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Dog Ate Whole Himalayan Chew (What happens? What to do?)

If you’re looking for some good treats to give your dog, you should strongly consider picking up some dog chews. Aside from keeping your pet occupied, dog chews are also great for keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Dog chews can also stop your pet from nibbling on your furniture.

In recent years, Himalayan Chew has emerged as one of the more popular dog chews on the market. But is that treat completely safe for your pet? Find out what could happen if your dog eats a whole Himalayan Chew by reading on.

What Happens if a Dog Eats a Whole Himalayan Chew?

Before we discuss what could happen if your dog eats a whole Himalayan Chew, we first need to learn more about it.

Himalayan Chews are pieces of hard cheese that are specially manufactured for dogs to chew on. According to the manufacturers, their products do not contain any soy, gluten, grain, or corn. Even though they are pieces of cheese, the manufacturers also state that they do not contain any lactose.

Depending on where you get your Himalayan Chews, they may contain only cow’s milk or both cow’s milk and yak’s milk.

Pet owners purchase Himalayan Chews for their beloved dogs because those treats help keep teeth and gums healthy. However, that’s not the only reason why many pet owners have made the switch to Himalayan Chews.

Many pet parents also like the longevity of those products. Your dog will appreciate having something that they can chew on mindlessly for a while.

Himalayan Chews are also made from natural ingredients. Dogs won’t get sick from chewing them constantly.

Chewing on a piece of Himalayan Chew is not an issue. Eating a whole Himalayan Chew is a different matter altogether.

Detailed below are some of the things that could happen if your pet accidentally swallows a big chunk of Himalayan Chew.

The Himalayan Chew Gets Stuck in Your Dog’s Esophagus

By far, the worst thing that could happen if your dog eats Himalayan Chew is the treat getting stuck in their esophagus. If that happens, your dog will start choking.

You’ll be able to tell that your dog is choking if they start coughing or hacking continuously. They may also begin drooling because they cannot swallow their saliva.

During this time, your pet may also be rendered unable to breathe. In an effort to dislodge the piece of Himalayan Chew stuck in their throat, your dog may thrash about all over the place.

Your dog may lose consciousness because of the Himalayan Chew stuck in their throat. Be ready to take action as quickly as possible so you can save your pet if they ever end up in that kind of unfortunate situation.

The Himalayan Chew Causes an Internal Blockage

Despite its hard texture, Himalayan Chew is a type of treat that dogs should be able to digest properly. They may need a bit more time to digest a chunk of Himalayan Chew, but they should still pass it without much trouble.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t always process Himalayan Chew as intended.

A big piece of Himalayan Chew can hang around partially digested in your dog’s stomach for a while. That could then lead to a still somewhat solid piece of Himalayan Chew reaching the small intestine.

The real issues will emerge at that point.

A big piece of Himalayan Chew stuck in your dog’s belly can cause them significant amounts of discomfort. Your dog may also start vomiting because of that treat stuck in their small intestine. Watch out for potential dehydration if your dog is going through a spell of vomiting.

The Himalayan Chew Causes Dental Issues

Himalayan Chew is hard. That’s exactly what you want from that kind of product. Hard chews last longer so your dog will be able to use them more.

Of course, the hardness of the chew can also be a bad thing. If your dog was already suffering from dental issues, chomping down on the chew could exacerbate their troubles. They may chip a tooth or two after biting down on the chew.

The Himalayan Chew Does Not Harm Your Pet

There’s also a chance that eating the whole Himalayan Chew will not harm your pet in any meaningful way. They may appear uncomfortable for an hour or two, but that may be it. After that, they may appear back to normal.

That kind of thing could happen if your dog digests the Himalayan Chew quickly.

What to Do if My Dog Eats a Whole Himalayan Chew?

Did your dog somehow eat a whole Himalayan Chew? Don’t panic even if that happens. Simply follow the steps detailed below if you want to help your pet.

Bring Your Dog to the Veterinarian

If your dog is choking on the piece of Himalayan Chew, you must take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Your dog is likely not breathing properly because of the Himalayan Chew stuck in their throat and that can cause serious problems. Take your dog to the vet as soon as you can so the issue can be quickly addressed.

Let Your Dog Rest

Allowing your dog to rest is an option if they were able to swallow the Himalayan Chew. Your dog should be able to digest the treat eventually while resting and that will clear up the problem.

Don’t Give Your Dog Any Food

The Himalayan Chew inside your dog’s stomach must be digested properly before your pet can start feeling like normal again. To speed up that process, you should avoid giving your dog any food in the meantime. Do not offer your dog any food until they are back to normal.

If the problem persists after that, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

Feed Your Dog Some Mineral Oil

Feeding your dog some mineral oil may also help them digest the Himalayan Chew faster. Once inside your dog’s body, the mineral oil should help the pieces of Himalayan Chew move through their system faster. They may be able to poop out or digest the Himalayan Chew faster with the help of the mineral oil.