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Dog keeps pooping on carpet (why, suddenly, how to stop)

If you’ve noticed your dog has suddenly started to poop on your floors, it can be quite a shock. You may be wondering what caused this behavior, and more importantly, what to do about it!

Luckily, whether or not it has been a long or short-term habit, there are plenty of things you can do to help curb this behavior, leading to a cleaner and happier home for both you and your pup.

Why Does My Dog Keep Pooping on the Carpet?

While it may seem like a mystery to you, there are actually some pretty common reasons why dogs go #2 on the carpet:

They Like the Texture of the Carpet

Believe it or not, some dogs simply prefer the feel of carpet under their paws to going outside. This is known as substrate preference and happens when a dog gets used to a certain type of texture or material.

For example, if you trained your puppy to poop on a piece of carpet or something similar outside, it may associate that feeling with going to the bathroom and carry it over to your indoor carpeting.

There’s Something Wrong With Their Bathroom Spot

If you’ve recently moved or changed something about your dog’s designated potty spot, they may not be able to adjust right away. This could explain why they’re pooping on your carpet instead of outside or in their designated area.

An Animal Has Previously Defecated in the Area

If there has been an accident on the same spot of your carpet before and you didn’t fully clean it, your dog may be able to smell it. Dogs have a much better sense of smell than we do, so even if you can’t smell anything, they definitely can.

This scent signifies that this is a good spot to go to the bathroom, and they will continue to go there until the scent is fully gone.

It Isn’t Getting Enough Potty Breaks

If your dog needs to hold their business while you’re gone at work all day, it should be no surprise that they will need to go indoors at some point.

Some dogs may hold it as long as possible, while others may get comfortable with going in their crate or a designated area. However, if they aren’t given enough opportunities to go outside, they may start to think that it’s okay to relieve themselves indoors.

Your Dog Is Aging

As dogs get older, they may start to experience age-related incontinence. This means that they may not be able to hold their bladder or bowels as long as they used to and may start having accidents indoors.

Your Dog Is Experiencing Anxiety

Dogs may start pooping indoors as a result of separation anxiety or other forms of anxiety. This is because they become stressed when left alone and may need to go to the bathroom as a way to release some of the stress.

Your dog may also spray in the home, chew on things, or pace back and forth when left alone if they’re experiencing anxiety. If you see these symptoms as well, you can be sure that anxiety is the cause for the accidents.

It’s Experiencing Gastrointestinal Issues

Especially if your dog doesn’t normally go to the bathroom inside, there’s a good possibility that your dog is feeling sick. Uncontrolled bathroom breaks are usually associated with tummy troubles. Is the stool soft? Watery? Is there any blood or mucus present? These are all signs that your dog may have an infection or other gastrointestinal issues.

Your Dog Ate Something It Shouldn’t Have

Dogs love eating all sorts of things, especially things that they’re not supposed to. So it’s not surprising that this can lead to digestive issues and, as a result, accidents indoors.

You’ll be able to tell if this is the caused by the items in their stool or by any changes in their behavior. For example, if your dog ate a sock, you may be able to see the sock in their stool. Vomiting is another common symptom of a dog that has just eaten something beyond its dog food.

Your dog may have eaten something extremely toxic, so keep an eye on its symptoms and don’t hesitate to contact your vet for assistance.

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Pooping on the Carpet?

It’s one thing when your dog regularly has accidents on the carpet, but it’s another when it suddenly starts doing it out of the blue. If your dog has started pooping on the carpet all of a sudden, there are a few things that could be causing this behavior.

Firstly, ask yourself if you’ve changed your dog’s diet recently. This could be a new food, treats, or even table scraps. A sudden change in diet can sometimes cause stomach issues that lead to more accidents indoors.

You should also think about any changes in your dog’s routine. Have you started working longer hours? Are there any new people or pets in the home? Any of these things could be stressful for your dog and may cause them to have accidents indoors.

If you can’t think of anything that has changed in your dog’s life, it’s time to talk to your vet. There may be a medical reason for the sudden change in behavior, and your vet will be able to help you figure out what it is.

How to Get My Dog to Stop Pooping on the Carpet?

Here are a few ways you can get your dog to stop pooping on the carpet:

Increase Bathroom Breaks

Increase the number of times you take them out for a bathroom break. Try adding anywhere from 1 to 2 additional breaks each day and let your dog stay out a bit longer to make sure they can get their work done.

Close Your Dog Off From Certain Areas of the House

If your dog has been pooping in a specific area of the house, close them off from that area. This may mean using a baby gate or keeping them in their crate when you’re not home.

Use an Enzyme Cleaner

When accidents happen, it’s important to clean them up immediately. Be sure to clean them thoroughly and use a cleaner that contains enzymes. This will help to remove the odor and make it less likely for your dog to have accidents in that same spot again.

Give Your Dog More Exercise

If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, it may start to act out in other ways, including having accidents indoors. Make sure you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to run and play. This may mean going on longer walks or adding a few extra play sessions each day. You could also get them fun toys such as Kong toys or squeaky toys.

Try Doggy Diapers

If your dog is having trouble holding it in, you may want to try out doggy diapers. This will help to keep the area clean and will also absorb any accidents that may happen. You can find doggy diapers at most pet stores or online. This is a good quick fix when you’re in a hurry. Just make sure you change them regularly!