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Do dogs get tired after grooming?

Do dogs get tired after grooming?

Grooming can be very beneficial for your dog. However, the experience might not go so smoothly for him. It is not uncommon for your pup to act differently after a visit to a groomer. Here are a few things you should know about dogs’ behavior after a trip to the grooming salon. 

Do Dogs Get Tired After Grooming?

After your pup has come home from the groomer, you might notice that she is tired. There are several reasons for the sudden sleepiness. In many cases, the dog is just exhausted from the experience. 

Some dogs can get very anxious during a visit to the groomer. They might be fidgeting or barking the entire time. All that energy is expelled, and your puppy is tired after she comes home. 

However, stress can lead to your dog’s tiredness. If your dog has not experienced a visit to the groomer, he may have been trembling. Dogs can get stressed in many different ways, especially when it is a new encounter. 

Sometimes, it is not the trip to the groomer, but the car ride can make your dog feel a bit tired. All that rocking in the seat is a sensation that makes your dog ready for a nap. 

On the other hand, the time of the grooming session could also be the reason for a tired dog. If your dog doesn’t get up early, a morning appointment could affect how she feels after a haircut. 

In many cases, you want to leave your dog alone for a bit. It is fine to let him “recover” from the experience. After an hour or two, you will notice that your dog is back to his old self. 

Is Grooming Exhausting for Dogs?

Some dogs do find the grooming experience to be exhausting. However, this is often because the dog was stressed during the visit. Many dogs are just too anxious to sit still. They feel the need to bark and whine until the bath and cut are finished. 

Other dogs can panic when they are in a space that is unfamiliar to them. With that, your pup could try to “escape” by wrangling out of a bathtub or cage. 

If your dog is extremely fidgety after a visit to the groomer, there could be a few other reasons. Some groomers will spray calming smells in the grooming areas. While all of them are not harmful to your dog, those smells can put your pup in a relaxed state. You might notice that your dog is a little calmer when she reaches the car. 

There are times when dogs just don’t want to be handled. In those situations, the dog can stress out during the experience. With that, your dog will return home and be ready for a nap. 

Stress can be exhausting. If your dog seems tired after a trip to the groomer, just give him a little time to readjust to normal life. Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand that these trips are necessary for a happy and healthy life. 

Is It Normal for a Dog To Be Tired After Grooming?

Think about how you feel about a trip to the salon. All those relaxing scents can put you in the mood for a nap. Your dog just spent time getting pampered; she is probably ready to curl up in her favorite space for a snooze. It is entirely normal for a dog to be tired after grooming. 

The whole process of grooming is relaxing for your pup. First, your dog takes a bath. The warm water and nice massage can make your dog tired. Plus, some groomers use shampoos with scents that can be soothing. All of these factors can make your dog tired after this experience. 

Make sure that no sedatives were used on your dog. Most professional groomers will ask for your permission before using them. However, some people will go ahead and give your dog sedatives, especially if the pooch starts to get too anxious. 

If you have given permission for these calming aids to be used, then it is normal for the dog to be tired after grooming. Your dog just needs a few hours to sleep off the medicine. After that, he should be up and ready to play. 

If your dog is not used to being handled by strangers, then nerves can play a role in the tiredness of your pup. You can counteract this by making the visit a positive experience. Take time to work with your dog. You can try to desensitize her to these experiences. Once you do that, you might notice that your dog is not too tired after a trip to the groomer. 

However, if your dog is acting weird, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Always monitor your dog after a grooming trip. If you notice that something is not right, it could be time to visit the veterinarian.

Do Dogs Get Embarrassed When They Get a Haircut?

Many people give human emotions to their pets. After a haircut, you might notice that your dog is hiding. You could associate that with embarrassment. In most cases, the dog needs to get used to the new sensation. Heavy hair can make a dog feel hot. When that coat is cut or shaved, then your dog just might not feel like himself. 

While bows might look cute to you, they can feel uncomfortable for your pooch. You can always take a photo but think about removing any accessories for your puppy’s coat. 

Some dogs just don’t like the extra attention that they receive from the groomer. Like people, dogs have different personalities. Some are outgoing, while others are shy. Your dog could be “embarrassed” by all of the strangers. When she gets home, she might try to run and hide. 

You also have to remember that dogs are creatures of habit. A long coat might have been normal for your pup. After the coat is cut, your dog will need time to get used to the new style. 

The same can go for those dogs with trimmed hair around their faces. It is not that your dog feels a sense of embarrassment; he just needs time to adjust to these new feelings on the body. 

Why Is My Dog Uncomfortable After Grooming?

It is completely normal for your dog to act differently after a trip to the groomer. Your dog might have extra energy and run around the home. In some cases, the pup will hide for a few minutes. All of these behaviors are common. There are times when your puppy might even seem uncomfortable. 

Some groomers will cut your dog’s hair and expel any anal glands near the tail. While this process is not usually painful, it can lead to your dog’s bad experience. Other dogs might have had their ears cleaned and nails trimmed. With that, they might act uncomfortable if the groomer was too rough with them. 

Most professional groomers understand how to handle fidgety dogs. If your furry pal is acting very uncomfortable, it might be time to investigate. You can always run your hands around the dog’s body. With this motion, check for signs of cuts or nicks. 

A good groomer will alert you to any problems during the visit. If you spot something, make sure to have a talk with your groomer. In many situations, a dog acting uncomfortable after a groom is not a big deal. However, you should monitor your dog for a few days. If she is acting awkward, it could be time to visit the veterinarian. 

Why Is My Dog Acting Strangely After Grooming?

If your dog’s behavior has changed after a trip to the groomers, it is often not a big deal. However, if that strange behavior occurs over a few days, you need to find out why. 

After grooming, some dogs have skin irritation. This can happen when the pup has a problem with matting. Some groomers will shave off that hair, leaving behind a razor burn. If your dog is nervous, then the sound of a razor can cause him to become anxious. That can lead to nicks or cuts on the skin. Any of these issues often cause skin irritation. 

In many cases, the irritation clears up in a few days. You can even use an ointment to soothe the inflammation. Some groomers might even send your dog home with a free sample of cream or shampoo to alleviate the problem.

Unfortunately, a dog acting strangely for a few days could be a sign of a serious issue. You might want to ask the groomer if there were any problems during the visit. 

If the dog needed a restraint, was it too tight and caused an injury? Some dogs might try to escape from the cage or bathing area. With that, your dog could have slipped and hurt a paw. 

A professional groomer will be completely upfront with you. In fact, you shouldn’t even have to call them to ask about your dog. All incidents are usually reported to the owner if something happens during the visit. If your groomer does not have an open line of communication, it could be time to find another one. 

Finally, impacted anal glands are big problems for dogs. They must be squeezed out by a professional. If these areas were not handled properly, your pup could have an infection. With that, your dog will act strange. When you notice changes in your dog’s behavior, it is always a good idea to reach out to a veterinarian. 

Grooming can be quite the experience for your dog. In many cases, your dog might act weird for a few hours and then return to her normal personality.