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Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix: Facts, Details, Pictures

When we think about golden retrievers, everyone smiles and sees the luscious coat swaying from side to side in a field with a happy goldie running towards you with a stick in their mouth. But what about a golden retriever pit bull mix?

A golden retriever pit bull mix is a cross between a golden retriever and an American bull terrier. The cross does not guarantee a definite look, only that the body is usually inherited from the golden side and the head from the pit bull. They are medium to large breed dogs and are not very common.

It might be challenging to imagine this breed and how it should look. Before adding a golden retriever pit bull mix to your family, there is much to consider. Because this breed is scarce, you must double-check your source and the seller you buy from.

The History Of Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

It is difficult to pinpoint when the mix of golden retriever and pit bull originated. To know more about what you are letting yourself into by getting one of these, you should look at each parent’s ancestry.

The golden retriever is an all-time favorite and the go-to family dog. The first record of golden retrievers in the past was in the 1800s in Scotland. Lucky for us, Dudley Marjoribanks wrote a journal and recorded his love for dogs. 

In 1865 he saw a golden dog in the street and bred it with a Tweed Water Spaniel to get the perfect water-retrieving dog. They could hunt on land and in water. The first litter of golden retrievers was in 1868.

The pit bull has a lineage coming from the English bulldog. These dogs were used for dog fighting, ratting, and “bulling” (all activities that were illegal and damaging to the dog itself). Immigrants from Britain entered the United States before the Civil War and brought these dogs with them. They then got the name American pit bull.

They were used to look after families and livestock, and some used them as guide dogs. This shows their temperaments, not what the fighting and illegal uses portrayed to the world.

Physical Traits Of Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

The funny thing about the mix between the golden retriever and pit bull is that it can go both ways. There is no set physical trait to determine this is what your dog will look like. 

Physical TraitMore Golden Retriever GenesMore Pit Bull Genes
Height20 to 24 inches 17 to 19 inches
Weight55 to 75 pounds40 to 70 pounds
Coat colorGolden, white, brown, beigeBlack, brindle, fawn, red, white, blue
Coat densityThink, double coatFine and thin 
Coat lengthMedium to lengthy and wavyShort and straight
Eye colorDarkDark (rare cases can be light)
Litter size7-8 puppies7-8 puppies
Life expectancy10 to 15 years10 to 15 year

You might never know how your pup will look when fully grown. The best would be to look at the parent to have an idea of color. The head is usually the shape of a pit bull, and the body is more like a golden retriever. The rest is up to genes and which parent has more robust genes.

Both the parents are recognized by the American Kennel Club, but the mixed puppies are not. Maybe someday they will, but they are a rare mix at this stage.

Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix
Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

Grooming Requirements Of Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

The grooming requirement for your golden pit bull will depend, once again, on the dominant gene. With a longer and wavy coat, you will need to follow other protocols than you would with short straight hair.

Perfect Grooming Requirements For Wavy Coat

Getting yourself a goldie pit bull mix with more of the retriever genes, you will have a little more responsibility when it comes to grooming. The beautiful, wavy, long hair needs extra TLC to ensure the coat stays healthy and shiny.

Bathing Wavy-Haired Dog

When you have a dog with long wavy hair, you might need to bathe them more often than you or them would like. This is for the health and wellness of your dog and will be beneficial to you as well. Dirt, mud, and debris can get stuck under the long hairs, and even though you don’t see it, be sure it is there.

Bathe your wavy-haired dog once a month to ensure its skin and hair stays healthy. Use a shampoo made for dogs, as it is safe for their skin and usually includes a barrier for ticks and fleas, which is an extra bonus.

Combing Wavy-Haired Dog

It is crucial to start this activity at a young age to get your dog accustomed to it, as it sometimes might not be pleasant. Also, depending on the coat of your golden pit, you might have a mix with a double coat. Many dog coat brushes are on the market for different kinds of coats. Inquire from any pet store about which comb would suit your new pup.

With these wavy-coated dogs, you might have to brush them twice and up to three times a week, depending on their living arrangements. Better to act preventatively than end up with knots in the coat you have to cut out.

Perfect Grooming Requirements For Short Coat

Some might think the golden wavy locks are more beautiful, but the short, fine hair from the pit side has its perks. The grooming requirements for these short-haired golden pit bulls are way less than the wavy hairs.

Bathing Short-Haired Dogs

You can decide when to bathe your dog, depending on how dirty they are. Every six weeks to two months is a good time. This won’t be too close for them to dread it, but not too far to remember that it is part of the grooming routine.

Combing Short-Haired Dogs

You can comb them once a week. This activates the natural oils in the coat to keep it healthy and shiny. The brushing also helps to get rid of loose hair for less shedding. The pit bull side of the mix doesn’t shed at all, but the golden retriever side does.

Nail Clipping, Tooth Brushing, And Ear Washing

Nail clipping and brushing the teeth of your golden pit bull is part of the grooming routine and should be done regularly to avoid problems. 

  • Nail clipping – as often as you think. This could vary from every 3 weeks to every two months. Some dogs wear the nails out by themselves. Just be careful not to leave their nails untrimmed. Because of their endearing nature, they might scratch you or a family member while trying to show some love.
  • Tooth brushing – this is needed to keep their gums healthy and clear from infections. Dry dog food and dental sticks also help to keep the teeth clean and white.
  • Ear washing – both parents have floppy ears, and it is essential to inspect the ears for funny smells or visible dirt. Wipe with an ear solution or cotton ball every time they bathe to keep it clean.

Nutrition Requirements Of Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

The golden pit bull mix is a medium to large breed dog. Their size and activity level accounts for the amount of food they need. This mix may require up to 1600 calories a day when fully grown. Some tips when it comes to feeding your golden retriever pit bull pup:

  • Focus on fibrous foods like fruit.
  • Do not overfeed; give smaller meals spread throughout the day, but stick to a routine. Morning and evening, or breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Rather give them meat raw than cooked.
  • Opt for good quality dry foods with the necessary fats and proteins to protect them against genetic dispositions and illnesses.

Activity And Exercise For Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

You must be up for the exercise requirements when deciding to get a golden pit bull. These are very active dogs, and they love spending time with their human family. Therefore, they need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

The activities can vary from ball toss games, running or walking, to mind games. These dogs are very energetic and intelligent; if you don’t stimulate them and use their energy daily, they tend to become mischievous. 

You can over train them, so watch out. Stick to the 60-minute daily rule, and divide the time depending on the weather, your pup’s age, and their fitness level.

Training For Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

It would be a good idea to send your pup for training or train them yourself from a young age. The pit bull side tends to take control and act like the alpha, leading to them not listening to demands or obeying your orders in the future.

Use positive reinforcement by rewarding them with a lovable stroke, cuddle, or a treat. This way, they will learn what is excepted and try to fulfill your wishes. They should also be socialized from an early stage. For example, arrange play dates with other big dogs and invite people for tea. 

These dogs can quickly suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. If you cannot be at home all day, you must train them that it is okay for you to leave for a while. Please give them a snack before you go and a sweet pat. 

When you return, greet them, but not too friendly, and don’t give them a snack. Then, after a few minutes of being home, you can provide all the cuddles and love. This way, they will understand that your leaving is a good thing and they won’t trouble themselves.

These dogs have quite the prey drive, and leaving them untrained might catch you off guard when you take your pup for a run. Training them to listen to instructions and run on a leash will help with their sense of chasing anything they feel like.

Possible Health Concerns With Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

The mix between a golden retriever and a pit bull is still new and relatively rare; thus, no major health issues have been recorded yet. There are, however, a few things that can occur in hybrid and large dogs.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia: deformation of the joints leading to pain and discomfit when the dog ages.
  • Bloating: a condition seen in large dogs where the tummy swells because of gas buildup in the stomach and causes pain and uneasiness. 
  • Eye problems: these can be anything from ulcers to eyelids rolling over. If you see anything with your dog’s eyes looking different, visit the vet as soon as possible.

Golden pit bulls live between 10 and 15 years and will stay healthy if you keep in mind that they are prone to joint pain and bloating. Also, looking at the activities you do and the food you give them will keep them around for a long time.

Temperament Of The Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

A golden pit bull is the definition of a family dog. They love to be around people and feel loved. Owners love to take them on hikes with them, use them as running buddies, and even swimming partners.

It is essential to train them early, as they have a stubborn streak in them. They can also feel abandoned when left alone for long periods and have not been made aware that this might happen sometimes. Suppose you are never at home; you should instead not get a golden pit as a pet.

They are protective dogs and will always be loyal to their owners. Their intelligence will come in handy with learning new things and their minds also need stimulation (think about puzzle toys).

Price Of A Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

A golden pit bull is rare, and not many certified breeders cross these breeds. That is why you will have to research and make sure your choice of puppy is healthy and comes from pure ancestry.

These mixes can go for as much as $2500 per puppy. Ensure the seller can show you the parents and have papers for each before you spend this type of money. You might only set yourself up for more expenses in the future regarding health and well-being.


A golden pit bull pup will brighten the family’s life, and each day will be a treat. Prioritizing their nutrition and activity needs will ensure they have a long and happy life. Are you ready for many playtimes, cuddles, and a dog that will protect you with its life?