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Can a big dog get a small dog pregnant?

Can a big dog get a small dog pregnant?

We have dogs of different sizes, and it is not uncommon for one household to have two or three dogs of varying sizes. When you have a mixture of big and small dogs, you may wonder whether you will be dealing with puppies any time soon or this is something not to expect. Read on to find out whether your big dog can get your small dog pregnant.

Can a Big Dog Get a Small Dog Pregnant?

The short answer is yes. A big dog can impregnate a small dog. However, this is often not advised, and if possible, ensure your big dog does not impregnate your small dog. For people who want to have dogs of different sizes in their homes, it is recommended for small dogs to be male.

For starters, consider that the big dog may have a penis too big for the female. That means when it attempts to penetrate the female, there are risks of injuries involved. Also, keep in mind that dogs mature at different ages. Small dogs mature between 12 to18 months, medium dogs mature between 15 to 18 months, and big dogs mature between 18 to 24 months. If a big dog tries to penetrate a small dog, there could be a severe tear.

What Happens if a Small Dog Gets Pregnant By a Big Dog?

If the small dog gets pregnant, it is possible that it will carry the pregnancy to term. This may be a difficult pregnancy for your dog. Generally, the uterus of a female puppy is in such a way that it can only accommodate puppies from her breed. Therefore, large fetuses are likely to overwhelm her. During this period, she will need medical supervision.  

When giving birth, a C-section is the recommended method of delivery if the fetuses are too big. This is because the puppies might be too big for the female’s birth canal. Therefore, there is the risk of bleeding and other complications arising if the usual delivery method is used.

Can a Small Dog Get a Big Dog Pregnant?

Yes, a small dog can impregnate a bigger dog. However, the mounting process will be challenging. Since he is small, he will struggle, which means he needs to be at the same height as the female to penetrate her. If you notice that the dog is struggling, consider stepping in to help. That means finding a solid platform to elevate him. Ensure that the surface of the platform is non-skid. This will prevent the dog from slipping and suffering injuries.

How do Small Males Tie With Bigger Dogs

Once your dog has penetrated the female, it will need help to hold that position. It may take a few minutes for the penis to swell to the tie. While this is happening, try to firmly push him up by placing your hand under his tail and holding him there till they are locked.

After the tie comes the challenging part, where injuries can occur if you are not careful. Since the mating process can take even an hour, it is vital to help your dog. For a larger dog, lifting his leg over the female to turn his back to her for the locking process is not complicated. However, a smaller dog will struggle, meaning you have to gently help him lift his leg and turn him around.

Is It Safe to Breed Dogs of Different Sizes?

With the right supervision, breeding two dogs of different sizes can be safe. You should also consider talking to a vet as they will caution you if the difference in size is too extreme. There will be risks from the mating process till delivery. Especially if it is a small female vs. a big male. Thus, ensure you are aware of the risks before you decide to do this.

Can a Chihuahua Get Pregnant by a Large Dog?

Yes, your chihuahua could get pregnant by a large dog. As much as the process will be tricky, pregnancy is still possible. However, dog owners are advised not to encourage this due to the challenges involved in breeding a small female and a big male.

What Are The Best Breeds to Mix With a Chihuahua?

If you want a Chihuahua mix to be bred, here are a few ideal suggestions:

  • Chihuahua and Bichon Frise
  • Chihuahua and Chinese Crested
  • Chihuahua and Jack Russel Terrier
  • Chihuahua and Pug
  • Chihuahua and Boston Terrier
  • Chihuahua and Rat Terrier
  • Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher
  • Chihuahua and Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Are There After Pills For Dogs?

Suppose your small dog gets pregnant, and you do not want to risk the possibility of injuries during pregnancy or delivery. In that case, there are birth control drugs for the dogs.

  • If you take your dog immediately if she has mated, the vet will give her diethylstilbestrol (DES) tablets which last five days.
  • If it is a few days later, DES will work, but only after she has been given an estradiol cypionate (ECP) injection. However, this injection may not be available everywhere.
  • Some people have also used RU486. However, apart from being costly, it has not been labeled for dogs.
  • Dexamethasone tablets can also be used to abort a pregnancy. However, they have side effects like excess urination and thirst during treatment. There are no permanent side effects that have been discovered yet.
  • Depending on your state, your vet may use other types of drugs.

No drug will work 100%. The vet will thus have to keep checking the dog for the next couple of weeks to ensure the drugs have worked and she is not pregnant.

Can Tiny Dogs Get Pregnant?

Yes. As long as they have sexually matured, then a small dog can get pregnant. Small dogs go into heat as early as four months, and if they mate, they can get pregnant on the first estrus cycle. However, pet owners are discouraged from breeding their tiny dogs in the first heat cycle as they are still growing.

How Many Times Can a Small Dog Get Pregnant

Small dogs go through the estrus cycle about three times a year, which means they can get pregnant that many times.

Can a Small Dog Get Pregnant and Not Show?

Early in the pregnancy, your dog may not show any signs of pregnancy, and you cannot detect it is pregnant. However, from 21 days into the pregnancy, the dogs will start showing signs like weight gain, nausea and vomiting, a clear mucoid discharge from the vulva, and erect and pink nipples.

How Many Days is a Small Dog Pregnant?

Pregnancy in dogs lasts about 57 to 65 days. The average is 63 days. If this is a planned pregnancy, you should be able to know which date to expect puppies. After mating, ensure your dog does not mate with other dogs. The estrus period can last for several days after mating, and it is a good idea to let her rest.

How Can I Help My Dog Breeding For The First Time?

If this is the first time your dog is breeding, ensure it is comfortable. In fact, it is recommended that you introduce the two dogs to each other earlier. That way, they can get to know each other and get comfortable. This will make the mating process easier and increase the chances of successful breeding.

Your dogs need to be relaxed and happy when they are breeding and in a comfortable environment. Also, this gives you a chance to know whether the two dogs are compatible. 

Is it Dangerous For Small Dogs To Get Pregnant By a Big Dog?

Yes, this is a dangerous situation that should be avoided if possible. The vagina of a dog is proportionate to its body size the same way the penis of a male dog is proportional to its body size. Therefore, there is the possibility of the male penis tearing the vagina of the female dog.

The locking process can take more than half an hour after the male dog has ejaculated. It is not uncommon for the dogs to move around while they are still locked. As you can tell, this is dangerous for the female dog. Therefore, we only breed a small female and a bigger male under supervision to reduce the risk of injuries.

What Do I Need To Do If My Big Dog Mates With a Small Dog

If a big male dog mounts your small female dog, they will need supervision and assistance. In most cases, a female dog can put up with the weight of the bigger dog. Also, the male dog will not place its entire weight on the female, making it a bit easier for the female.

Before mating occurs, there is some wooing that involves biting and pawing each other. This can lead to unintentional harm. At this stage, if you see that the male dog is too rough, separate them. During penetration, the male genitalia may be too big for the female genitalia. That means you should first consult with a vet before exposing your female dog to the risk of potential mutilation.

When the male successfully penetrates the females, get someone else to help you hold both dogs still. In some cases, a male dog can try to move around, which means it will be dragging the small female with it. This can cause injuries, and it is also distressing for the female. Also, do not attempt to separate them. Let them finish on their own.

There is a chance that the male will not manage to turn away during the locking process. If this happens, ensure the male dog does not lie down and squash the female.

If the female gets pregnant, monitor it. The more the puppies, the better the outcome of the delivery. That is because the space will be limited, and therefore, the pups will not grow too big. When they are few, they have room to grow, which means the delivery can be rough for the dog. It may therefore need to have a C-section.

How Much Larger Can a Male Dog Be to Get a Female Dog Pregnant?

Getting a female dog pregnant is not a matter of size but rather age. If the male dog has matured sexually and the female dog has also developed, even if the female is larger, it can still get pregnant. Large breeds reach sexual maturity from around 12 to 15 months, while for the smaller breeds, it is about six months.

What Will Be The size of Puppies Born from Different Sizes of Parents?

Generally, puppies will grow to be the size of a female dog due to something called intrauterine growth restriction. This is when the uterus limits the extent that the fetus can grow.

How Soon Can a Dog Get Pregnant After Giving Birth?

After birth, your female dog can get pregnant on her next heat cycle. In fact, she can get pregnant while she is still nursing her puppies. However, back-to-back pregnancies are dangerous and can weaken the immune system of a dog.