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Do dogs know they are cute?

Do dogs know they are cute?

Dogs are among the most popular pets in every household. In fact, most dog owners consider them as part of the family. They are great company and with good instincts and can cheer your mood instantly.

Do Dogs Know They Are Cute?

You may have noticed some expressions from your dog. Maybe it was the big and expressive eyes looking at you in a kind way or the laid-back ears. Or perhaps it was all those expressions tied together that made you pet it, give it a treat or stop reprimanding it. This is what most people call acting cute. It often happens if the dog knows it has done something wrong or wants you to give it something.

However, does the dog know it is cute? Although research is yet to prove whether the dog knows this, some people believe that those expressions may be your dog’s attempt to manipulate you.

Do Dogs Manipulate People?

For many years, dogs and humans have coexisted, but the exact circumstances of how that came to happen are still unknown. However, it is believed that dogs self-domesticate as a survival means to get food instead of hunting. Even to date, dogs still rely on humans for survival, with most of them adding cute facial expressions to work in their favor.

A study found that these expressions were more common when a human was paying attention to a dog. This study was done to measure whether a dog gets affected by food or its owners’ emotional state and attention. The result showed that as much as food elicited excitement from the dog, there were also fewer facial expressions compared to when a human was paying attention to them.

Another thing noted is that some dog facial expressions like raising eyebrows result in a higher chance of a dog being adopted in dog shelters.

What Do Dog Expressions Mean?

Some of the expressions we consider cute may have more logical meanings behind them.  Since dogs use body language to communicate their needs, some of the expressions we assume are signs of affection may mean something else to the dog. These expressions include raised eyebrows, smiling, and quizzical head tilts.

When a dog scrunches its nose, showing its front teeth, humans consider it a “smile.” However, this is a sign of submission among dog packs like wolves. This explains why the expression may be common when you are scolding a dog, or it wants a treat. Another expression humans consider cute is the head tilt. The dog will twist its neck so that the head tilts on one side with an ear pointed to the sky. You may have noticed this when you ask the dog whether it wants to go for a walk. While humans assume the dog is trying to understand what you are asking, the dog could actually be trying to hear you better.

Why Are Dogs Cute?

With their big eyes, large round heads, floppy ears, and soft fur, it is hard not to find a dog cute. They simply appeal to humans. Also, their behavior is endearing, especially the nuzzling noses, clumsy movement, and wagging tails. If you look at these behaviors, they are cute, and you will find them in babies, apart from the wagging tail, of course.

And often, babies can make you feel mushy inside. In fact, if you look at photos of a puppy and pictures of babies, your brain will respond the exact way by filling your body with feel-good chemicals. This explains why most people search for dog images online. That is because these chemicals put you in a good mood and make you feel loving and protective.

Why Do We Find Our Dogs The Cutest?

In general, people consider all dogs cute. Naturally, humans will consider the dogs they own the cutest, since they become part of the family after getting them. You name it, wash it often, feed it, celebrate its birthdays, and even take photos like any proud parent would.

All these things help you develop a strong bond with your pet, and that is why you will find it cuter than other dogs out there. As much as dogs have been looking attractive for a long time, humans are also deliberately breeding them to look even more enchanting. Today, breeds like Pomeranian, Cavachon, and Cockapoo are some of the breeds considered cute with their teddy bear appearance.

Are Puppies Cuter Than Adult Dogs?

Some traits in puppies like big eyes, big heads that are disproportionate to the body, and big ears and feet make puppies look attractive. From around seven to eight weeks is when a puppy starts looking all cute and fluffy.

Conveniently enough, this is when the puppies’ mother starts getting tired of breastfeeding them and taking care of them and is about to kick them out of the den. This works in favor of the dogs, considering how most people prefer adopting dogs when they are still puppies.

Should You Adopt/ Get a Puppy or An Older Dog

When getting or adopting a dog, most people often wonder which one to go for. Outlined below are the pros and cons of both that will make it easy for you to decide.

Pros of getting an older dog

  • They have already gone through the messy puppy phase.
  • Has already been trained to know commands
  • Save the first year of veterinary costs associated with having a puppy
  • Learn about a dog’s health history before getting it and decide if you still want it.

Cons of an older dog

  • Spend a significant amount of money on the dog’s health, especially on dental care
  • You may miss the window to bond with the dog
  • You may not have many years with the dog, depending on its age.
  • There is a possibility it may not be well trained, and you will have to spend time training it again.

Pros of getting a puppy

  • They are cute, cuddly, and fluffy.
  • You can raise them as you want.
  • It makes good practice when prepping to get kids

Cons of getting a puppy

  • They are messy, biting and swallowing everything in their path.
  • Pay little attention to your voice unless it is sharp and distinct.
  • They can hardly control their bladder, especially during the day.

In the end, the choice is yours of which age to adopt, but the fact stands, the cuteness of a dog hardly fades.

Does My Dog Act Cute on Purpose?

A study found that domesticated dogs use various facial expressions on their owners. That is even when it is not feeding time, which is often accompanied by excitement. Those expressions made by dogs depend on the attention they get from their owners.

It is more than the dog being excited. Your dog is intentionally responding to your gaze. You may also notice that it lits up when it catches your scent.

Do Dogs Give Puppy Eyes on Purpose?

The puppy dog eyes expression used by humans as a sad expression may actually not be what your dog is trying to tell you. It is a clever tactic for a dog to get affection and attention. The raised brows and enlargening of the eyes work wonders in getting the attention of any dog owner.

A dog is sensitive to attention from its owner, and those expressions are an attempt to communicate rather than a display of involuntary emotion.  

Do Dogs Find Humans Cute?

Dogs do many actions to humans, including occupying your laps, taking your blankets, and smacking their legs, making them appear adorable and playful. However, as they do these acts, what are they really thinking?

Are these actions cute because we believe so, or are there other reasons? It can be hard to tell what is going on inside the head of your dog. But thanks to neuroimaging research, understanding your pet may not be so hard after all.

What Dogs Think of Their Human Friends

Compared to other dog species, your dog depends on you for things like food, love, and security. You can therefore be sure that your dog loves you back. Apart from that, they are dedicated to humans. If a dog is lying somewhere and the owner passes by, you will notice it responds by lifting its head. That is because it depends majorly on its sense of smell. Catching a whiff of the owner’s scents, therefore, elicits some excitement from it.

Do Dogs Know You are Human?

There is a good chance you have wondered whether your dog can point out the differences between you two. Your dog knows that you are not a dog, which is majorly because of how you smell. A dog has a much better sense of smell than a human. Its sense of smell can be about 100,000 times better than yours.

Have you noticed how a dog can meet another dog in the park and start sniffing it? This is not to say hi, but it is a way of sniffing out information. Therefore, by scent alone, your dog knows that it is interacting with a different species. However, even with that, it still considers you family.

Do Dogs Know They are Loved?

One thing that all dog lovers enjoy is showering their pets with treats, snuggles, and toys. As it turns out, your dog can feel this affection and can tell you care about it. When you look at your dog, both your oxytocin levels are likely to go up, which warms both of you.

How To Show a Dog You Love Them?

You can show your dog you love it by:

  • Leaning on them
  • Rubbing their years
  • Gazing into their eyes gently
  • Having fun together
  • snuggling

Can Dogs Feel When You Kiss Them?

Kisses are a way to show affection among humans. However, dog owners love kissing their dogs as well. And yes, your dog can feel the kiss. That is why it will jump up and down and try to lick you after you kiss it. They can tell that it is a good sign. At times, a dog may look you in the eye as you kiss it. This is a sign that they trust you as they receive this form of affection.

When you kiss a puppy, there may not be any signs of recognizing what the kiss means. That is because they are yet to associate kisses with affection.  However, as they grow, they pick up signs of affection and react by either jumping up and down or licking your back. Some dogs will nuzzle up to you as well.

Signs Your Dogs Like Kisses

  • Head Tilting
  • Tail wagging
  • Alert
  • Licking

Can Dogs Pick a Favorite Person?

Dogs can pick a favorite family member based on things like socialization, attention, affection, association. If a dog feels that one person gives them more affection or associates them with treats, they will probably like them more.