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Cocker Spaniel PitBull Mix: Facts, Details, Pictures

The cocker spaniel pit bull mix is also known as the cocker pit or the pit bull cocker, and these puppies are a combination of both parent breeds. They show characteristics from both the pit bull and cocker spaniel genes. Although mixed breeding was an accident, the species has become more prevalent in recent years.

The cocker spaniel pit bull mix is a mixed breed dog. This dog breed shows characteristics from both parent breeds and has a diverse personality. In addition, they are family dogs, tend to be more active, and need daily exercise. The cocker pit can also show aggression sometimes.

When you want to add a new addition to your family, you want to pick the right one. You want a lovable dog that connects well with your children. A friendly and active dog will keep your children busy, and they will learn to love the new addition to the family. The cocker spaniel pit bull mix might be what you want in a dog.

Appearance Of A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix?

The cocker spaniel pit bull mix has characteristics from both parental breeds. However, they can also have more traits from one parent. The pit bull genes can give the dog a muscular, solid figure, and the cocker spaniel genes give their body a more athletic look. The most often result of this mixed breed is a rounded and broad-shaped head with a well-defined muzzle.

As the dog has more than one breed, you can only sometimes determine how it will look. These dogs can have a smooth coat like the pit bull or a wavy coat like the cocker spaniel. The coat colors can also include black, brown, golden, and white. A rare color that can sometimes occur is grey and blueish color, mainly from the pit bull side of the breed.

Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix
Pitbull cocker spaniel mix

What Is The Lifespan Of A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix?

Their lifespan is relatively long as both the cocker spaniel and the pit bull have a long life expectancy. The average life expectancy of the cocker spaniel pit bull mix is between 12 and 16 years. The cocker pit will likely inherit the long lifespan of the parent breeds. However, diet, genetics, environment, and exercise can affect a dog’s life span.

If your dog has a low-quality diet, it will develop health problems. A cocker spaniel pit bull mix that lives in a suburban area and gets little exercise will have a shorter lifespan. However, one who lives on a farm and runs the entire day freely will have a longer lifespan. It’s similar to the diet as well. When your dog eats a well-balanced diet, it will live longer and have fewer health issues.

Size And Weight Of A Coker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

A cocker spaniel pit bull mix weighs between 25 and 55 pounds. The cocker spaniel weighs approximately 20 to 30 pounds and the pit bull 30 to 60 pounds. Thus the cocker pit is right in between the breeds. The height of the pit bull is between 17 and 21 inches, and the cocker spaniel is roughly 14 to 17 inches. So the cocker pit has an average height of between 15 and 20 inches.

Common Health Issues Of A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

The cocker pit shares many of the same health issues the pit bull and the spaniel have. It could be a problem, as combining the two breeds can cause more severe health issues. One of the common health issues in cocker pit is hip issues. Since the breed is petite and muscular, their body weight can significantly strain their smaller legs and cause even worse hip and joint problems.

The ideal course of action would be for you to consider the health difficulties that particular breeds may have. Both pit bulls and cocker spaniels are prone to ear infections, so the cocker pit is also at high risk for them. In addition, allergies are also a thing they are sensitive to, including food types and environmental elements.

Hypothyroidism is another health risk for dogs. The Thyroid gland helps produce the hormones that regulate the dog’s metabolism. When your dog has Hypothyroidism, the Thyroid gland doesn’t make the hormones well enough, which can lead to other issues, such as weight gain and hair loss.

Eye problems can also develop in cocker spaniel pit bull mixes. As well as skin infections, it would help if you looked for any cuts or wound on your dog. Another health issue for these dogs is kneecap luxation. Kneecap luxation is when their kneecaps dislocate or displace. You can identify this by looking if your dog is walking abnormally or skipping steps.

Heart disease is common for most dog breeds as they age. They can develop a few types of heart disease, including Pulmonic Stenosis and Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Epilepsy is also a significant health issue for most dog breeds. There is no way to prevent this or cure them, but you can get medication from the veterinarian to help your dog with these issues.

Temperament Of A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

Many people wonder about the temperament of the cocker spaniel pit bull mix. Pit bulls can be aggressive, so some people don’t want them around their children. However, they can also be a loving and gentle breed, perfect for a family looking for a dog to protect their home.

Like every other dog, the cocker pit has its unique temperament and personality. Typically these dogs are loyal, sweet, and eager to please their owners. They are also friendly and playful towards children. Cocker spaniel pit bull mixes bring liveliness into your home and family and are a great addition to the family.

On the other hand, the cocker pit can have more of the pit bull genes. They tend to be more aggressive and bull-headed when they have more pit bull genes. However, with the proper training, that will be fine for you. Suppose you socialize with them from a young age. In that case, you can also prevent aggression and ensure they obey your orders with the proper training.

Another great trait of the cocker spaniel pit bull mix is that they are excellent watchdogs and are alert. But the breed tends to be more active, so you should be prepared to spend a lot of time with them and be dedicated to them.

Training  And Exercise For A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

When training a cocker pit, you should remember that they aren’t tricky dogs and are typically well-behaved. So training can be relatively straightforward. The use of positive reinforcement will work best with rewarding the pup. When they receive a reward for good behavior or completing a task, they will continue to do so. Be sure to begin their training early on in life.

The cocker spaniel pit bull mix is an active breed that needs a lot of exercise and space. A minimum of 45 minutes daily will be good, but some might need over an hour to exercise. If your dog gets a lot of exercises, it will stay healthy and help prevent behavior problems as they get bored quickly.

Grooming For A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

Cocker spaniel pit bull mixes don’t shed much throughout the year, but they lose some hair during the year. They have two shedding seasons each year in the spring and fall. You will need to brush them more often during these seasons as well. So the cocker pit is a low-maintenance breed overall.

A de-shedding brush will be the best for their fur and removing loose hair from the coat. For any other grooming care, it’s no different than any other dog, like bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. You don’t want the hair to end on your furniture or clothes, so you can also use a robot vacuum like many other dog owners.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

Like many other dog breeds, the cocker spaniel pit bull mix has pros and cons. Every hybrid dog has traits from both species, and those breeds have good and bad qualities you should consider before deciding which dog breed you want to adopt.

Easily trainable Need to start training early
Lovable personality and temperamentCan be aggressive and stubborn
PlayfulNeed constant activity
Both breeds are friendlyPit Bull side can cause aggression

Cost Of A Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix

Because of the steady incline of breeding in cocker spaniel pit bull mix puppies, the price has increased. A cocker spaniel puppy costs between $500 and $1500 when you purchase them from a reliable and certified breeder. A pit bull puppy costs between $500 and $5000. So you can expect to pay between $500 and $3000 for a cocker pit puppy.

The price of a dog depends on many things, like the breeder’s experience, the coat color, and the eye color. The bloodline of the dog is also an essential thing to consider. Lineages determine many things about the dog and can even push the price if the heritage is rare and superior. You can get a very loyal and rare breed when you combine two excellent bloodlines.

Deciding If The Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mix Is The Right Breed For You

Before you purchase or adopt a dog, you will have to look at a few things if you have the space for one. A cocker pit is an active breed that needs exercise. While you can live in an apartment and own one, you need to take them for walks, ensure they get the required activity, and not be cooped up in the apartment the whole day.

Take all the pros and cons into consideration as well. The cocker pit is more suitable for people with lots of time and patience to train and socialize. The cocker pit is ideal for families and children who will give them plenty of attention and have the time to engage with the dog.

Are Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull Mixes Aggressive?

Like any other pit bull mixed breed, the owners worry if the dogs are aggressive. Usually, a dog’s aggression is from a lack of training and improper care. However, pit bull breeds tend to be more aggressive than most others. If you watch your pup, you can tell by a few signs that they will be more aggressive in the future.

A few signs of aggression are:

  • Snarling and Growling
  • Barking at other people
  • Biting when being petted
  • Biting people’s ankles when they walk

A few factors can cause the dog to become aggressive towards others or yourself. Like having a history of abuse and if they aren’t social from the early stages. Other causes can be poor breeding or if they feel threatened in any way by other dogs or other people.

Signs Of Inbreeding In Dogs

When you are looking to get a cocker pit, there are a few signs you should look out for in inbreeding. Many breeders try to keep the bloodline pure by inbreeding the dogs. You can get a few funny-looking dogs when you breed two of the same genetics. Still, you can also get a dog with a dangerous temperament.

  • Physical deformities – Physical deformities are often the most apparent sign of inbreeding. They might be born with only 2 or 3 legs, or some might be born without eyes. Any physical deformity can occur.
  • Personality problems – Many dogs can also be born with personality issues. They might be impulsive or fearful, and some even have anxiety separation. Lack of affection is also possible.
  • Fertility issues – When the inbreeding goes too far, the female can start to deliver unhealthy pups. The pups can also have low fertility levels, and you can see this in split heat and abnormal heat cycles.


The cocker spaniel pit bull mix is an excellent dog breed. These dogs are lovable and protective of their owners. However, the cocker spaniel pit bull mix is often misunderstood because of the pit bull genes. Like most dogs, they have health issues that you should keep a close eye on, and they also have their temperament.