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Do dogs like getting their haircut?

Do dogs like getting their haircut?

Dogs need to be groomed to look great and stay healthy. Some dogs only require a quick trim, while others need to have a full haircut. You might be wondering if your dog loves to go and get a haircut. Since there are no two dogs alike, the answer will depend on your pup’s temperament. Here are a few things that you should know about dogs and haircuts. 

Do Dogs Like Getting Their Haircut?

Not all dogs will act in the same way. Some dogs love to head off for a grooming session, and others will get anxious. For the most part, many dogs do like getting their haircut. A haircut or shave can take some of that hot hair off the dog’s body if you live in a warm climate. Your dog will be cooler without a heavy coat of fur. 

There are times when your pooch could have matted hair near the ears or feet. When he goes to the groomers, these professionals will be able to cut off those matted spots. With that, the dog has more freedom to move around, and there are no issues with the fur pulling on your dog’s skin. 

Some dogs do love the pampering process. They get plenty of attention at the groomer as they are bathed, brushed, and groomed. It would be the same as if you went to a salon or barber for a haircut. 

However, some dogs just don’t care. These happily-go-lucky pups would be happy in any atmosphere. They might not even mind that someone is giving them a trim. They go to the groomer and come out without really caring about the haircut. 

There are other dogs who pick up on cues from their owners. Remember that many dogs can read the emotions of their owners by the way that their humans speak. If you are really happy about taking your dog to the groomer, then your dog will pick up on those feelings and feel excited as well. 

Depending on a dog’s temperament, there are several answers to whether or not the dog likes to have a haircut. 

Are Dogs Happier After a Haircut?

Once again, this answer all depends on the dog’s temperament. If your dog has a coat that hasn’t been groomed in a while, then she could feel happier after getting a haircut. 

Dogs will react differently to a trip to the groomer. Some love to get in the car and go for an “adventure.” Other dogs might be a little hesitant to visit an unfamiliar place. 

Grooming can help your dog feel a little better. In some cases, the hair could be in the eyes of the dog. After a quick haircut, the pup might feel happier because he now has a full field of vision. 

There are times when the hair can mat up in sensitive areas of the dog. When the dog moves around, all that hair can feel uncomfortable. Once the dog comes back from the groomer, she might feel happier than before the visit. 

Over time, some dogs’ attitudes can change about a visit for a haircut. If the dog wasn’t acclimated with a trip to the groomers, then she could feel nervous before a haircut. Even dogs who seem happy after a cut might change their minds as they get older. 

Some dogs just don’t understand the haircut process. They might get really excited about having someone shower them with attention. After your dog comes home, you might notice a case of the “zoomies.” This might not be a sign of happiness, but rather the dog wants to get their scent back on the coat. 

Remember, many dogs will have a bath before the haircut. That session often washes away the dog’s unique scent. Dogs identify many things by smell. When that scent is gone, they have to try to reapply it. That is why you may notice your dog running and rolling around your house. She is trying to put that scent back on her coat. 

Do Dogs Feel Better After Haircuts?

It can be hard to tell whether a dog feels better after a haircut. If the hair was the source of rashes or other skin irritants, then your dog could feel better after that hair has been removed. 

Sometimes the process before a haircut is soothing for some pups. Itchy skin is often treated with shampoos that have oatmeal as an ingredient. When that is worked into the dog’s skin, it can bring some relief. 

In other cases, the pup’s coat might be heavy for her. Some dogs can grow very long coats of hair. If you don’t get them trimmed, it can be uncomfortable for your furry pal. 

Once your dog does go to the groomer, she can have a quick haircut to remove some of that overgrown hair. With that, the dog can move easily around your home, and that could bring some happiness to your pooch. You might even notice a little pep in your dog’s step. 

However, remember that humans often love to project their emotions on their pets. If your dog senses that you are happy, then he might try to mimic your emotions. 

Do Dogs Get Sad After Haircuts?

Unfortunately, some dogs do get sad after a haircut. This sadness is more likely stress. There are a lot of reasons why a dog can act sad after a trip to the groomer. In some situations, your dog might not be used to visiting a strange place. Many dogs will look sad after their first haircut. 

With that, they just don’t understand what happened. They could feel weird about having a stranger cut their hair or just feel different with less hair on their bodies. When you get a haircut, you have probably experienced a time when you miss some of that hair. Dogs can feel the same way after a grooming visit. 

Some dogs will get sad because they feel powerless in the situation. Remember, you are making a choice to take her to the groomer. She might give you a “sad face” for a few days because the experience was uncomfortable for her.

Dogs might look sad after a haircut because they were hurt in the process. Unfortunately, some dogs are very energetic, and that leads to fidgeting. When that happens, your pup could end up with a cut or nick from the groomer. 

However, many groomers have some aids in place to calm your dog. Before you drop your dog off, ask about how they will calm down your pooch. You don’t want to leave your dog in a muzzle or other restraint that can traumatize them. When that happens, your dog will look sad after coming back from a haircut. 

Some dogs will get upset after the grooming process. But this will depend on your dog’s personality. If your dog had a bad experience in the past, they could feel hesitant to do any grooming. For most dogs, a haircut is an enjoyable experience. Once they get over the initial nerves, a haircut can be a positive adventure. 

How To Calm a Dog After a Haircut?

Some dogs will happily follow you out to your car, but others might have a full-blown panic attack after a haircut. If your dog is extremely nervous after a haircut, find out why. There might have been an incident that led to your dog’s panic. You might want to leave the dog alone for a few hours after the haircut. Your dog needs to adjust to the new feeling on his body.

In many situations, you should work with your dog before heading off to the groomer. Some dogs’ anxiety is caused by being handled by an unfamiliar person. 

Haircuts can occur in sensitive areas, like the eyes, rear, tail, paws, groin, and muzzle. Try to get your dog used to getting touched in those spots, so there are no problems at the groomer. Always go slowly with your dog and reward good behavior with positive reinforcement. Once your dog is calm and desensitized to stressful situations, it can lead to better visits. 

Car rides can be stressful for your dog. In many cases, these trips can provoke some anxiety. You need to counter some of those negative emotions. 

Use reinforcements to have a positive experience of riding in the car. Some dogs might even have a bout of motion sickness. That can also lead to anxiety after a haircut. You should talk to your veterinarian to find a solution for those anxious car riders. 

Even the best dogs will be a little anxious after a haircut.  If your dog is looking particularly stressed, take some time to get their mind off the cut. 

You could play with your dog or offer a treat. It is vital to make a haircut a positive experience. When your dog associates a trip to the groomer with treats or toys, she’ll be happier during the process. 

Just like humans, dogs are unique individuals. Some will be happy for a haircut, while others might look sad for a day. Whatever you do, make the experience a positive one for your pooch.