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Can I use baby wipes on a dog? ( Face, Eyes, Ears, Bum, paws, or Skin)

Dogs are messy animals. They enjoy playing around, especially when you have gone for a walk or park, which means they can be quite messy. They can also make a mess during feeding time. As a dog owner, part of your duty is having to clean up this mess to prevent them from tracking dirt inside the house. Seeing how baby wipes are used for a lot of things, this raises the question. Could one use baby wipes on a dog to clean off the mess? Read on to find out whether baby wipes are safe for your canine friend.  

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog?

The simple answer is no. You should not use baby wipes on your dog as they can have negative effects. It can be tempting to use baby wipes as they are easy to use, effective, and convenient. But as much as they come in handy, especially when you are not near water, they are not the safest product to use. Baby wipes have various harmful ingredients that have been proven to cause harm to a dog if it comes across them. Therefore, there is no need to risk your dog’s health due to the convenience baby wipes offer. If you consider using wipes to clean your dog or disinfect a wound, you are causing more harm than good.

Also, in case you have seen other people doing it, you should warn them about the dangers of using baby wipes on a dog.

Why Baby Wipes Are Not Good For Dogs

Everyone knows that babies have sensitive skin. That is why it comes as a surprise to many people when they find out that these wipes are not safe for dogs, yet they are safe for babies. One of the major reasons baby wipes are harmful to dogs is because they have ingredients that have been found toxic to dogs. Commonly, people use baby wipes to wipe a dog’s paws, feet, ears, eyes, and skin. An ingredient like propylene glycol can stay in the wiped area for a long time. So what happens when your dog licks its paws when you are clean with the baby wipe? It will also consume those toxic ingredients, and this can mean dog poisoning. Other dangerous ingredients in baby wipes include fragrances and moisturizing agents.

Another reason is that baby wipes have been safely designed for human skin. That means they will not affect the child the way they affect your dog. You can use baby wipes now and then when you are not near water. Avoid using them on a regular basis as you can cause rashes, skin irritation, and bacterial infection.

Can I Replace a Bath With Wipes?

There have been a lot of debates about baby wipes and dogs. This is particularly common with new dog owners who are still gaining experience of taking care of dogs. To set the record straight, you cannot replace a bath with wipes. It is the same way you cannot replace bathing your toddler with baby wipes. For one, as mentioned above, regular use of wipes is toxic to a dog. Then there is the fact that wipes cannot do a good job of cleaning the dog properly.

Dogs need to be bathed well, using dog shampoo as it has been designed to be gentle on their skin. This is something that a baby wipe cannot achieve.

When Can One Use Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are not something you should use on your dogs regularly. However, on certain occasions, it is allowed. Here are examples of such cases.

You Do Not Use it Regularly

The propylene glycol chemical in a baby wipe is not harmful as long as you only use it once in a while. Remember that dogs lick themselves, and if you use it regularly, the more a dog ingests, the higher the chances of getting sick. That is why you should only use it when necessary.

Pet Safe Baby Wipes

If the baby wipes are labeled as pet safe, then you can use them on your dog. Go for labels like ‘multipurpose wipes’ and ‘hypoallergenic wipes.’ These types of baby wipes have fewer chemicals or ingredients that can harm a dog.

Areas a Dog Will Not Lick

You can use unscented wipes on your dog, but only on areas where it cannot lick, like behind the ears.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Skin?

As mentioned earlier, just because a product is good for a baby does not mean you should use it on a dog. Once in a while is okay, but using baby wipes on the dog’s skin regularly will affect them. It can lead to rashes, skin irritation, and bacterial infections. It is particularly worse in a puppy whose immune system is still developing. Their bodies are still learning to fight invaders, and so the effects may be worse on them.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Face?

It is highly unlikely that your dog will lick its own face. This, therefore, reduces the risk of the dog ingesting the toxic ingredients. You can use the wipes once in a while and only if they are unscented or hypoallergenic. However, note that a dog can rub its face and spread toxic substances to the eyes, nose and mouth. Getting chemicals in these parts, especially the eyes, is almost as dangerous as ingesting.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Eyes?

No, you cannot. Most people like using baby wipes to wipe the dog’s eyes, especially if they have tear stains. This is highly discouraged. The eyes are a vulnerable and sensitive area and can react badly to any harmful ingredients in the wipes.

How Can I Safely Clean a Dog’s Eyes?

Moisten a washcloth or sponge and wipe gently around the area to remove any dirt. Be firm but gentle. Instead of trying to wipe in one forceful swipe, make several gentle strokes. Do not use napkins or paper towels as they can easily disintegrate, leaving small bits of paper behind.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Ears?

Avoid using baby wipes on a dog’s ear. Since you are cleaning internally, it is best to avoid using products containing chemicals that are not safe for pets. If you are cleaning outside the dog’s ears, then baby wipes are safe. You end up with clean ears, and the dog will feel good afterwards.

How Can I Clean My Dogs’ Ears?

If you are cleaning the inside, instead of using baby wipes, get a tiny pad of dry cotton wool to wipe the ears. Ensure that you do not go further than an area you can see. Also, try not to poke anything solid as you can easily damage a dog’s ears. If you have noticed a lot of dark wax or any discharge, it could be a sign of an ear infection. Go to the veterinarian for advice.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Bum?

Most dogs lick their butt to clean themselves. This is why baby wipes are not considered safe, as a dog can easily ingest toxic chemicals. Some dog species like the French Bulldog cannot reach their own bum to clean, meaning you have to do the cleaning yourself. However, a dog’s bum is a sensitive area. Remember that it is simply the end of a complex system of organs. One wrong move and a harmful chemical may be absorbed, leading to an infection.

How Can I Clean My Dog’s Bum

You can use natural dog wipes to wipe a dog’s bum or lukewarm water and a washcloth. Also, be gentle but firm to avoid injuring your dog or making him uncomfortable.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Paws?

Paws are the most common part that people wipe with baby wipes. Unfortunately, this can result in several health issues. Dogs like licking their paws, meaning they can accidentally ingest harmful chemicals. There is also the risk of your dog suffering from an allergic reaction. Baby wipes have been designed for humans. If you find wipes that are labeled ‘pet safe,’ you can use them to clean the paws after a muddy walk. Wet wipes can be efficient in cleaning paws, especially getting mud, salt, grit, and sand between toes. However, ensure they do not have any chemicals that can harm the dog.

What Can I Wipe My Dog With?

As mentioned above, you have seen that baby wipes are not the safest product to wipe your dog. So what are the alternatives that can still get the job done? Here are some of them.

Dog-Safe Wipes

To be clear, dog wipes do not substitute a bath. They are ideal for those moments when you want to do some quick cleanup. They contain ingredients that are safe for dogs while maintaining the correct skin pH level. That means it will not irritate the skin. You can use dog wipes to clean the paws after the dog plays in the yard or if you are on a walk. However, weekly baths with dog shampoos are still necessary to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

What is the difference between dog wipes and baby wipes?

Because the skin of a dog has a different pH level than human skin, dog wipes are formulated differently. Dog wipes do not have fragrances, parabens, or chemicals that can affect the dog. Baby wipes contain a compound called propylene glycol which is toxic to dogs. That is why you should avoid them.

Apart from the toxicity, you will also realize that dog wipes are bigger and firmer than baby wipes. Because they are bigger, you need a larger piece to get rid of the dirt.

Dry Dog Shampoos

Another alternative for wiping your dog is using dry dog shampoos, commonly referred to as waterless shampoo. It allows you to clean your dog without washing. While they are not as effective as a real bath with water and shampoo, they can help remove some dirt from your dog.

These shampoos contain an oil-absorbing ingredient that helps by soaking excess oil in the dog’s skin. You apply it and allow the fur to absorb it, then brush it out. In addition, dry dog shampoos sometimes contain pH-altering ingredients that can adjust the pH levels of your dog’s skin to healthier levels, encouraging better smelling bacteria. In other words, your dog will not stink as much.

Clean Towels and Dog Shampoo

If you do not want to jump into the bathtub to wash your dog, you can also use dog shampoo and clean towels. Soak the towel in warm water containing dog shampoo, then start wiping your dog. In a few minutes, your dog should be clean and good to go. Also, this method is faster than using wipes.