent breeds is the Maltese dog.

This breed has been around for millennia. Although the precise location from which this breed originated isn’t clear, it’s widely believed to have developed around North Africa and Southern Europe.

Plenty of historians agree that the most likely birthplace of Maltese dogs is the small island of Malta, hence the breed’s name.

The people of Malta bred these dogs intending to create a comforting companion. They could be most often found as lap dogs for ladies.

In the 1800s, Maltese dogs’ popularity grew substantially in Britain. They became one of the most prevalent canine pets in England.

Yorkshire Terrier

As you’d expect from the breed’s moniker, these dogs were initially bred in the British county of Yorkshire.

This happened in the 19th century when immigrant Scottish weavers felt the need to create a dog with a big personality and diminutive stature. They managed to do just that by mixing a variety of terrier breeds together.

The intention behind this was to breed a working dog that could access the crevices and crannies of textile mills to capture the rodents that were wreaking havoc in there. 

Yorkie dogs were also tasked with mouse-hunting duties in the county’s coal mines.


Most people know this breed as the “French Poodle.”

Therefore, it may come as a surprise that the French national dog didn’t even originate in the country.

Poodles were actually bred in Germany as water-hunting dogs. In fact, the breed’s name stems from the German term “pudel”, which means “splash in the water.”

In the breed’s early days, a Poodle’s job was to venture into lakes and capture ducks and other water birds for their owners. Despite the reputation of Poodles as posh, fashionable dogs in this day and age, some people still use them for their original purpose.

Characteristics of Morkie Poos

Without further ado, here are the characteristics of the pups that result from mixing the three breeds explored above.

How Big Are Morkie Poos?

Both Maltese dogs and Yorkshire terriers are quite small. Additionally, poodles are dogs of moderate size. 

Therefore, Morkie poos are, as expected, not that big. As with most dog breeds, female Morkie Poos are likely to be shorter and weigh less than their male counterparts.

Their size can vary depending on the type of poodle used in the mix. The largest Morkie Poos can weigh up to 12 pounds and grow to a height of 10 inches.

Smaller Morkie Poos are around 4 inches tall and weigh in the ballpark of 4 pounds. 

What Do Morkie Poos Look Like?

The way Morkie Poo pups look depends on the genes they inherit from their Maltese, Yorkie, and Poodle parents.

However, there are some things that all Morkie Poos have in common.

Fur Coat

The fur coat of Morkie Poos is undoubtedly their most stand-out feature. These dogs have beautiful, thick, and fluffy manes.

Their hair can be wavy and soft like that of a Maltese or a Yorkshire Terrier. On the other hand, it can also consist of tight curls if the genes inherited from their Poodle parent are more dominant. 

As for their color, Morkie Poos can come in many different shades. They can be black, brown, gray, white, tan, or any combination of two or three of these colors.


The shape of a Morkie Poo’s head is probably the feature most heavily influenced by the genetic makeup of these dogs.

A Morkie Poo can inherit the long, pointy muzzle of its poodle parent. It can also have a shorter muzzle like that of a Maltese. Additionally, the more resemblant a Morkie Poo is to its Maltese parent, the more domed its skull will be.


As with many small dogs, Morkie Poos have a short stub of a tail. These dogs’ tails are puffy and will curl upwards or to either side.

Eyes, Nose, and Ears

When it comes to eye and nose color, all Morkie Poos are pretty much the same. The vast majority of dogs from this breed have black noses and brown eyes. Morkie Poos are also famous for their cute, floppy ears.

Personality and Temperament of Morkie Poos

Right off the bat, let’s make it clear that dogs from this breed are small, fluffy balls of never-ending affection. These dogs are also highly intelligent, which makes them a joy to train.

They’ll show that affection in a variety of ways. Morkie Poos are known for their penchant for following their owners constantly all over the house. They’re also notorious for their endless kisses and boundless appetite for cuddles.

The extreme level of love and attachment that Morkie Poos have for their owners can have a downside though. These dogs are known to harbor plenty of jealousy if they see their owner giving attention to any other pet.

When your friends and family come by, they may not believe you at first when you tell them how affectionate your dog is. This is because Morkie Poos are quite wary of new faces and can take some time to cozy up to them.

Finally, Morkie Poos are highly prone to separation anxiety. Therefore, you should try to avoid leaving them all alone in the house as much as possible.

How Much Do Morkie Poos Cost to Buy?

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, if you’re thinking of buying a Morkie Poo from a reputable breeder, it’s not going to come cheap.

This hybrid breed comes from a trio of breeds that are pretty expensive themselves. Yorkshire Terriers can cost up to $1500, while Maltese dogs’ prices can reach $2000. Last but not least, Poodles can carry a price tag as hefty as $2000.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that getting a Morkie Poo pup requires you to dig deep into your pockets. Getting a Morkie Poo as your latest canine companion can cost anywhere between $1500 and $1750.

However, you’d be surprised at the number of Morkie Poos in rescue shelters waiting to be adopted. So, make sure to check your local dog pound if you want to get one and don’t want to pay thousands for it.

Caring For Morkie Poos

If you’re thinking of making a Morkie Poo pup the newest member of the family, you should make sure that you’re aware of how you should care for it.

Here are some useful tips when it comes to caring for a Morkie Poo:

What Is the Ideal Environment For a Morkie Poo?

Due to their small size, Morkie Poos don’t require much space to be happy and not feel pent up. Therefore, they’re ideal dogs for people living in small apartments.

If you have other pets, you should keep in mind that Morkie Poos are highly territorial. These dogs don’t appreciate it when you divide your attention between them and your other furry pals.

Therefore, you should introduce your existing pets to your Morkie Poo as early as possible to minimize the chances of them rejecting each other.

How to Train a Morkie Poo

Morkie Poos are incredibly intelligent dogs. Therefore, training them is relatively easy. However, they do have a slight stubborn streak that may make conditioning them a bit less simple.

As with all dogs, Morkie Poos require plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and content. In turn, a happy dog is much more likely to be an obedient one. You should note that Morkie Poos don’t need as much physical exercise as heftier breeds such as Huskies.

The key to training your Morkie Poo well is to start when it’s still a young pup. Make sure to expose it to plenty of new situations, people, and other canines at a young age. That’ll go a long way in making your Morkie Poo properly socialized.

What to Feed a Morkie Poo

We recommend providing your Morkie Poo with a well-balanced diet that consists of premium probiotic dog food. Another key thing to do is to keep track of the quantities of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you’re providing your Morkie Poo with.

You can also feed these dogs rice, chicken, pasta, potatoes, and turkey. However, you shouldn’t do this very often as they can develop a taste for it and reject their usual dry food altogether.

Furthermore, you should be wary of your Morkie Poo pup developing weight issues. Keeping your dog at a reasonable weight requires a lot of discipline from both your side and your dog’s side.

Don’t overdo it with the treats when you’re rewarding your Morkie Poo. This is easier said than done when these dogs unleash their full cuteness on you, but you have to stay strong! 

How Often Does a Morkie Poo Shed?

Despite having an extensive fur coat, Morkie Poos don’t shed as often as you’d expect. This is a big reason why they’re so suitable for people with allergies.

However, these dogs do need quite a lot of grooming. We recommend brushing your Morkie Poo’s coat at least three times a week to avoid it getting all tangled up and disheveled.

Additionally, you’ll want to clean your Morkie Poo pup’s eyes and ears regularly. This is because their fur tends to get in there and can cause an infection if you don’t remove it in a timely manner.

What Is the Lifespan of a Morkie Poo?

Morkie Poos can have a lifespan of up to 13 years, maybe even longer. However, the typical Morkie Poo will live for 10 years.

A Morkie Poo’s exact lifespan will depend on the quality of care it receives from its owner. It will also be predicated on whether the dog is fortunate enough to not develop any health issues or conditions.

Potential Health Issues in Morkie Poos

Unfortunately, Morkie Poos are susceptible to a range of health problems. These ailments include patella luxation, glaucoma, hypoglycemia, and periodontal disease.

Dental diseases are the most likely to affect your Morkie Poo. this isn’t surprising since most small dogs are prone to this.

The chances of your Morkie Poo developing any of these illnesses are determined by the genes they receive from their trio of parent breeds. Maltese dogs, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers are all also prone to the health issues mentioned above.


When it comes to dog breeds, you’ll have a hard time finding one that’s cuter than Morkie Poos.

These dogs are a tri-breed mix of Maltese dogs, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers.

The result of this mix is a small, fluffy dog that’s highly intelligent and bursting with personality and affection.

Provided that you give your Morkie Poo the love and care it requires, you’ll have a fantastic furry pal for a decade to come.