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Doberman Pitbull Mix – All You Need To Know

The Doberman Pitbull mix is best described as an intense mixed breed. They are charming, lively, and affectionate. They are a controversial breed, due to the reputation of their parents. However, you shouldn’t dismiss them before understanding the breed. 

History and Where the Doberman Pitbull Mix comes from

Image of a Pitbull Doberman Mix
Image of a Pitbull Doberman Mix

We don’t know when or where the Doberman Pitbul mix originated. This is the case for most designer dog breeds. A designer breed is a breed that is created by breeding two pure bred parents from different breeds. 

In this case, the parents are a Doberman Pinscher, and an American Pitbull Terrier. However, both parent breeds have a long rich history that can give us clues about the breed. 

Doberman Pinscher History 

The Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany during the late 1800s. They were created by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. He was a tax collector, and wanted a dog to protect him on his collection routes. 

His goal was to create a dog that was intimidating. The dog also needed to be aggressive or protective, to keep him safe in dangerous areas. 

Lucky for Dobermann, and Dobermann lovers, he ran a dog shelter. This meant he had access to many dog breeds.

It’s theorized that the Doberman is a mix of several breeds. These include Shepard dogs, greyhounds, rottweilers, and German Pinschers. The breed was first recognized in the U.S. by the American Kennel Club in 1908. 

Dobermans are well known for being a working dog. Their most prestigious job was finding and rescuing soldiers in both World Wars, and finding enemy locations. 

The Doberman worked in both World Wars, searching for and rescuing wounded soldiers and detecting enemy locations.

Pitbull History 

The Pitbull has a bloody and unfortunate history. They are descended from the English Bulldog. The Bulldog was once used for bull baiting. This blood sport involved the Bulldog bringing down a bull, which is where it gets its name. 

In 1835, Bull baiting was outlawed. Instead of giving up the sport, participants turned to ratting. Rats were placed in a pit with dogs. The dog who killed the most rats would win. 

This activity required dogs that were smaller and more agile. The English Bulldog was bred with Terriers, to create the Pitbull. The Pitbull was better suited to ratting, and so it became popular. Unfortunately, dog fighting also became popular during this time. Pitbulls were also used for this purpose. 

These blood sports eventually became illegal or unpopular. The Pitbull found other ways to earn their keep. They became farm dogs, guard dogs, and even “nanny dogs”. 

Their friendly personality and strong protective instinct made them great family pets, despite their bloody beginnings. Unfortunately, they still have an undeserved violent reputation. Dog fighting is illegal in the U.S., but it still occurs underground.  

Doberman Pitbull Mix Facts

Picture of a Pitbull Doberman Mix
Picture of a Pitbull Doberman Mix

The Doberman Pitbull mix has a few nicknames. They are known as the Dober Pit or Pit Pinscher. They are active and highly intelligent. They make excellent guard dogs, as well as pets.  

Doberman Pitbull Mix Appearance

When it comes to appearance, there’s a lot of variation in Dober Pits. This is because they tend to look more like one parent than the other, with features of both. 

It’s common for their head to resemble the Pitbull parent, with their body more similar to a Doberman. However, there are other possibilities as well.  

If they resemble the Doberman parent, you can expect them to have a wedge shaped head, almond shaped eyes, and small, erect ears. 

If they look more like a Pitbull, they will have a wide head, a broad muzzle, and larger floppy ears. 

When it comes to body type, both dogs are well muscled. Puppies are certain to have a strong, muscular body. Of course, their body type depends on which parent they resemble more. 

Both breeds have a broad chest, and a prominent ribcage. Pitbulls have a thick neck, and their hips are narrower than their rib cage. Dobermans have wider hips and very muscular loins. 

Coat and Colors 

 There are also a wide variety of potential colors for a Dober Pit.  A Doberman can be black, red, chocolate, red, blue, or white. The most common color is black with red or rust colored markings.  In fact, all colors except for solid black or white feature these markings. 

Pitbulls can be black, red, brown, blue, fawn, or white. They can also be brindle, bi-color, or tri-color. 

Pit Pinschers can be any of these colors, depending on their parents. They can inherit the color genes from either parent, or sport a mix of colors from their parents. 

Both breeds have a short coat, so you can expect the Dober Pit to have this coat as well. It’s generally dense, and can be glossy. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Price and Expenses

There’s a fairly large price range for Doberman Pitbull mixes. The common range is $500-$1,500. Generally, the price of Dobermans and Pitbulls in your area is a good starting point.

However, price varies based on several factors. Dobermans can be AKC registered. If the Doberman is registered, this may increase the price slightly. 

Puppies that are rare colors will typically be more expensive, because they are rare. 

Lastly, the bloodline can have a big impact on price. If one or both parents are from a prestigious bloodline, the price may exceed $1,500. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Rarity

The Doberman Pitbull mix is a new breed, which means it’s not common. However, both Dobermans and Pitbulls are very common, so Dober Pits are much more common than most designer dog breeds. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Life Expectancy

A Dober Pit can live for 10-14 years. They have a life expectancy similar to that of their parents. 

The Doberman Pinscher has a lifespan of 10-12 years. Pitbulls are longer lived, with a life expectancy of 12-16 years. The longest lived Pitbull was Max, who lived to be an astounding 26 years old. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Size and weight

Pinscher Pits have a fairly large size and weight variation. They typically grow to 22-28 inches tall, and weigh 35-80 pounds. This variation is due to the different sizes of their parents. 

Pitbulls grow to 17-21 inches tall, and weigh 30-60 pounds. Dobermans are larger. They can grow to 25-28 inches tall, and weigh 60-70 pounds. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Health

Mixed breeds like the Doberman Pitbull can be healthier than their purebred counterparts. This is because they have a larger gene pool, and some diseases can only be inherited if both parents are carriers.

However, there are other diseases that can be passed on from either parent. Dober Pits are considered a healthy breed, but they are at risk of a few health issues. 

Wobbler’s Syndrome

Wobbler’s syndrome is a problem in the cervical spine, or neck. The spinal cord becomes compressed, which causes nervous system issues or neck pain. 

Doberman Pinschers are the breed most affected, with 50% of Wobbler’s Syndrome cases occurring in this breed. Dober Pits are also at a risk of this disease. 

The most common sign of the disease is incoordination that begins in the rear legs, and progresses to the front legs. This causes an unsteady gait or difficulty walking, which is how the condition gets its name.


Dobermans are also at a higher risk of cardiomyopathy. This disease interferes with the heart’s ability to contract. This can lead to congestive heart failure. Unfortunately, it can also cause sudden death in adult Dobermans. 

Hip Dysplasia

Both parent breeds are at higher risk of hip dysplasia. This causes the ligaments around the hips to be too loose. This leads to pain, and loss of range of motion. 


Bloat can occur in any dog. However, large or barrel chested breeds, like Dobermans, are at a higher risk. Bloat occurs when gas can’t be released from the stomach. 

As food digests, more gas develops. This causes the pressure to increase. If not treated, it can cause the stomach to twist, which is often fatal. 

The signs of bloat include severe pain, stomach swelling, and inability to pass gas, pee, or poop. Dogs with bloat will often gag or retch, without productive vomiting. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Behavior/Characteristics/Temperament

The Doberman Pitbull mix is actually very loving and affectionate. This is one of the first things people notice about the breed. They are also very intelligent.

They inherit the Pitbulls flair for drama. They may perform antics in order to get your attention, which can be absolutely adorable.  

They are extremely loyal, and will do anything for their owners. However, they have a stubborn streak that makes them a handful to handle, if they don’t have a strong owner. 

Doberman Pitbull Aggressiveness 

Both Dobermans and Pitbulls have some aggressive tendencies. However, this is almost always directed towards other animals. It may also be directed at strangers. 

It’s important to remember that these parent breeds were bred for aggressiveness in some situations. However, they were also bred to not be aggressive towards humans, or at least their owners.

What would the purpose be of having a guard dog, or even a fighting dog, that’s likely to attack you? Dogs who were predisposed to attacking their owners were eliminated, rather than bred. 

The American Temperament Test measures friendliness, aggressiveness, and other aspects of temperament. Individual dogs are tested, and the results are used to make observations about the breed as a whole. 

Pitbulls do very well on the test, with 86% of the breed passing the test. This is even better than German Shepherds, who pass the test 85% of the time. 

Dobermans don’t do quite as well. 79% of them pass the test. However, they are far from the worst when it comes to the test. Only 70% of chihuahas passed, and 71% of Shar Pei’s passed the test. 

It’s easy to see how reputation doesn’t always line up with reality. After all, no one fears bringing a Chihuahua into their home because it’s known as an aggressive breed. Even though they are one of the most aggressive breeds around today. 

The Dober Pit can be expected to have a temperament similar to its parents. This means it’s no more likely to be aggressive than the average dog breed, and less likely than some common breeds.  

How to care for a Doberman Pitbull Mix

Doberman Pitbulls are excellent pets, but they do require care. Before you choose to bring a Dober Pit into the family, you should understand how to care for them. 

How much exercise do Doberman Pitbull Mixes need?

Both Dobermans and Pitbulls need at least 1 hour of exercise each day, with two hours of activity being ideal. Pitbulls can have less stamina, but both breeds are energetic. 

Walks, runs, and swimming are a great way to give your pooch exercise. 

In addition, they need mental exercise. Both breeds are intelligent, so they need plenty of mental stimulation. You can provide this by teaching them new commands or playing games with them. Puzzle toys and even dog friendly TV shows are also options for times when you can’t play with them. 

Without enough both physical and mental exercise, the Dober Pit may become bored and destructive. 

Do Doberman Pitbull Mixes shed a lot?

Both Dobermans and Pitbulls shed moderately all year round. You won’t notice them shedding a large amount of hair, but they will shed a bit all year. 

You can expect your Pit Pinscher to shed moderately as well. 

Do you need to groom Doberman Pitbull mixes often?

No, Doberman Pitbulls don’t require a lot of grooming. You’ll need to brush their hair at least once, preferably twice, a week. This will remove the dirt from their hair, as well as minimize shedding. 

They will need an occasional bath. Usually, once a month is enough. They may inherit sensitive skin from their Pit parent, so it’s best to use products designed for sensitive skin.  

Do you need to train Doberman Pitbull Mixes a lot?

It’s essential to train a Dober Pit very well. Training should begin early. Both breeds are highly protective, so you’ll need to begin training and socializing them early. 

Training is more important with larger dogs, because they have a lot of physical strength. Simple things like jumping on you in excitement become problematic when the dog is a large breed. This is particularly true for young children and elderly family members. 

Their energy level is another reason to train them well. If they aren’t trained, they may chew on things or bark excessively. 

In addition to introducing them to people, you’ll need to introduce them to dogs and other pets you may have in the home. 

Both breeds are known to have a high prey drive. They are prone to chasing, or even attacking, other animals. Proper socialization and training can prevent this issue. 

It’s important to note that both parent breeds are intelligent. Pitbulls are particularly inclined to please their owners, and will happily perform for a treat or praise. Dobermans are also motivated by positive rewards. 

However, both breeds can have a stubborn streak if authority isn’t established early on. You’ll need to be firm but calm, and assert your status as alpha of the pack. 

Doberman Pitbull Mix Diet

Diet is important for a Pinscher Pit. They have a lot of muscle mass and energy, so they will need plenty of high quality food. 

Puppies should be fed a high quality puppy food three times a day. After they reach one year old, you can transition them to adult dog food. You should feed them twice a day as adults. 

It’s best to choose a food that is high in protein, or designed for large or active breeds. 

Free feeding them isn’t recommended, because they tend to over eat when allowed. Be sure that you are feeding them the correct amount, based on their weight. 

Are Doberman Pitbull Mixes good family pets?

At first glance, you may assume that a Doberman Pitbull isn’t a great choice for a family pet. However, their aggressive reputation isn’t really deserved. 

Both parent breeds can be aggressive towards pets or strangers. However, both are extremely loyal to their family. 

They will view children as members of their pack, and will protect them at all costs. Their guard dog tendencies make them excellent protectors of children as well. 

Their energy level also makes them a great choice for families. Children have boundless energy, and a Dober Pit is an excellent, surprisingly gentle, playmate. 

Lastly, they are great for families because they need lots of companionship. Neither parent breed does well with being left alone for long periods. This is true for the Dober Pit as well. More family members mean more people to interact with the pooch and keep them company. 

Dober Pits and Young Children 

There are a few caveats when it comes to very young family members. Since they are medium to large energetic dogs, they may not be the best choice if you have very young children or toddlers.

Of course, children at this age shouldn’t be unsupervised with any dog, to avoid potential accidents. 

They have a strong prey drive. Toddlers are smaller creatures, and may often run or shriek, similar to the dogs’ prey. Don’t worry, they won’t attack your toddler out of instinct. 

However, they may chase them, and even nip at them playfully. This is unlikely to cause any harm, but it is possible for them to knock down a youngster, or scare them when they nip. 

The good news is that Dober Pits are incredibly tolerant. You won’t have to worry about them snapping because your toddler is pulling their tail. 

How do you buy a Doberman Pitbull Mix?

You have two options when it comes to buying a Pinscher Pit. You can adopt, or purchase one from a breeder. 

Adopting a Pinscher Pit 

Dobermans and Pitbulls are common in shelters for several reasons. They both require plenty of exercise, and they have a reputation for being aggressive. Some areas or housing developments don’t allow these breeds, which can lead owners to have to surrender them. 

Dober Pits are a relatively new breed, so they aren’t all that common. However, the commonness of these two breeds in shelters means that it’s easier to find a Dober Pit than most designer breeds. 

In addition to checking your local shelter, you can check organizations devoted to one of the parent breeds. Pitbull Rescue Central is one option. You can also check out the Doberman Pinscher Club of America‘s directory, or the AKC’s rescue registry. These sites feature a lengthy directory of rescue organizations devoted to the parent breeds. 

Purchasing a Dober Pit

The easiest way to find a Dober Pit, particularly a puppy, is to purchase one from a breeder. You should keep in mind that not all breeders are ethical, so you’ll need to make sure they are reputable before choosing a breeder. 

You can find a Doberman Pitbull by performing a Google search. You can also check the AKC’s breeder registry. They list Doberman Pinscher breeders, which may also breed Dober Pits. 

This also allows you to purchase a Dober Pit with a registered Doberman parent. Generally, breeders who register their dogs are ethical, because the AKC has high standards. 

However, Dober Pits can’t be registered, because the AKC doesn’t register Pitbulls or mixed breeds. 

There are many ethical breeders who don’t register their dogs. You’ll just need to use a bit more caution. 

Ask the breeder how they ensure the health of the puppies. Are the parents genetically tested? Do the puppies have a health certificate from the vet? 

Another clue is the breeder’s focus. Breeders who focus on appearance usually don’t concern themselves with the health and temperament of the parents. 

A reputable breeder may also breed for a certain color, but they put the health and temperament of their dogs first. They will not breed a dog that has a bad temperament or health issues, regardless of color . 

The last way to determine if the breeder is ethical is to visit the dog’s home. If the dogs and puppies have good living conditions, the breeder is likely ethical.