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How Often Do Puppies Pee at 6 Weeks?

How Often Do Puppies Pee at 6 Weeks?

Puppies are little bundles of energy that bring so much joy into our lives. If you had a rough day at work, playing with your puppy for a while is guaranteed to cheer you up!

Of course, having a puppy also means helping them heed the call of nature. You need to know how often pups pee and poop before you decide to take care of one. Continue with this article if you’re interested in learning more about those basic elements of puppy care.

How Often Do Puppies Pee at 6 Weeks?

The puppy you’re caring for currently may still be very young. Caring for newborn puppies can be very tricky. Their bathroom habits have a lot to do with that.

The rule of thumb when it comes to puppies and their peeing habits is that they can hold their urine for one hour for every month of their age. So, pups who are three months old can hold it for three hours, those who are five months old can go without urinating for five hours, and so on.

A puppy who’s only six weeks old cannot hold their urine in for very long. We’re talking an hour to 90 minutes at that age. Don’t be surprised if your six-week-old puppy needs to go outside to pee about 12 to 15 times in a single day.

It’s a good idea to create a bathroom schedule for your young pup. Divide the bathroom duties among the members of your household so your pup doesn’t cause a mess inside your home.

Your puppy can pee freely if you let them roam your yard, but someone should still keep an eye on them.

How Often Do Puppies Poop at 6 Weeks?

We’ve already established that puppies no older than six weeks of age need to urinate frequently. But what about the other bathroom activity? How often will your puppy need to poop at that age?

A young puppy’s pooping schedule will be closer to once every two hours. You should expect them to poop around 10 times each day. That seems like a lot, but you will be dealing with small poops at that age.

Your puppy may also pee and poop at the same time. Give them some time when you take them outside so they can handle all of their business.

How Much Do Puppies Pee and Poop at Night at 6 Weeks?

If you’ve been doing the math while reading this article, you’ve probably figured out that the numbers are somewhat off. That’s not a mistake.

Let’s say that nighttime in this context goes from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. During that stretch, a six-week-old puppy may only need to pee around five to six times. Meanwhile, they may only have to poop about four to five times.

You see, puppies don’t have to pee or poop as frequently at night when they’re winding down. Or at least that could be the case if you’re going through a proper routine.

Ideally, you want your pup to be active and handle most of their bathroom business before night falls. Since your puppy will be out of energy come nighttime, they will be more likely to sleep for an extended period of time.

Some puppies can sleep continuously while others may need to go out at least once during the middle of the night.

To cut down on the number of times that your puppy will need to pee or poop at night, you should take them outside just before bedtime. Hang out with them for a bit and let them handle as much of their business as they need to.

How Long Can a 6 Week Old Puppy Go Without Peeing?

Some days can end up being more hectic than others. Because of that, no one in your household may be able to watch over your six-week-old puppy. That also means no one can let them out to pee or poop for a little bit.

Remember, puppies that young cannot hold their waste in for very long. At most, puppies can hold their pee for around 90 minutes.

Your puppy will likely urinate inside your home if they cannot hold it in any longer. Even though that sounds bad, that beats having them develop certain conditions because they held their pee in too long. We’ve detailed some of the conditions your pet may develop if they are forced to hold pee in for way longer than they should.

Urinary Tract Infections

Dogs can develop a urinary tract infection (UTI) if they have to hold their pee in all the time. Your pet can develop a urinary tract infection if bacteria enter their bladder. UTIs can be very painful and they can even lead to more serious problems down the line.


For those who may be unaware, incontinence is a condition that causes your pet to lose control of their bladder. That may happen because their bladder has been weakened significantly.

Bladder Stones

UTIs must always be taken seriously. Part of the reason why they need to be treated immediately is because they can lead to issues such as bladder stones.

Bladder stones can cause blood to appear in your pet’s urine. Your pet may also have a hard time urinating due to their bladder stones. Make sure your pet is able to urinate as needed so they can avoid this particular issue.

How Often Should I Take My 6 Week Old Puppy Outside at Night?

Puppies don’t need to go as often during the night as they do during the day. That’s because they often go to sleep at night. You can adjust your routine based on that.

Try to maintain the same bathroom routine until your bedtime. Just before you go to sleep, you should take your puppy out so they can pee and poop. Give them as much time as they need so they can sleep soundly through the night.

You may have to wake up one additional time during the night if you’re trying to crate train your puppy. Take them out for one bathroom session and then go back to bed.