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Can Dogs Sense Evil?

Can Dogs Sense Evil?

We all know that dogs have keen senses. It’s the sense that separates them from other animals. Their sense of smell is so good that they can even use it to track down missing people and criminals.

Speaking of criminals, you may be wondering if your pet can use their senses to identify bad people. That may seem like an outlandish thought, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Check out the rest of this article if you’re interested in learning more about that topic.

Can Dogs Sense Evil?

Evil people don’t tend to broadcast their malevolent nature. They can keep that bottled up and put up a façade to fool the people around them. That’s why you’ll often hear the friends and family members of criminals comment on how surprised they are to learn about that person’s true nature.

Unless you are a detective or someone whose work involves dealing with dangerous individuals, you likely won’t be able to tell right away if someone is evil. Your dog is different.

Dogs rely mainly on instinct to make decisions about people. Unlike us, they don’t base their impression of a person on things like their job, their reputation, or their family. That allows them to develop an impression of the person they just met without being bothered by external factors.

Your pet will only base their perception of a person on the energy they give off. If your dog senses that something is off about the person they just met, they will let you know quickly.

How Do Dogs React to Evil People?

Let’s say that your pet has indeed encountered someone who they feel is evil. How would you even know about that?

There are signs you can look for if you want to uncover your dog’s true emotions. We have detailed those telltale signs in the following section.

Loud Barking and Growling

Upon meeting an evil person, the first thing your dog might do is bark at them. They may bark loudly at the person in question.

Of course, a barking dog is far from unusual. However, there may be something to it that keeps it from being normal.

Aside from barking, you may also start to hear your dog growling. You may detect a loud, guttural growl that is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Take that as a sign that your dog has picked up something they find to be quite sinister.

Flashing Teeth

Dogs become defensive when they detect an evil presence. They will lunge and bite anyone who they identify as a threat.

Your dog may not launch into an attack right away. Instead, they may flash their teeth to threaten the person they don’t like.

Moving Away from the Evil Person

Although your dog may be willing to bite someone to defend themselves, they may not take that approach right away. Your pet’s preference may still be to avoid a confrontation if that is at all possible.

Because of that, your dog may try to run away from the person they dislike. They may also try to hide from that evil person.

Pacing Around

Your dog may enter defensive mode if they detect that an evil person is nearby. They may not feel completely safe around that person so they will walk back and forth to make sure they are not exposed in any way.

Complete Focus on the Evil Person

Dogs may also become fixated on anyone who they sense as evil. They may fix their gaze on that person continuously and ignore any distractions around them. They may even ignore you because their focus is solely on that evil person.

Try to steer clear of your pet at that point. Let them calm down a bit before you go to get them.

Can Dogs Pick Up Bad Energy?

We know that dogs can sense the evil lying dormant in someone. They can do that because their senses are not burdened by the distractions that often get to us.

But is there something more to the way that dogs read people that allows them to clearly read a person’s true nature and intentions? You may be surprised to learn that they do sense something else.

People that are harboring evil thoughts, intentions, and emotions unconsciously emit specific chemicals. We cannot sense those chemicals, but your dog can.

Those chemicals may infuse the sweat droplets produced by that individual. As the person sweats, the sinister chemicals become easier to detect. Your dog will be able to sniff out those chemicals with greater ease at that point.

Aside from detecting the sinister chemicals that someone is giving off, your dog may also pick up subtle changes in their body language. They may sense if the person has become more aggressive. They may even be able to predict if that person is about to attack you.

Note that your dog may also react even if someone is not projecting any evil intentions. Your pet may pick up on the fact that there is something different about the situation they’re in. That could also cause your dog to react in an aggressive manner.

Can Dogs Sense When Something Bad Will Happen?

A dog with keen senses is capable of sniffing out the evil in someone. Beyond that, they can also use those senses to detect danger.

For instance, your dog may be able to detect a fire before you do. That’s because they can sense the smell of something burning in the air faster than we can. They can tell you there’s a fire just as it’s getting started and that should allow you to do something about the fire.

A dog’s heightened sense of smell also comes in handy for sniffing out chemicals. You may notice them cowering from a window because they detect a strong chemical odor coming from there.

It’s also worth pointing out that dogs see the world differently than we do. They are capable of seeing certain things in the dark that we cannot detect at all. That’s another reason why dogs are often brought in to help find missing objects and people.