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Fawn Cane Corso – All You Need To Know

The Cane Corso is a beautiful, impressive, and massive dog breed. The Fawn Cane Corso is one of the more common colors, but the tan colored pooch is beloved in Italy and America. 

Fawn Cane Corso Facts

An image of a fawn Cane Corso
An image of a fawn Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large breed with ancient origins. They are well known for their protective nature, and have been used as guard dogs for centuries. 

Today, they make excellent companions and guard dogs for families. 

Fawn Cane Corso Appearance 

The fawn Cane Corso is a tan color. The shade can range from light to dark tan. They typically have a black or brown mask as well. This should not extend beyond the eyes. 

They are closely related to the Mastiff. They have a large square head, and a well muscled body. They have a short double layer coat. 

In addition to the fawn Cane Corso, there’s also a blue fawn Cane Corso, also known as Formentio. This is a dilute version of the fawn coloring. 

This occurs when a fawn Corso has the dilute gene. This gene causes the color to appear diluted, or lighter. A gray or blue Cane Corso, for example, is a dilute version of the black Corso. A blue Cane Corso will have a gray mask, instead of the standard black. 

Fawn Cane Corso History 

The Corso originated in ancient Rome, but its true origins go even further back. It’s believed they are descended from the ancient Molossus dogs from Greece, which are now extinct. 

Romans discovered them, and brought them home with them. The romans used the Cane Corso extensively during the Macedonian War. Once the war was over, the Corsos proved useful in other ways. 

The fawn Cane Corso was prized for its hunting abilities. Its coloring allowed it to blend into the Italian countryside. Other colors were often used as farm dogs. All colors were used as guard dogs. Cane Corsos can still be found fulfilling all of these roles today. 

The fawn coloring is one of the original Corso colors, It goes back to the 3rd or 4th century. This may be why it;s so common today. Fawn Corsos are also more likely to have a coat that meets the breed standard than other colors.

The Cane Corso was thought to have went extinct in the 1900s. However, it was rediscovered in Italy during the 1970s. Corso lovers worked hard to bring the breed back. The first Cane Corso club was established in 1983 in Italy. It was called the Society Amorati Cane Corso (Society of Cane Corso Lovers).   

Fawn Cane Corso Price

The Cane Corso ranges in price from $800-$6,000 dollars, with most costing around $2,000-$3,000 for a registered Corso puppy. 

Several factors affect the price. Puppies typically cost about $300-$500 less than a puppy, with an average price of $1,600. 

An unregistered Corso typically costs about $500 less than a registered Corso. Of course, Corsos from prestigious bloodlines will cost much more than the average price. 

Males typically cost about $100 more than females. This is because they are believed to have a stronger guarding instinct than females. 

Fawn is one of the least expensive colors. A fawn Cane Corso puppy costs $1,600 on average. 

However, the blue fawn Cane Corso, or Formentino, is one of the rarest colors.  You can expect to pay $2,500 or more for this color. 

Fawn Cane Corso Rarity 

The Fawn Cane Corso is one of the most common Corso colors. Even though it’s not rare, it is a beautiful color that suits the Corso well. 

The blue fawn, on the other hand, is rare. Dilute genes are recessive. This means that both parents must carry at least one copy of the dilute gene to pass it on to their puppies. 

Fawn Cane Corso Life expectancy

The average life expectancy for the Cane Corso is 9-12 years. Brindle Corsos have a longer life expectancy than their solid color counterparts, including fawn Corsos. 

A brindle Corso lives an average of 10 years, while solid Corsos have a life expectancy of 9 years. Keep in mind that these are only averages, and there are many Corsos who live for 11 to 12 years. 

Fawn Cane Corso Size and weight

A picture of a fawn cane corso
A picture of a fawn cane corso

The Cane Corso is a large dog breed. In fact, it could be considered an extra large breed, if the category existed. It really should, right?

The fawn Cane Corso’s average weight is about 100 pounds. Weight ranges from 90 to 120 pounds. Males are typically a bit larger, at 25-28 inches tall. Females grow to 23-26 inches tall on average. 

Fawn Cane Corso Health

Good breeding and genetic testing lowers the risk of purchasing a Corso with health problems. They are considered a healthy and hardy breed, but there are a few conditions that are common to the breed. 

Joint Problems 

Like other large breeds, Corsos are prone to joint problems. The most common issues for fawn Cane Corsos are hip and elbow dysplasia. These joint disorders can be screened for genetically, which greatly reduces the risk your dog will have these conditions, as long as you get your Corso from a reputable breeder. 

Eye Conditions 

Some eye conditions can be tested for as well. In addition to genetic testing, dogs with inheritable eye conditions shouldn’t be bred. 

The most common eye conditions that affect fawn Cane Corsos are entropion or ectropion. These are problems with the eyelid margin. These are caused by issues with the ligaments around the eye. 


Bloat is a life threatening condition. Any dog can develop bloat, but it is more common in large breeds, particularly those with a wide or barrel chest. 

Bloat occurs when the gas in the stomach can’t be released. As food digests, the gas continues to build. If not treated quickly, the stomach will twist due to the intense pressure.

Bloat can occur very quickly. Unfortunately, dogs who don’t get treatment may die within hours of developing symptoms.    

There’s no genetic test for bloat. In fact, experts still don’t fully understand the cause of the condition. 

Fawn Cane Corso Behavior/Characteristics

The fawn Cane Corso is stately, majestic, and protective. Their name means bodyguard in Latin, and this fits them very well. 

They are calm and cool. They are usually a bit reserved. However, they are highly protective of their owners. 

They are extremely loyal and actually make wonderful family dogs when properly trained. 

They are easy to train, and have a high need to please. Corsos are adaptable as well, and do relatively well with changes to their environment or routine. 

They are excellent with families. They tend to love everyone in the household. 

They are very alert. They may seem laid back, but you’ll notice that they pay attention to everything around them. 

Fawn Cane Corso Tempermant

The Cane Corso has a bad rap. They are often thought of as aggressive. This is probably due to their protective nature and intimidating appearance. 

However, in reality, they are gentle giants. They are very tolerant, and calm in new situations. 

They do very well on the American Temperament Test, which measures aggression and other factors. 88% of Corsos pass the test, compared to 85% of Golden Retrievers.

If Golden Retrievers are considered a calm breed great for families, the Corso must be as well, based on this test. 


Beyond breed characteristics, each Cane Corso has its own personality, just as different people do. It’s important to learn about your invidiual dog, as well as the breed as a whole. 

Some are more active than others, and love to play. Others are reserved and enjoy spending the majority of their time keeping a watchful eye on their family.  

How to care for a Fawn Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a working dog. This means that they require plenty of exercise, and they thrive when they have a job to do. They require a strong owner that can remain calm under pressure as well. 

Mental and Physical Exercise 

The Cane Corso requires at least one hour, and preferably two, of exercise each day. A brisk walk or run is a great form of exercise for them. 

They are highly intelligent, and require mental exercise as well as physical. Playing games with them, teaching them new tricks and commands, and setting up obstacle courses are a few ways to give them the mental stimulation they require. 

Give Them a Job 

A Cane Corso needs a job to do. This can be guarding and protecting you or your family, helping with farm tasks, or even learning new commands. 

What they do isn’t really important. What is important is that they have some type of job. They need to feel useful, and proud of the work they do. 


This is the most important aspect of owning a fawn Cane Corso. There are a few reasons for this. First, they are large dogs. If they want to do something, you’d be hard pressed to stop them physically. If they don’t want to, good luck getting this massive pooch to budge. 

So, they must be trained early and well, or they become very difficult to manage. 

The other, and most important reason for proper training is the Corsos protective tendency. Their protectiveness is one of the beautiful things about the breed. 

However, fi they aren’t taught what to protect and how to do so, they will make up their own mind. This can lead to unfortunate situations. They may see a threat and act on it, when the threat wasn’t really there. 


Socialization is also very important for the fawn Cane Corso. Again, their protective nature comes into play. If they are socialized well at an early age, they will understand that stranger doesn’t necessarily mean threat. 

In addition to introducing them to different people, they should also be introduced to other dogs. This will help them to get along well with them as they grow older. 

One way to socialize your Corso is with puppy playdates. This will allow them to meet new people and dogs. Just like humans, dogs can form friendships with each other. Dog parks are another way to socialize your Corso.  

Socialization doesn’t end after your Corso grows out of the puppy stage. It is essential to continue socializing them throughout their life. 

How do you buy a Fawn Cane Corso?

There are two ways you can buy a fawn Cane Corso. The first is to adopt a dog from a shelter or other organization. The second is to purchase a Corso from a reputable breeder. 

Adopting a Cane Corso 

 Adopting a Cane Corso allows you to provide a home to a Corso that may not find one otherwise. Most Corsos are adults by the time they find their way to a shelter. Puppies are more difficult to find. 

You can check your local shelter, but you may have a hard time finding a Cane Corso, let alone a fawn Corso. 

Another option is to contact Cane Corso Resuce, Inc. They specialize in fostering and adopting Cane Corsos. You can visit their website, or contact them at 814-68-CORSO

Purchasing a Cane Corso 

If you have your heart set on a fawn Cane Corso, particularly a fawn puppy, purchasing a Corso from a breeder is the easiest way to find them. 

However, you should be sure you are purchasing from a reputable breeder. You can begin the process by searching for Cane Corso breeders online. You can also check out Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA). They have a directory of breeders. 

Once you find one you are interested in, speak with them. Ask what they do to ensure the health of their puppies. You should also ask  about the parents of the puppy. 

If the puppies or parents are AKC registered, the breeder is likely reputable. Being a member of a Cane Corso club, like the Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA), is another sign that they are ethical breeders.