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How Much Does a Teacup Yorkie Cost?

There’s a reason why teacup Yorkies are one of the most popular dog breeds at the moment. These mini Yorkshire terriers are adorable, friendly, and low-maintenance. The only downside is that it can be hard to get your hands on an authentic teacup Yorkie.

This begs the question: how much does a teacup Yorkie cost?

The price of teacup Yorkies depends on multiple factors. First, a healthy teacup Yorkie is hard to breed. Furthermore, the popular demand for teacup Yorkies caused some backyard breeders to sell malnourished terriers instead of miniature pups. So, you can find teacup Yorkies anywhere from $900 to thousands of dollars.

Do you want to find out more? In today’s article, we’ll explain all about teacup Yorkies and help you determine whether you should get the tiny furball. Let’s dive in!

Teacup Yorkie Overview

Teacup Yorkies are popular designer dogs. These compact pups are incredibly sought-after due to their silky hair, tiny body, and overall cute appearance. Yet, they’re not an entirely new dog breed. Teacup Yorkies are just smaller Yorkshire terriers!

Before learning how much a teacup Yorkie costs, you should know everything that makes this puppy so special. Here are the key characteristics of a teacup Yorkie.


It can be hard to imagine a small pup having such a huge personality. Teacup Yorkies are outgoing, energetic, and friendly. Though a teacup Yorkie might be wary of strangers at first, this pup is adaptable and will quickly become your best friend.

Your teacup Yorkie will likely get too attached to you. For this reason, you shouldn’t leave young Yorkie pups alone at home. This will only make them more anxious.

As the Yorkie grows older, you might be able to leave your pup for hours at a time without causing it any distress.

Teacup Yorkies are social and intelligent, which makes them great with children and other pets. Unfortunately, they bark a lot! Yorkies are tremendously territorial, which means they’ll bark at the smallest noise. They also scare easily, making them more prone to barking.

That said, teacup Yorkies don’t make great guard dogs. These petite, harmless pups are unlikely to attack any intruder! In fact, teacup Yorkies can be pretty anxious and fearful. They need plenty of care and attention, especially in a new environment.


Like all teacup dogs, teacup Yorkies are tiny, usually about four pounds only. However, you can find even smaller puppies that are about four pounds!

Teacup Yorkies’ face is round, with small, dark, rounded eyes. They also have a teeny muzzle. 

The puppies have short legs and even shorter tails, making them look more like toys than dogs!


Teacup Yorkies are famous for their long, silky coat. It might be short or long, depending on your preferences.

The dogs come in various colors ranging from golden to black. You can find multicolored teacup Yorkies in tan, brown, black, and blue!

You shouldn’t look for teacup Yorkies in these distinct colors, though. That’s because Yorkie pups are all born with black and tan coats. As they grow older, particularly at ten weeks, their distinct colors will begin to appear.

The teacup Yorkie’s color will continue to develop until the canine reaches two years old. You can predict the color of your Yorkie by comparing the pup to its mother. However, it’s hard to predict the coat’s pattern.


You might think the gorgeous silky coat of teacup Yorkies requires constant maintenance and grooming, but the pups’ compact body makes them pretty low-maintenance.

All you have to do is trim your Yorkie’s fur once every couple of weeks. A shorter coat might keep your dog cleaner, healthier, and happier. The short coat makes grooming even easier in the long run.

Alternatively, long coats need some care. You might have to oil your dog’s hair, brush it multiple times a week, and regularly bathe your friend to prevent the buildup of dirt.

Yet, the luxurious coat is worth all the high-maintenance grooming. It might even land your pup a winning spot at a dog pageant!


Sadly, teacup dogs are susceptible to many health issues due to their size. Purebred pups might suffer even more complications.

First, the tiny face of teacup Yorkies often results in dental crowding. Over time, this might cause your furball to regularly have dental problems. These gum diseases might even progress to bacterial infection.

Joint problems and hypoplasia are also problems that face smaller Yorkies as their bones don’t form properly.

Lastly, teacup Yorkies have a common congenital issue called portosystemic shunt. Since this illness might lead to toxin build-up, your Yorkie should be checked and treated early.


Even though teacup Yorkies suffer from various health conditions, your pup can live a long, healthy life with proper care. Teacup Yorkies are a relatively new dog breed, so it might be difficult to tell their exact lifespan.

Usually, Yorkshire terriers can live up to 15 years, which means teacup Yorkies’ lifespan might be about 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does a Teacup Yorkie Cost?

Teacup Yorkies can range anywhere from $900 to $4000. The price difference depends on the breeder, and the pup itself.

Distinguishing a teacup Yorkie from a Yorkshire terrier is quite tricky. So, a less expensive Yorkie might just be a smaller Terrier. On the other hand, a pricier pup might come from a show-winning bloodline!

It’s also important to understand that breeding healthy teacup Yorkies is hard. That’s why you should only get this miniature dog from a trusted breeder. Once you have your pup, screen it for any health conditions.

What to Look for in a Teacup Yorkie

The teacup Yorkie isn’t a recognized dog breed by any kennel club. That’s why it can be difficult to get your hands on an authentic teacup pup.

Sadly, fraudulent puppy mills and backyard breeders might benefit from teacup Yorkies rising in popularity. You might think you’re saving a couple of bucks.

However, these breeders might try to sell you unauthentic dogs with many health issues, or even abuse the animals in order to profit as much as possible.

Here are some things to avoid when getting a teacup Yorkie:

  • White teacup Yorkies
  • Yorkies labeled as rare or premium
  • Shady breeding facilities
  • An uneducated breeder
  • Puppies with no breed registration papers

What’s the Difference Between a Teacup Yorkie and a Yorkshire Terrier?

Before getting a teacup Yorkie, you should know that there’s virtually no difference between this toy-sized dog and a standard Yorkshire terrier—apart from their size.

The AKC specifies that a Yorkshire terrier should be no larger than seven pounds. Teacup Yorkies, on the other hand, can only reach about four pounds when fully grown.

For this reason, many unethical dog breeders might try to pass off a malnourished Yorkshire terrier as a teacup Yorkie. Once you take good care of the pup, it’ll grow to its normal size.

How to Take Care of a Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkies’ compact body means they make less mess, shed less, and can fit in small spaces. It’s only natural that these petite furballs are easier to take care of than larger dogs.

Welcoming the Pup

You’ll want the teacup Yorkie to have a smooth transition from the breeder to your home. A relaxing first few weeks can greatly ease the puppy’s anxiety in the long run.

When you first welcome your puppy home, don’t leave it alone for long periods. Teacup Yorkies require a lot of attention, particularly as pups.

Puppy-proofing your home can prevent a lot of accidents. Additionally, if you have other pets or small children, slowly introduce them to the teacup Yorkie. This way, the tiny canine won’t get too overwhelmed. Soon, your furry friend will get comfortable in the new home.

Training a Teacup Yorkie

While teacup Yorkies are unlikely to cause a lot of mess, they still need training. The reason is that training makes it easier to walk your dog on a leash or a harness. It’s also important for the safety of the dog.

Yorkies don’t realize how small they are! They’re also pretty energetic and excitable. So, they might knock items around your home or run after other, larger dogs. Training the small Yorkie to curb their enthusiasm allows them to stay calm and safe.

Moreover, your teacup Yorkie will inevitably bark excessively and loudly. That’s why the pup will need to learn the appropriate time to bark!

Feeding Your Teacup Yorkie

If you’ve owned a dog before, you probably know how much they eat. This isn’t the case when it comes to teacup dogs! Teacup Yorkies eat a lot less than regular dogs due to their tiny size.

Furthermore, you’ll have to pay close attention to your Yorkie’s diet. That’s because it’s prone to numerous health conditions, including obesity.

Yorkies need to have a good source of protein, ideally meat or poultry. You’ll also need to add some form of animal fat. Vitamins and minerals are essential to support your pup’s bones and joints.

Grooming Your Teacup Yorkie

As for grooming, you should visit a professional groomer every couple of weeks. Alternatively, you can easily learn to trim your dog’s fur at home. You only have to trim the hair surrounding your pup’s face. This way, your Yorkie can see properly.

It’s a common misconception that teacup Yorkies are hypoallergenic, as their fur resembles human hair. Yet, no dog is truly hypoallergenic.

Teacup Yorkies’ fur still has the potential to cause sneezing. Though, the best part about teacup Yorkies is that they don’t shed a lot. They’re also tiny, so they don’t have a lot of hair!

For this reason, teacup Yorkies are the ideal pet to get if you suffer from allergies.

Scheduling Vet Appointments

Since teacup Yorkies are prone to many health problems, it’s crucial to schedule vet appointments regularly. You should make sure your pup receives all the puppy shots and vaccinations.

Is a Teacup Yorkie Right for You?

Now that you know everything about teacup Yorkies, it’s time to decide whether to get one or not.

Many people get teacup Yorkies for their adorable faces, but there’s a lot that goes into keeping this lifetime companion in your home. That’s why you need to consider whether the miniature pup will fit your lifestyle or not.

Advantages of Getting a Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkies are undoubtedly gorgeous puppies. In addition, these mini dogs make great companions due to the following reasons:

  • Energetic and playful
  • Yorkies require minimal grooming
  • They don’t need a lot of space due to their compact size
  • Great for first-time dog owners
  • Suitable for people with mild allergies
  • Safe around children and other pets

Disadvantages of Getting a Teacup Yorkie

Like all dogs, there are downsides to owning teacup Yorkies. Sure, they don’t need much when it comes to grooming, but you should pay attention to their health and well-being.

Some drawbacks to having teacup Yorkies include:

  • They need constant attention
  • Yorkies require plenty of exercise and stimulation
  • Small puppies can be anxious and fearful when changing living conditions
  • Not great if you’re constantly traveling
  • Not suitable for those with close neighbors due to its excessive loud barking
  • Prone to numerous health problems

Wrap Up

It can be difficult to see the adorable teacup Yorkie and not want one of your own. Yet, you should know that the mini puppy has its benefits and drawbacks. Teacup Yorkies make great pets, as they’re gorgeous-looking and don’t need a lot of maintenance. They’ll also fit in any living space you have.

Though teacup Yorkies might be anxious at first, the small pups can quickly adapt to other animals or young children. Moreover, they can quickly become calmer with minimal training.

While you’ll definitely want a best friend that’s constantly by your side, not everyone can take good care of teacup puppies to prevent their numerous health issues.

To add, breeding teacup Yorkies is pretty controversial. That’s because these furballs might be born with birth defects that are impossible to treat due to their small size.