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Can dogs tie if not in heat?

A dog is a great human companion that brings warmth and joy to the house. However, maybe you want to breed it and add a few other companions to the house, or perhaps you are not looking forward to taking care of puppies. Whichever the case, the article below takes you through what you need to know about dogs and when they are in heat.

Can Dogs Tie If Not in Heat?

While it is rare, a female dog may allow a male to mount her even when not in heat. However, this happens very rarely. Most of the time, a female dog that is not in heat cannot stand a male dog mounting her, making it impossible for dogs to tie if not in heat.

Can Dogs Get Pregnant When Not in Heat?

The simple answer is no. A female dog goes through four stages in its reproductive cycle which symbolizes its capability to breed, fertilize and give birth. Most people are familiar with the terms ovulating or ‘in heat.’ On the other hand, veterinarians use a scientific term which is the estrus cycle. It is only during this stage that your dog can get pregnant. However, it can be challenging to determine the stages of the cycle. This is because dog breeds have different cycles, which can also be regular or irregular.

In terms of maturity, dogs are different as well. The smaller breeds will have their estrus cycle when they are a bit younger, compared to the larger breeds. Also, the period that the cycle lasts varies for different dogs. However, the average period is around two to three weeks. In short, a dog cannot tie when not in heat, but most people find it hard to keep track of when their dog is fertile.

What Are The Four Stages of the Estrus Cycle?

A dog’s estrus cycle is as follows:

  • Proestrus- This is when the heat season is beginning, and it can last about 7-10 days. The vulva starts to swell, and the dog starts bleeding. She may also start attracting male dogs, but she is not yet ready to mate.
  • Estrus- This is often referred to as the mating period, which can last from 5-10 days. The bleeding can either reduce or stop.
  • Diestrus- This period can last about 10- 140 days, and the dog is either pregnant or is in the resting period.
  • Anestrus- this is a downtime period before the next heat cycle. It often lasts about six months.

How Can I Tell My Dog Is On Heat?

Since dogs are not the same, then the estrus cycle will also express itself differently in various dogs, and no cycle is similar. If your dog is not spayed, you may notice certain symptoms during the first heat symptoms and then get different symptoms or less in the next cycle. However, some of the signs you need to watch out for include:

  • Increased urination, which is a way of marketing herself to other male dogs in the area
  • A pinkish or slightly bloody discharge
  • Tail flagging or raised tail
  • Swollen nipples or vulva
  • Interest in male dogs
  • Temporary personality or mood changes

These four stages in your dog’s reproductive cycle are not that different from the other mammals you will find in the animal kingdom. If you are finding it hard to track your dog’s heat cycles, consult a vet. Suppose you are not planning on spaying the dog and are not looking forward to surprise pregnancies. In that case, keeping up with the dog’s reproductive cycle is something you will want to do.

Does My Dog Need Any Special Treatment During The Heat Cycle?

Here are a few things you may want to do to ensure your little friend is comfortable.


You may notice that the dog is trying to thoroughly clean itself now and then. This is simply your pet doing what she feels is right for her body. Do not stop her from doing that. Also, when washing her, be careful not to hurt her nipples or vulva, which are swollen and therefore sensitive to touch.

Mood Changes

Your dog may either be temperamental or loving more than usual. You may notice that she is unwilling to leave your side, or she is either seeking refuge in parts of the house that are less frequently being alone. Respect your dog during this period and note that a dog in heat is prone to more irritation than usual.

Male Attention

You will need to take precautions, like ensuring your fence is secure and not leaving the front door open. Since her body is telling her she needs to mate, her smelling sense has also been heightened, and she is looking for the nearest male dog. Also, you will notice a few neighborhood dogs or strays sniffing and urinating near your home often.

Do Dogs Mate When They are Not in Heat?

When your dog is not in heat, it cannot mate. A dog will only mate during its estrus period.

How Long Does the Heat Season Last?

Heat season can last about two to four weeks. It is common for a female dog not to be receptive to male dogs during the early days of her cycle. However, some can be receptive through the whole cycle. Also, the estrus period can be longer or shorter. Still, you will notice it is over when the vulva starts returning to its normal size and the bleeding has stopped. During the heat cycle, there is a tiny window where your dog is fertile, which could be on the 9th or 10th day after she goes into heat. This can last about five days, but she can get pregnant until the cycle ends.

Do Male Dogs Go Into Heat?

Male dogs do not get into heat. The estrus period is specifically for females, which is the period where your female dog becomes receptive to mating. While male dogs do not go into heat, they can mate all year round once fertile. This can start when they are about six months old.

At What Age Do Dogs Start Going Into Heat?

Most of the time, the size and breed of the dog will play a role in when your dog starts going into heat. However, on average, most dogs mature sexually when they are about six months. Some can go into heat as early as four months.

How Often Do Dogs Come Into Heat?

On average, this process occurs every six months. However, it varies depending on the dog species. Once the cycle starts, the period will vary. The cycle may be irregular at first, but after that, the heat cycle can happen twice a year. Small breeds will have more regular cycles than the larger breeds. For instance, even three of four cycles in a year are possible in some females. For the larger breeds, they may experience a single cycle every 12 months.

Is This Something That Lasts a Lifetime?

Once the estrus cycle in a dog begins, it may take some time to become regular. For some dogs, it can take even 18 months for the cycle to be regular. After that, the female dog will experience estrus their whole lifetime. However, with time, the period between cycles may get longer.

Can Dogs Tie Without the Female Getting Pregnant?

Yes, it is possible for two dogs to tie and not result in pregnancy. If they mate at the wrong time, then the female may not get pregnant. A pregnancy only occurs if the sperm manages to fertilize the egg. After ejaculation, the sperm is viable for about nine days. On the other hand, during ovulation, the eggs will be ready and in a position to conceive on an average of 5 days. That means that these two viable times need to blend for the dog to get pregnant.

Can Dogs Get Pregnant Without Locking?

Yes, if the male dog ejaculates, the female will get pregnant even if the male did not remain tied to her. This is referred to as slip mating, where the dog withdraws before locking has occurred. However, the fertility rate of slip mating is relatively low because some semen can spill as the dog withdraws before the locking phase. However, conception is possible.

What Are The Chances of My Dog Getting Pregnant After a Tie

The chances of your dog getting pregnant after a tie is about 40%. This increases the chances of you getting a few puppies, meaning you have to be careful if puppies are not something you want.

Is It Okay to Separate Two Dogs When They Are Tied?

Trying to separate two locked dogs is pointless. Whether you use cap guns, water pistols, cold water, or anything else, you cannot speed up the process. In fact, your attempts will likely upset them. Also, note that forced separation can injure the female dog and should be avoided at all costs.

How Long Do Dogs Mate in Heat?

The mating process can take about 10 minutes to a whole hour. Even though the insemination time is quick, it is the preparation stage that can take time. That means that the mating process can either be quick or take time, depending on the dogs’ personality, experience, and confidence.

How Many Times Does a Dog Have to Mate to Get Pregnant

The times a dog is mated are not as important as when the dog is mated. A dog can successfully be mated within the 9th and 14th days of the estrus cycle. Therefore, as long as the process is done well and successfully, even one time is enough to get the female dog pregnant.

Will a Female Dog Stop Bleeding After Mating?

If a dog is pregnant, it should not be bleeding. Dogs’ pregnancy often lasts 58-68 days. During this period, you may notice some vaginal discharge. If the mucus-like discharge has some pink tint, this is a normal part of pregnancy.

Do Dogs Get Stuck When Mating?

Dogs getting stuck while mating is due to copulatory tie. This is one of the key phases in intercourse which you do not have to be anxious or worry about.

Do Female Dogs Feel Pain When Mating?

In an ideal situation, this process should occur without discomfort from the female dog. However, due to differences in mating tendencies, this can affect how the dog behaves. She may try pulling away from the male dog while they are locked, leading to injuries. Also, negative behaviors like howling and barking can traumatize the dog during this process.

How Many Times Will a Female Want To Mate

The frequency may vary with different dogs, but during the heat season when a female dog will want to mate. While an estrus period may last around 18 days, a male dog will be attracted to a female dog for all those days, but a female dog will only respond to a male dog for about half that time,