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Can a dog sense a cat in heat?

Can a dog sense a cat in heat?

We know that dogs and cats have a relationship that can best be described as interesting. Dogs and cats fighting is something that happens in real life. If you have stray animals in your area, you may be witness to that occurrence on a fairly regular basis.

Then again, cats and dogs living together under the same roof and getting along is far from unusual. You may have that exact setup in your household.

Still, you may be wondering if that co-existence could turn into something else. Can your dog tell if your cat is in heat and what would their reaction be?

Those are interesting questions to ponder. I went ahead and sought out answers for them myself. Check out the rest of this article if you want to learn more about what I discovered.

Can a Dog Sense a Cat in Heat?

The signs of a female cat in heat are pretty easy to detect. Female cats will let out this unusual sound when they’re in heat and they also develop this urge to wander all over the place in search of a mate. Some female cats will also groom themselves more while they are in heat.

The point is that the signs of a cat in heat are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

Dogs don’t know about the signs indicating that a cat is in heat. Because of that, is it safe to assume that dogs cannot tell when a cat is going through that period in their reproductive cycle?

Although dogs are not aware of the telltale signs that a cat is in heat, they have other means of detecting those types of changes. Since dogs have an incredible sense of smell, they have likely noticed that something has changed with cats that are going through their heat period.

You see, hormonal changes take place in cats while they’re in heat. Those new hormones also happen to smell very different. Your dog can pick up on those new smells and figure out that has something has changed with their feline friend.

The new smells caused by the hormonal changes are not the only things that dogs can pick up on. Dogs will also notice when cats are behaving differently. They may not understand why the cat’s behavior has changed, but they are aware of it.

Can a Cat Sense a Dog in Heat?

We’ve established that dogs can sense when cats are in heat, but what about the flip side? Does a cat know if a female dog is currently going through her heat cycle?

In all likelihood, cats are aware of that change as well. Cats may also pick up on the distinct changes that occur whenever a dog is in heat.

Cats can sense the hormonal changes and they likely detect the external changes too.

For instance, dogs tend to leave a bloody discharge and become more aggressive while in heat. A dog going through her heat cycle may also urinate more frequently. Your cat is going to notice those changes.

Will Dogs Try to Mate with Cats?

Male dogs may display a strong reaction when they sense that a female dog in heat is nearby. Their primal urges are taking over and the desire to mate will resonate clearly with them.

It’s natural for male dogs to act that way around female dogs in heat. But what happens if a male dog sees a female cat in heat? Will the sense to mate take over them in that scenario as well?

The answer is no.

Dogs will not mate with any cat. It doesn’t matter if the cat is in heat or not. Even if they can sense that a cat is in heat, they will just ignore it.

Simply put, dogs are not interested in mating with cats.

Cats and dogs can form close bonds. That tends to happen a lot when they are raised together. However, nothing more than a friendly bond will form between them. Neither animal will be interested in mating with the other.

It’s also worth pointing out that dogs and cats cannot reproduce even if they ended up mating somehow. The two animals differ significantly from one another in terms of their DNA. There is no possible match between them so they cannot create a new species.

Why Does My Dog Try to Hump My Cat?

The answer in the previous section may have come as a surprise to you. After noticing previous interactions between your pets, you’re certain that dogs do indeed try to mate with cats sometimes.

What other explanation could there be for a dog trying to hump a cat?

Dogs may try to hump a cat from time to time. However, the motivation behind that kind of behavior is not a desire to mate. Instead, it is fueled by other aspects of your dog’s personality.

Humping Is a Part of Playing

We all know that dogs can be goofballs sometimes. Those goofball tendencies extend to the way they play.

Sometimes, dogs will even hump their playmates for no other reason than they’re having fun or feeling excited. It’s a weird occurrence, but it can happen every now and then.

Unfortunately, your cat may be on the receiving end of that humping. Try to curb that behavior from your dog so their playtime with the cat is not spoiled.

Humping Is a Display of Dominance

Dogs will also engage in humping in an attempt to assert their dominance over someone else. It could be another dog, another person, or even another animal such as a cat.

This type of display is also something you need to address. Your dog should not feel that they are in charge of your household. They tend to misbehave when they think that way.

Assert your dominance instead and let your pet know that they must obey.

Why Is My Dog Obsessed with My Cat?

Some dogs may get fixated on cats. It’s a peculiar development, but there are some logical explanations for it. I detailed the potential explanations for why your dog is obsessed with your cat below.

Your Dog Wants to Play with Your Cat

The explanation for your dog following your cat around could be nothing more than a desire to play. We know how fond dogs are of playtime and they will not shy away from asking cats to join in on the fun.

Your Dog Is Jealous of Your Cat

Jealousy is not an emotion exclusive to humans. Some animals, such as dogs, may experience it too.

If you’re showering your cat with plenty of affection even at the expense of your dog, the latter will notice. Your dog may start to get fixated on your cat because of that overwhelming sense of jealousy.

Make sure you give your dog some love and attention as well so they don’t feel left out.

Your Dog’s Instincts Are Taking Over

Dogs are natural hunters and small animals happen to be their favorite prey. Upon seeing your cat for the first time, your dog may start to feel those primal instincts take over.

You must take action immediately if your dog starts barking or chasing after your cat. If you let that behavior go on, there’s a chance that your pets will end up badly injured.

Your Dog Senses Something Different in Your Cat

A dog may also become obsessed with a cat if they notice something has changed. It could be because your cat is in their heat cycle, but there are other possible explanations too.

For instance, your dog may be paying more attention to your cat because the latter is sick. Your dog may have picked up on that illness early enough that it has yet to produce obvious symptoms.

Once you start your dog growing more obsessed with your cat, you should take a closer look at the latter. Taking your cat to the veterinarian is also worth considering.