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Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix: Facts, Details, Pictures

Crossbreed dogs are a fun and unique way to mix the genetics of your two favorite breeds. And one of the most interesting hybrid dogs around is the chow chow pit bull mix. A blend of the regal chow chow and the American pit bull terrier, this dog has the loyalty of a chow and the playful, loving nature of the pit bull. All in all, it’s the perfect family pet! 

Chow chow pit bull mix dogs are bred from American pit bull terriers and chow chows. They have the appearance of a fluffy pit bull, with the fierce loyalty of a chow chow, and are good family companions. They are often referred to as chowpits or pitchows. 

If you want to know more about what makes the chow chow pit bull mix so special, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the history of its parent breeds, as well as the characteristics of the chowpit and what you can expect if you’re adopting one of these incredible dogs.

History Of The Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix

Chow chow pit bulls are unique hybrid or designer dogs bred from the American pit bull terrier and chow. When these two dogs are bred together, their pups are often called chowpits or pitchows, and they are a gorgeous blend of the best traits of their parents. 

Unlike other mixed-breed dogs, hybrid dogs are bred with purebred parents. This breeding technique improves the chances of getting the most dominant genes of each parent breed. Ultimately, the chow chow pit bull mix is bred to be a loving, friendly family pet and is known for being gentle with children. 

Before getting to know the chowpit better, it’s important to know the history of its parent breeds. 

The American Pit Bull Terrier

The American pit bull terrier was initially bred in the United Kingdom during the early 1800s. This wonderful breed is medium in size and typically has robust, muscular features. While pit bulls were originally bred for blood sports, the breed evolved to be working farm dogs in America and, eventually, to a loving companion with a gentle nature. 

Because of their history, pit bulls are now classified as power and working breeds. These dogs have a ton of energy and make fantastic working dogs when given tasks and jobs. Similarly, they are easy to train and incredibly intelligent. 

While American pit bull terriers are still popular pets worldwide, many owners are unaware of the care they require. They need plenty of exercise and stimulation, meaning their owners must train them properly and dedicate plenty of time to them. 

But, in today’s fast-paced society, dog owners prefer dogs that require less exercise and dedication. Because of the need to alter their genetics, pit bulls are one of the most used dogs in hybrid breeding. 

The Chow Chow

Chows are widely believed to be one of the oldest known dog breeds. These adorable balls of fluff may not look like much. Still, they are believed to have originated in Mongolia and were kept as hunting dogs in China, dating back as far as 206 BC. 

In the early 1900s, chows became more popular as status symbols in America, which solidified the breed’s popularity among dog owners. And they are just as popular today! 

One of the chows’ most distinguishable features besides their unique face is their blue tongue. In fact, the chow is one of only three breeds that have this distinct feature.

Like pit bulls, chow chows are classified as working breeds, making them an excellent choice for crossbreeding. 

Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix
Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix

Characteristics Of The Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix

Chow chow pit bulls make great pets and are a rare but well-loved hybrid breed. Because they are bred with purebred parents, Chowpits will inherit a mix of their parent’s genes. That means chow chow pit bull mixes will have characteristics associated with the chow chow and American pit bull. 

However, it’s important to note that chow chow pit bull pups will differ depending on which genes are most dominant. That means that they may vary from pup to pup and can have a range of characteristics. For example, some chowpits may have stronger pit bull features, while others may have features more commonly associated with chows. 

Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix Temperament

When adopting a chow chow pit bull, you should know what you’re signing up for. And, while their temperament may deviate slightly from their purebred parents, most chow chow pit bulls stick closely to a specific set of traits. 

American pit bulls are loving dogs and are fiercely loyal to their owners. With proper training and upbringing, pit bulls are gentle pets and great companions for children of all ages. Because pit bulls are power breeds, they are incredibly energetic and will often look for stimulation. 

While their owners need to exercise them regularly to diffuse some of this energy, most pit bulls are relatively independent. They will keep themselves entertained when they are left to their own devices. This breed is also intelligent and requires mental stimulation and physical exercise. Because of their intelligence, pit bulls are easy to train and enjoy being given directives. 

Similarly, chows are loyal companions but aren’t as affectionate as their adorable appearance makes them seem. Instead, chows are independent and quiet. These dogs prefer to laze about on their own rather than being fawned over. But, around family members – particularly children – they won’t say no to a few cuddles and belly rubs! 

Chows tend to be possessive and territorial, leading to aggressive behaviors when strangers overstep their boundaries. Therefore, chows require extensive training to desensitize them to strangers and unknown circumstances and environments. This training is best done when they’re young, as they tend to become more stubborn as they age and may be more challenging to train. 

Like their parents, chowpits are loyal pets and may be overprotective or territorial. But thanks to their above-average intelligence, these dogs can be trained to overcome these tendencies. It is easier to train these dogs while they’re young, so chowpit owners must be dedicated to their pup’s training and socialization to avoid behavioral problems as they age. 

Although chow chow pit bulls are overprotective, they are incredibly loving and have a soft nature. Their gentle personalities make them good pets for children. Still, they can just as easily fit into a family with older adults. 

Chow Chow Pit Bull Mix Physical Features

Although chow chow pit bulls have a good mix of pit bull and chow genetics, most of these pups are mistaken for pit bulls at first glance. This is because many of these hybrid dogs inherit the face and body shape and structure of the American pit bull terrier. However, the physical appearance of a chow chow pit bull may change depending on the dominant parent genes. 

Some chow chow pit bulls have faces that resemble the pit bull, but they are typically more rounded than the pit bull’s square features. Their snouts are also shorter than the pit bull’s but are generally not flattened like the chow’s distinct face. 

Chows are known for their striking blue tongue, which is often passed down to chow chow pit bull pups. In some chowpits, the tongue is not entirely blue and is instead spotted with blue. It’s extremely rare for a chow chow pit bull mix to have the standard pink tongue of the American pit bull terrier. 

Chow chow pit bulls tend to have curled tails like their chow parents. Even chowpits with straighter tails may have a slight curve. 

These designer dogs have unique coats that are the perfect combination of their purebred parents. Their fur is usually short and fluffy, but some chow chow pit bulls may have longer, sleeker coats. They also have various coat colors, including black, brown, fawn, red, grey, and blue. They typically don’t have any other markings. 

Like the American pit bull, chow chow pit bulls generally reach seventeen to twenty-one inches tall. But their weight can range between thirty and seventy pounds, depending on their size. They may also have the muscular appearance of a pit bull, with a slightly softer and rounder stature. 

Chow Chow Pit Bull Exercise Requirements

American pit bulls are known for being energetic and playful dogs with a seemingly endless supply of energy. These dogs require a lot of exercise and typically need between one and three hours of play or walk time per day. 

Because of their need for physical and mental stimulation, most dog owners simply don’t have the time to dedicate to purebred American pit bulls. Luckily, chow chow pit bull mixes get a lot of their exercise requirements from their chow parents, making them much easier to keep happy and healthy!

Chows are low-energy dogs that prefer to laze about rather than spend their time playing. They don’t often play independently and aren’t easily swayed to play with children or other pets. But like any dog, chows still require daily exercise. However, they need significantly less than their pit bull counterparts and will be happy with around half an hour of physical activity per day. 

The chowpit is the perfect mix of the pit bull’s high-energy nature and the chow’s affinity for being a couch potato. This crossbreed typically needs around an hour of daily exercise. It will play with its family members, other dogs, and independently as often as possible. 

Some chow chow pit bulls may have slightly more or less energy. Still, most tend to need an average amount of activity and enjoy a long walk or two shorter walks regularly. 

Chow Chow Pit Bull Health Conditions

Every dog breed comes with its fair share of health conditions. In fact, even mixed-breed dogs have an inclination toward certain conditions based on their physical features and genetic characteristics. 

Chow chow pit bulls suffer from several health conditions that can affect their life expectancy and quality of life. However, with good exercise and regular medical check-ups, it’s possible to diagnose and treat many of these conditions early on. 

Firstly, chowpits may suffer from skin allergies. These allergies are inherited from their pit bull parents and are usually mild enough to be treated with medications. Similarly, like pit bulls, chow chow pit bull mixes are more susceptible to hip dysplasia and joint pain. 

Because the chow chow pit bull usually has the same muscular body as the pit bull and higher energy levels than chows, they may develop these issues over time. This is usually due to over-exertion during physical exercise and is common in most power breeds. However, early intervention is possible and can help owners manage their pets’ conditions. 

Chow chows are healthy dogs that live long, happy lives. However, they may develop hypothyroidism or patella luxation. Both of these conditions are common in chows, and their disposition toward these ailments may be passed down to their chowpit pups. 

Luckily, chow chow pit bulls don’t usually inherit the breathing problems that the chow experiences due to its flattened face. Although, if your chow chow pit bull mix has a flatter face, it’s important to have its breathing assessed by your local veterinarian for early intervention. 

Chow Chow Pit Bull Lifespan 

Chow chows are loyal dogs and will spend their years guarding and protecting their owners. Their life expectancy is around twelve to fifteen years, making them ideal long-term companions. Similarly, pit bulls have a life expectancy of twelve to sixteen years, making them comparatively similar to their chow counterparts. 

These life expectancies may be influenced by health conditions and their severity. But a healthy chow or pit bull can live for many years. Chow chow pit bull pups have the same life expectancy and typically live for around fifteen years. And, because crossbreed dogs are less likely to suffer from health conditions than their purebred parents, they usually live longer. 


Both chow chows and American pit bull terriers are loyal dogs that will do anything to protect their owners. But these breeds couldn’t be less alike regarding their exercise requirement and affectionate behaviors. So, if you want the perfect blend of these two breeds, the chowpit is your ultimate dog pick.