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Can dogs get diarrhea from exercise?

Can dogs get diarrhea from exercise?

If your dog often has diarrhea during or after exercise, you might be wondering why and what you should do about it. This post will show you likely reasons why your dog gets diarrhea after exercise and what you can do.

Why does my dog get diarrhea during exercise?

Below are likely causes and what would make them more likely.


When dogs move around it allows their poop to get broken up more allowing them to poop more easily. This is why dogs tend to have runny poop when you take them for a walk. If your dog tends to only get runny poop during exercise and shortly after exercise, it is likely to be due to this or adrenaline as mentioned below.

You may have also noticed that your dog might sometimes go crazy before pooping. If your dog goes crazy before pooping when it is at home, the cause is likely to be that it has not been moving around much meaning that it could be slightly constipated. By running around, your dog will be able to relieve some of the constipation since it will be able to break its poop up more.


Dogs often get very excited when you give them exercise. This can cause their adrenaline to spike which can also cause their stools to be runnier. If your dog tends to get very excited on walks, it would be likely that the loose stools are due to adrenaline and movement causing the stools to get broken up more.


Another possible cause is that your dog gets anxious. This would be more likely if your dog shows signs of anxiety when you take them for exercise and if they often try to resist allowing you to take them for a walk.

Hot weather

It might also be the case that your dog gets heatstroke due to hot weather. This would be more likely if your dog has been doing it more since the weather has become hotter and if your dog shows other signs of heatstroke such as excessive panting. Heatstroke is actually a serious condition and it is recommended that you avoid exercising your dog during the hottest hours and opt for morning or evening exercise instead.

Medical Issues

It could also be the case that your dog has medical issues that are arising as a result of exercise. This would be more likely if your dog has very runny diarrhea during exercise.

Consider how bad the diarrhea is and how long it persists

If your dog has very runny diarrhea after or during exercise, the best option would be to take your dog to a vet. By doing so, you should be able to get expert advice tailored towards your particular dog and to rule out the possibility of medical causes.

Is It Normal for Dogs to Have Diarrhea After Exercise?

It is very common for dogs to have loose stools during exercise or shortly after exercise. However, if the loose stools persist for hours after exercise, your dog pants excessively for a long time after, the diarrhea has more of a water consistency or your dog behaves unusually in other ways, the best option would be to consult with a vet.

It could be the case that your dog is getting diarrhea during exercise as a result of normal functions or it could be due to a more serious issue. The only way you will be able to know for sure would be to consult with a vet.

Also, if your dog’s stools are bloody, it would be especially important to consult with a vet.

What to Do If My Dog Has Diarrhea After Exercise?

If your dog has slightly runny poop after exercise but your dog behaves normally, it would be best to allow your dog to rest as they please and to ensure that your dog has access to water. It would also help to ensure that your dog has access to a cool shaded area.

If your dog behaves unusually after exercise or your dog has frequent diarrhea that persists for hours after exercise, the best option would be to consult with a vet.

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea on Walks?

Walks can be strenuous for dogs. This happens if you walk your dog for long distances. Just like strenuous exercising, walking results in unusual bowel movements. Vigorous exercises and walks will shorten the time it takes for food to go through the intestines. That means the intestinal tract might not absorb all the water, causing diarrhea.

If your dog suffers from this problem, it would be best to start with finding the right foods for it. Lighter foods will significantly minimize diarrhea. For example, chicken broth, chicken wings, and vegetables are considered the best solutions for diarrhea. You could also opt for roasted potatoes and pumpkins. However, be careful not to introduce too many new foods at once.

You’ll also need to hydrate the dog. However, you must give it water in small portions. Adding electrolyte fluid to the water will help in this process too.

It might also be the case that hot weather is the cause, if you have been exercising your dog during hot hours.

What Causes Sudden Diarrhea in Dogs?

Various aspects go into causing diarrhea in dogs. Understanding some of these causes could help avert the problem on time. Here is a breakdown of the things that could result in sudden diarrhea in dogs.

A sudden dietary change could be unhealthy for your dog. This dog needs time to adjust to various new foods, meaning you must learn to introduce these changes slowly. Any sudden change strains the gut, where the dog could experience an inflammatory response to the food. This inflammation happens on the intestinal lining, resulting in multiple gastrointestinal issues like vomiting and diarrhea. Eating spoiled food will also be worth checking out too.

An allergic reaction to certain environmental factors and foods could result in diarrhea. For instance, dogs that are allergic to chicken will start vomiting and have diarrhea as soon as they consume it. The same happens if your dog has a high intolerance of certain foods. Consuming various toxic elements could cause the problem too.

Various diseases could also cause diarrhea. They include liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disorder. Gastrointestinal disorder, colitis, and stress are other triggers.