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Can Neutered Dogs Ejaculate?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the question of whether or not neutered dogs can ejaculate. Some people say that it is impossible for a dog to ejaculate if they have been neutered, while others claim that it is just as possible for them to do so as any other dog. So, what is the truth? In this blog post, we will clarify this question.

Can Neutered Dogs Ejaculate?

When your dog is neutered, their sexual drive decreases, but they still may enjoy sexual stimulation as a way to reduce boredom, conflict, or stress. It’s also a common way to assert dominance over other animals.

With these behaviors still in place with your dog, it’s possible that a neutered male dog will have erections and even ejaculate.

The prostate produces ejaculate. Despite the fact that dogs have their testicles removed, they do not have their prostates removed. Therefore, this could theoretically be done. Since the testicles produce the hormones and the drive to mate, most of the sex drive is removed. Although neutered male dogs can develop “erections,” they are more likely to have them due to excitement rather than sex.

Do Neutered Dogs Still Produce Sperm?

No, even if your dog tries to mate with another pup, they won’t produce sperm. They have had their testicles removed, which eliminates the possibility for any sperm to be produced.

The only exception to this is the post-neutering period. It’s important to keep your dog away from any female pups since there may be lingering sperm in the system.

After being neutered, a dog can still impregnate a female. It takes approximately 6 weeks is needed for all sperm to leave the reproductive tract. As soon as the dog’s system is cleared of all sperm, he is sterile. He cannot impregnate a female. 

Does Testosterone Production Drop After Neutering?

After neutering, testosterone levels don’t immediately drop. Rather, it takes between 2-4 weeks for the testosterone levels to reach the level at which the dog will remain after neutering.

You can expect your dog to calm down during this period if they are suffering from testosterone-related issues. Because your dog has grown accustomed to the behaviors, it may take longer for them to calm down completely. Nevertheless, it usually resolves within a few months, and in many cases within the first month. 

The neutering procedure will only treat sex-related behaviors such as aggression. Usually, male dogs do this to mark their territory and to fight against other dogs of their own gender. You cannot expect it to fix all behavioral issues your dog may have. Talk to your veterinarian to further assess your dog’s behavioral needs if neutering doesn’t help soothe him. 

Will a Neutered Dog Still Try to Mate?

It is still possible for your neutered dog to have sex. It’s a good thing to know that a dog who has been neutered still has the option of having sexual relations if he wants to. In most cases, he won’t. He won’t have a red hot libido because his testosterone levels will be quite low.

While neutering does not remove all sexual behaviors, it does reduce some of them. During their early development, testosterone circulating in their bodies causes brain changes that make them more masculine. When in heat, these changes lead to increased urination on vertical surfaces, more exploration of the environment, and sometimes even mating of dogs.

The urge to mate will be even stronger if your dog was neutered after reaching sexual maturity, which could be anywhere between 12 to 18 months. This is because there has been more time for testosterone to affect your pup’s body during their developmental months.

Will a Neutered Dog Still Try to Mount and Hump?

It’s possible that your dog will still have mounting and humping tendencies. This is because they may still find it to be pleasurable or stress-relieving even if they aren’t hormonally compelled towards the behavior.

If your dog continues this behavior a month or so after being neutered, the first thing to do is talk to your veterinarian. You will want to make sure that there isn’t something wrong with your pet physiologically.

Some physical problems that can lead to excessive mounting and humping include a urinary tract infection, a thyroid issue, or an adrenal issue. It’s also possible that there may be a retained testicle post-surgery. You will want to get any tests necessary to make sure these problems aren’t occurring.

How to Stop My Neutered Dog From Humping

1. Ignore Your Pup

Oftentimes, your dog may mount your leg for attention. While it feels counterintuitive to let it happen, ignoring your pup may be the best way to discourage the behavior. Your dog may stop after a few moments on its own. If it doesn’t go ahead and turn your body to the side or walk away. Keep your energetic and emotional response calm and level. The key here is to make sure your pup doesn’t get any more stimulated.

2. Remove Any Trigger Items

If there is a piece of furniture your dog likes to hump, move it into another room or block it with another item. If there is a favorite toy that your pup prefers to use, you can remove that from their reach as well. Finally, if there are specific dogs (in the home, along walking routes, or at the dog park) that stimulate your dog, try to keep them separate or at least consistently supervised.

3. Notice Any Patterns

While this behavior may seem out of the blue, there is likely a specific habit or pattern that makes your dog decide to mount. Does this happen early in the morning, before bed, or when you return to work? Once you can identify what causes this behavior, you can change your dog’s routine to help discourage the action.

4. Keep Your Dog Active

For dogs that are already neutered, the urge to hump or mount is usually a result of an anxious or bored dog. You should give your dog a little more love and a little more physical activity to help it blow off steam. When your pup is tired, they are likely satisfied, and won’t get caught up in unproductive behaviors.

5. Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

Obedience training is effective because it snaps your dog out of its process and helps it to focus on you, the owner. Teaching your dog basic words such as sit, come, down, and stay, can be helpful tools to disrupt mounting and humping behavior. Make sure to reward your pup to help reinforce the training and keep it happy.