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Can dogs have biscuits?

I have a confession to make. When my canine companion gives me the ol’ puppy dog eyes while I’m eating something, I find it nearly impossible not to share my food. Saying no to my dog’s adorable face is simply a monumental challenge.

Even so, I do have my limits. Some foods should never be offered to dogs as treats and I don’t give in no matter what.

But what about those treats in the gray area? For example, many pet owners don’t know if giving their dogs biscuits is acceptable or an absolute no-no.

I want to help clear matters up in this article. Read on if you want to know if your favorite biscuits are fit for sharing with your pet or if you should keep them to yourself.

Can Dogs Have Biscuits?

Let’s answer the main question immediately.

Can you give your dog biscuits? Well, the answer to that question depends on what kind of biscuits you plan to give.

The biscuits described below are the ones you should never give to your dog.

Biscuits That Contain Chocolates and/or Raisins

Biscuits that contain chocolates or raisins belong nowhere near your dog.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. It contains compounds that are legitimately harmful to our four-legged friends.

Even a small amount of chocolate is enough to mess with your dog’s body. Eating a large amount of chocolate may be enough to kill your dog.

Raisins can cause digestive issues. If a dog eats too many raisins, their kidneys could shut down.

Biscuits Loaded with Sugar

Sugary biscuits should also never be given to dogs as treats. Although consuming sugary biscuits will not be fatal for your dog, those treats can still present real problems.

Short-term, an excessive amount of sugar can upset your dog’s stomach. Unless you want to spend the rest of your day cleaning up your dog’s messes, you should hold off on giving them sugary biscuits.

Long-term, dogs that eat sugary biscuits somewhat regularly may gain weight quickly. Dogs that consume excessive sugar consistently are also likely to develop dental problems.

Hard Biscuits

Pet owners should also avoid giving hard biscuits to their dogs.

Hard biscuits are choking hazards. After your dog bites into one, a piece may get lodged in their throat. Your dog will have a hard time swallowing that piece.

Soft biscuits are easier to bite and swallow for dogs. They are less likely to get stuck in a bad spot.

What Happens if My Dog Eats Biscuits?

Do not panic if your dog ate the biscuits that fell on the floor. Most of the time, it’s not going to be a big deal.

Your dog may get a sugar rush from the biscuits and they may poop a little more, but that’s about it. It’s unlikely that you will have to take your dog to the veterinarian simply because they ate some biscuits.

Of course, I’m assuming that the aforementioned biscuits contained neither chocolates nor raisins. If the biscuits in question did indeed contain chocolates and/or raisins, you should treat the situation like an emergency.

Consuming even a small amount of either chocolates or raisins can be bad for any pet dog. You need to take action right away because your dog’s life could be in danger.

What to Do if My Dog Eats Biscuits?

As we mentioned above, you must act immediately if your dog ate biscuits that contained chocolates and/or raisins.

Call the veterinarian’s office and tell them you and your dog are coming in for an emergency. Don’t hesitate to head to the vet because those precious moments can make a huge difference.

Now, if your dog ate biscuits that contained no chocolate and/or raisins, you can take a wait-and-see approach. See how they will act for the next few minutes.

If your dog is acting normally after eating the biscuits, then you don’t have to drop by the veterinary clinic. They are probably feeling full, but they will be fine later on.

Dogs that show discomfort after eating biscuits need your help. Take them to the vet immediately so they can receive emergency care.

What Biscuits Can I Give My Dog?

Do you want to give your dogs some treats? Biscuits are great occasional treats and there are even options made especially for dogs.

While at the pet store, look for the low-calorie and low-sugar dog biscuits. Refer to the label to make sure you’re buying the healthy options.

If you’re uncertain about which dog biscuits to buy, you can ask the veterinarian for their picks. They can give you some good options to choose from.

You can also make some dog biscuits at home. Biscuits made with peanut butter, milk, and plain flour are healthy and delicious treats to give to your dog.

Preparing the dog biscuits yourself is smart because you can control all the ingredients that go into them. You don’t have to worry about unknown ingredients causing your pet discomfort.

Are Biscuits Safe for Dogs?

Yes, many types of biscuits are perfectly safe for dogs. Just steer clear of hard biscuits and the ones that contain too much sugar, chocolate, or raisins, and nothing bad will happen.

I do want to remind pet owners that biscuits should not take the place of regular dog food. Biscuits don’t contain the nutritional content dogs need to stay active and healthy.

Dogs may like the flavor and texture of biscuits, but that doesn’t mean they should eat them all the time.  

How Many Biscuits Can a Dog Eat?

Err on the side of giving too few biscuits to your dog rather than too many.

Giving your dog only one biscuit is perfectly fine. You can break the biscuit up in your hands before giving it to your pet to make it last longer.

At most, you should only give your dog two biscuits. They should be satisfied with that.

You risk getting your dog hooked on biscuits by giving them too many. Use other foods to satisfy your dog’s hunger instead of biscuits.

Can I Give My Dog Rich Tea Biscuits?

Rich tea biscuits are eaten all around the world. They are sweet little treats with a pleasingly crisp texture. Some fans of rich tea biscuits also dunk them in either tea or coffee to enhance their flavor.

While eating some rich tea biscuits at home, your dog may approach you and ask for some.

So, should you indulge your furry friend by giving them a bite of your rich tea biscuit? I would vote against doing so.

Rich tea biscuits are quite sugary. Consuming even one rich tea biscuit can upset your dog’s stomach. It’s better to just give your dog a different treat.