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Can you feel your dog’s microchip?

Can you feel your dog’s microchip?

Now that you are the new owner of your dog, you want to make sure they are safe and have everything they need in case they get lost. The best way to keep up with your pet in case you are separated is to have them microchipped so that you can be contacted.

This microchip stores important information such as your dog’s name and your contact information. All a finder has to do is take your dog to the local veterinarian and have them scan your dog for a microchip. At that time, they can read the information and have you and your pet reunited.

Can you feel your dog’s microchip?

One of the biggest concerns that pet owners have with a microchip is finding it again once it is in the pet. It is safely inserted just below the skin so that it is easy to read when scanned. After the microchip has been inserted into your dog, you are not always able to feel it.

In fact, most pet owners cannot find it and can sometimes get concerned that it is not there. The chip is small enough and usually goes just between the shoulder blades of your dog. If this is done correctly, you should not feel it when you are scratching your dog’s back or just giving them a back rub. 

Should you be able to feel a dog’s microchip?

No, it is not common for you as the owner to feel the microchip inside your dog. During the procedure, the goal is to make sure that you cannot feel it and so that your dog is not discomforted by having the chip inside. The placement is done deliberately so that it is easily scanned but also not recognizable. 

Thick fur dogs

Pet owners who have dogs with significantly large coats of thick fur will often never feel the microchip. It is so far down that even if it does move slightly, and it will still be hard to detect. The amount of hair blocks it from being seen and even felt. 

Thin fur dogs

Because a few dogs breed small and have thin fur, the microchip may still be visible to the pet owner. You may notice what looks like a knot between your dog’s shoulders. This is common if the microchip tries to move after it has been inserted and comes from beneath the shoulder blade.

If you can visibly see the microchip, you can easily feel it when giving your dog a bath or back rub. Despite their small size, some of these smaller breeds do not have the ability to hide the microchip and larger breeds. 

Can dogs feel their microchips?

In most cases, dogs do not seem to feel their microchip or acknowledge that it is even there. Because it slides just under the skin and is tucked away into the shoulder, this area is the most painless on the dog. They cannot reach it, so it is out of sight and out of mind. 

How do I know if they are in pain?

If you notice that your dog is trying to roll around a lot on their back or spend a lot of time trying to reach behind them, then they may be experiencing some discomfort from the microchip. If you notice discomfort in your dog, you may need to go back to your vet and see if they can adjust the microchip. 

Can microchips move in dogs?

While it does not happen too often, microchips do have the ability to move in dogs. Those that are hyperactive and get more than usual physical activity can dislodge their microchip over time, forcing it out and moving around under the skin.

This is often found in dogs that spend a lot of time playing with other dogs and are younger. Later in life, older dogs who are microchipped do not experience as much heavy play and move their microchips. 

Can a microchip cause a lump?

In most cases, there is not a visible lump from a microchip. Once inserted between the shoulders, it is low enough not to be visible but not too low to cause complications. If you notice that a lump has started to form around the shoulder area and believe that the microchip may be related, you will need to visit your vet.

It is rare but possible that an infection may develop around the microchip and require additional treatment. However, in most cases, the lumps are unrelated to the microchip, and your dog is comfortable. 

How do you check if your dog is microchipped?

If you want to know if the dog you have rescued has been microchipped, you need to have him scanned. Call your local veterinarian and inquire about their microchipping services. In most cases, vets or their staff members will offer a complimentary service to scan the pet for a microchip.

If one is detected, then you have the information you need to contact the previous owner. If you have adopted the dog and need to change the microchip information, they can scan it and provide you with the microchip number to transfer the pet account. 

What if there isn’t a chip?

If they have scanned your dog, and she does not have a microchip, then you can go ahead and have that service done. Make sure to give them all of the accurate information upfront to be stored immediately once it has been inserted.

You will then be given a serial  number that is unique to your dog where you can go in and update information when necessary. Any time you change your phone number or address, you will need to add this information.