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Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix: Facts, Details, Pictures 

Crossbreeding has been practiced for decades, giving rise to some of the world’s most desirable and sought-after dog breeds. The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix is not recognized as purebred by the American Kennel Club but has become a popular choice for many dog lovers. 

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix combines a Great Pyrenees and an American pit bull. These large, powerful, athletic dogs can weigh up to 100 pounds. They have a thick coat that can be either short or long. This breed is also known for being very friendly and good with children.

This hybrid dog has become popular with many families because of its loyalty, affection, and trainability- not to mention its adorable good looks! Let’s explore what else this wonderful designer breed has to offer. 

Attributes of A Great Pyrenees And Pit Bull Mix

There have been many attempts at crossbreeding the Great Pyrenees with other famous breeds. This has resulted in quite a few modern, designer crossbreeds. A cross between the American pit bull and the Great Pyrenees is also known as Pyrenees pit or a pitanees. 

The resulting mix is a dog with all the wonderful characteristics of its parents. To know more about your puppy’s traits, ask your breeder for more information about its specific parents. You can also get a good idea of the temperament of this breed by getting to know more about the general traits of the pit bull and the Great Pyrenees. 

The Great Pyrenees breed is ancient, and many scientists believe that they’ve existed for over 11 000 years, dating back to the 18th century BC! In fact, evidence of the Great Pyrenees dog breed has been found in fossils, proving that they are an ancient and resilient breed. 

These majestic, gentle giants are named after the Pyrenees Mountain range between France and Spain. Initially, the Great Pyrenees was employed in herding and protecting sheep and livestock. It is in their nature to be protective and vigilant.

The American Kennel Club recognizes the breed; however, the resulting mix of the Great Pyrenees and American pit bull is not recognized.  

The American pit bull terrier is a smaller, stocky dog that was initially bred in England for bull-baiting (a now illegal sport in which bettors placed bets on which dog could hold onto a bull’s nose the longest). These days, the pit bull is more likely to be cuddling on the couch with its human family than participating in any fighting.

The spirited American pit bull terrier was originally bred by crossing bulldogs and terriers, which made them fantastic work dogs. They were capable of herding livestock, hunting, and guarding property. 

Their high intelligence made the American pit bull terrier legendary service, search-and-rescue, therapy, police, and military dogs. In addition to its athletic, intelligent nature, the American pit bull is courageous and loyal.

You get a hybrid dog that inherits the best traits from the American pit bull terrier and Great Pyrenees parents. The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix is an intelligent, loyal, and loving dog eager to please and protect your family. 

Life Expectancy Of A Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix

Your Great Pyrenees pit bull mix dog can live up to 12 years. Ensuring your dog receives adequate nutrition, regular exercise, and proper vaccinations and medical care will ensure a long and happy life. 

While it does require some exercise, it is not as high-energy as some other dogs breeds and can be content with walks around the block or playing in the backyard. With proper care and nutrition, a Pyrenees pit can live a long and healthy life

The Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix As A Guard Dog

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix is a very loyal and protective dog, making them excellent guard dogs. Their impressive size and muscular build also act as a significant deterrent for would-be criminals. 

You can expect your gentle giant to be pretty loud, as it will alert the family of potential threats. Its naturally protective nature means that it is generally very alert. This instinct was inherited from the Great Pyrenees genes in your puppy, making it an excellent watchdog, warning against predators and taking care of livestock. 

Modern Great Pyrenees dogs are known to be fairly subdued during the day but on high alert at night! Be aware that your Great Pyrenees and pit bull mix puppy may inherit this trait. 

Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix
Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix

Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix Personality

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix is a large and powerful dog with a courageous and loyal personality. They are loving and protective of their family and are excellent watchdogs. However, they can be stubborn and headstrong and require firm training and socialization from an early age.

Their intelligent and trainable nature makes them ideal for families with children. If you have smaller children, ensure you do not leave your puppy unsupervised with them. 

Your puppy should be socialized early on to learn how and when to employ its very protective nature. Remember that this is a highly muscular, heavy dog, and you should take precautions when your children are very young in case of any rough play.

These dogs are a powerhouse of energy and do not cope well when neglected. Make sure that you have enough time and space available to provide enough exercise for your beautiful giant. Your pitanees is eager to please its family, but your puppy needs strong leadership with a kind, steady hand. 

Your pitanees puppy is brilliant but can have a stubborn streak. The eager-to-please personality of this breed does not mean that they are not independent thinkers, though. Early obedience training with lots of positive reinforcement and consistency is recommended.

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix combines the best attributes of the Great Pyrenees and the American pit bull terrier. A calm and patient personality will be a trait that is inherited from the Great Pyrenees parent. In contrast, a friendly, playful personality with a stubborn streak will be inherited from the American pit bull terrier side of the family.

The resulting mix is a large, powerful, and loyal dog. This mix is not for everyone, as they require a lot of exercise and training. However, it may be right for you if you’re looking for a guard dog or a loyal companion.

More About the Great Pyrenees And Pit Bull Mix

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix may seem strange, especially given their vastly different backgrounds, but there is a lot to love about this unique pairing.

Despite their different backgrounds, these two breeds make an excellent combination. The Great Pyrenees is a large, fluffy breed initially bred to protect sheep from predators in the French Pyrenees mountains. The pit bull terrier is a smaller, compact breed originally bred for dog fighting.

Common Diseases For The Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix is a relatively healthy dog, but there are some diseases and conditions to be aware of. Some of this mix’s common health problems include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and bloat.

Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint does not form properly and can cause pain and lameness. Elbow dysplasia is similar but affects the elbow joint instead. Bloat is caused by gas in the stomach, which leads to the blood supply getting cut off to vital organs. Unfortunately, this is fatal if left untreated.

Other health problems seen in this mix may include allergies and eye and skin problems. It is advisable to invest in pet insurance when your puppy is still young to offset the cost of possible dysplasia when he gets older.

Overall, this mix is a healthy dog with few known health issues. However, as with any mixed-breed dog, it’s essential to take note of any potential health problems it could be prone to. 

Physical Characteristics of Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix

The Great Pyrenees pit bull mix is a medium to large-sized dog breed weighing anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds. Their tails are long and bushy, and their feet are webbed, which makes them excellent swimmers.

This breed has a sturdy, muscular build with broad muzzles, and they come in a wide variety of possible coat colors, including Fawn, Cream, Silver, Red, Brown, Gray, Black, Pied, White, Sable, and Brindle. Pitanees with lighter-colored coats may be prone to sunburn and skin cancer in warmer climates. 

These are big dogs! At about six months old, your pitanees puppy will average 57.5 lbs. for males and 52.5 lbs. for female pups. The height from the top of the head to the feet will range between 19.5 to 21.5 inches. 

Even though a Great Pyrenees and pit bull Mix is considered a large breed, they are somewhat smaller than a purebred Great Pyrenees. A full-grown pitanees will weigh between 72.5 lbs. and 82.5 lbs., with females generally weighing less. Expect your full-grown puppy to stand up to 25 inches tall. 

Purebred Great Pyrenees dogs have a long, double-layered coat with a dense undercoat, while pit bulls are single-coated and have much shorter coats. You can expect, then, that the Great Pyrenees pit bull mix coat will be on a spectrum of different textures and lengths. 

How To Take Care of Great Pyrenees Pit Bull Mix

Sourcing a puppy from a reputable breeder is the first step to ensuring that you will have a healthy pet. Many puppy mills are cruel and have questionable breeding practices, which can produce puppies with severe deficiencies and disorders. 

A reputable breeder can provide you with as much information about your puppy’s parentage as you need. This information will give you a good idea about your puppy’s specific health risks and temperament. 

Wait at least six months before you spay your female puppy. If you have a male puppy, you can wait between six and nine months to neuter him. Consult your vet to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date.

Assuming you have a Great Pyrenees pit bull mix, the first step is to research the two breeds. You need to understand both the temperament and exercise requirements to meet your dog’s needs. Then, find a reputable breeder or rescue that can provide you with a healthy pup.

Once you have your dog, provide him with plenty of socialization opportunities. Attend puppy classes, go on walks in different environments, and introduce him to as many people and animals as possible. This will help him become a well-rounded adult dog.

Exercise is an essential requirement for all dogs, especially pit bulls. They are high-energy dogs that need an outlet for their energy. Be sure to give your dog at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day through activities like running, playing fetch, or going for a hike.

Regarding grooming, your dog will probably need weekly brushing to keep his coat healthy and beautiful. He may also need occasional baths – use a mild shampoo made specifically for dogs to avoid irritating his skin. Finally, trim his nails regularly and brush his teeth frequently to promote oral health.

Good nutrition is essential when keeping your pet in great physical condition. Supplement their diet with a nutritionally balanced brand of wet food. Depending on their age and weight, you can expect your Pyrenees pit to consume, on average, four to six cups of good quality dried food. 

Owners should be aware that the athletic nature and physical size of this breed are not suitable for apartment dwellers. A large home with a spacious backyard and a neighborhood with lots of opportunities for walking and socializing with other dogs and people is best. 


A cross between the American pit bull and the Great Pyrenees breeds is known affectionately as a pitanees or Pyrenees pit. These dogs are high energy and intelligent and will therefore require training and socialization early on. They are known for being loyal, loving, and protective dogs. 

These crossbreeds are great for family life and make excellent companions to their lucky owners.