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Black Cane Corso – All You Need To Know

Cane Corsos are a large, but elegant breed. They are excellent for families as long as they are properly trained, and very protective of their loved ones. 

Black Cane Corso Facts

The black Cane Corso has a very intimidating appearance. However, their nature is calm and affectionate, at least with their loved ones.  

Black Cane Corso Appearance

Black is a popular Corso color, likely partly because of their imposing appearance. Black Corsos are allowed to have white patches, which can make them even more beautiful and unique. 

In addition, they are large dogs with heavy muscles. They have a square head and a broad barrel chest.  

The black Cane Corso does have some issues with an incorrect coat. A Corso’s coat should be short and shiny. This gives them an elegant, streamlined appearance. 

The coat is shiny because it has a high amount of keratin, which is essentially waterproofing. It keeps the Corso from getting wet and cold when outdoors. 

 However, the black Corso often has a short undercoat. This is because black absorbs more heat from the sun. Black Corsos need less undercoat to keep them warm than lighter colors. 

Even a black Corso with a correct coat will have a shorter coat than a brindle or fawn Corso. However, it can still meet the AKC standards. However, black Corsos are more likely to have a coat that doesn’t meet the standard than other colors. 

Black Cane Corso History 

The Cane Corso is an ancient breed. It’s thought they are descended from the original Molossus from ancient Greece. Other descendants of the Molossus include Mastiffs and bulldogs. 

The Romans discovered the Cane Corso, and fell in love with the breed. They brought Corsos back home, and began breeding them. The Corso fought in the Macedonian War alongside soldiers. 

Once the war was over, the Corso found other ways to earn their keep. They became hunting companions, farm helpers, and guard dogs. They still perform all of these functions in some areas, but they are best known for their skill as guard dogs. 

It was thought the Cane Corso was extinct in the 1900s. A chance encounter proved this theory wrong during the 1970s. Corso lovers began bringing the breed back from the brink of extinction. 

In 1984, the first Corso club, Society Amorati Cane Corso (Society of Cane Corso Lovers). The group is still active today. 

Black Cane Corso Price

Black Cane Corsos are middle of the road in terms of cost. The average price of a Cane Corso is $2,100, which is also the price for a black Cane Corso. 

Fawn is one of the least expensive colors, at $1,600. Gray is the most expensive color, at $3,000. 

Other factors will affect price as well. Males cost $100 more than females on average. It’s believed that they have a stronger protective instinct than females. 

Puppies cost more than adults. Adults are typically $300-$500 less than a puppy. 

Registration has a significant impact on price as well. An unregistered puppy will cost about $500 more than one without papers.

If you are simply looking for a companion, registering your dog isn’t really necessary. However, the registration process requires health testing. Purchasing an unregistered pooch carries a higher health risk. 

Lastly, the pedigree of the dog has a large impact on price. A Corso with a prestigious bloodline will cost much more than  the average Corso. 

Black Cane Corso Rarity

Black is the most common Cane Corso color. When both parents are black, 70% of the puppies will be black as well. This is because the black color is produced by eumelanin. 

Eumelanin is a dominant gene. This means if a puppy receives one or two copies of the gene, they will be black. If a gene is recessive, it takes two copies of the gene for it to show. If they have one dominant and one recessive gene, the dominant gene will be the one shown. 

Black Cane Corso Life expectancy

Cane Corsos have a life expectancy of 9-12 years. Their life expectancy is affected by color. Brindles, particularly black brindle Corsos, have the longest average life span, at 10.3 years. 

Solid colors, including black Corsos, have a slightly lower lifespan of 9 years. 

Of course, other factors also affect lifespan. Proper breeding, a healthy diet, and proper exercise can increase your dog’s lifespan.  

Black Cane Corso Size and weight

The Cane Corso has an average weight of 100 pounds. They are a large breed, with a beautiful, well-muscled body. They also have large bones, which adds to their size and weight. 

Females are a bit smaller than males, with an average weight of 85-99 pounds. They grow to 23-26 inches in height. Males have an average weight of 90-120 pounds. They reach 25-28 inches tall. 

Black Cane Corso Health

Cane Corsos are considered to be a healthy breed, but they do have a few health issues. This is true with any breed, however. 

Joint Problems 

Joint problems are an issue for any large dog breed. Black Cane Corsos are particularly prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. However, genetic testing can reduce the risk of breeding dos with these issues. Testing can also reveal how likely your dog is to encounter these problems. 

Proper exercise and a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing joint issues as well. 

Eye Conditions 

 There are a few eye conditions that are common in Cane Corsos. These all involve the third eyelid. Cherry eye happens when the third eyelid swells. This causes a red mass to appear.

Entropion and Ectropion are also common. These are caused by issues with the ligaments  around the eyes.


Bloat can happen to any dog. However, large and barrel chested breeds are at a higher risk of the condition. Bloat occurs when pressure from gas builds up in the stomach. When the digestive system is functioning properly, this gas is released through burping or flatulence. 

With bloat, the gas cannot be released. As food digests, the pressure increases, because more gas forms. This can cause the stomach to twist. 

If it’s not treated quickly, bloat can be fatal. In fact, a dog can die from bloat within hours of developing symptoms. 

Black Cane Corso Behavior/Characteristics

The black Cane Corso is one of the most intimidating dogs you are likely to see. However, below the formidable exterior is a gentle heart. 

Corsos are highly protective. In fact, their name means bodyguard in Latin. They have many of the characteristics of a body guard. They are stately, and a bit reserved. They are observant, and will stand by unless they are needed. 

Black Cane Corso Tempermant 

The Corsos tough appearance and protective nature have caused it to get a reputation as being aggressive. However, this isn’t the case. 

The American Temperament Test measures several aspects of dog behavior. These include stability, aggressiveness, friendliness, protectiveness, and self-preservation.

Individual dogs are tested, and scores are kept for each dog. When added together, these scores give a great overview of the temperament of the entire breed. 

The Golden Retriever is considered the stereotypical family dog. 85% of them pass the American Temperament Test. Corsos actually perform better, with 88% passing the test. 

The black Cane Corso is incredibly tolerant and calm when in new situations. The high pass rate for the test shows that they are not aggressive. They are simply protective, fiercely so, when necessary. 

How to care for a Black Cane Corso

Caring for a black Cane Corso is extremely rewarding, but it does take some work. They have needs which must be met for a happy and healthy pooch. 

Mental and Physical Exercise 

Cane Corsos are active dogs. They require 1 to 2 hours of exercise each day. It’s typically recommended to split this into two exercise sessions, instead of one very long session. 

In  addition to physical activity, they have a high need for mental exercise as well. Their intelligence and natural inclination to be useful mean that you must keep their mind occupied. 

Playing games with them, puzzle toys, and teaching them new commands can help stimulate their mind. You can also combine mental and physical activities by playing hide and seek or building an obstacle course. Despite their large size, Corsos are very agile. Many even compete in agility competitions. 


Training is a necessity for the Cane Corso. They have a high need to please. Along with their intelligence, this makes them easy to train. Keep in mind that your cute pup will someday weigh nearly as much as an adult human. If you don’t train them early and well, they may be running the household as they get older. 

Training is also necessary due to their protective nature. You must train them in how and when to protect you. If you don’t, they will determine these things for themselves, and their definition of a threat may be much different than yours. 


Socialization is also essential for Cane Corsos. These bodyguard dogs must be socialized early. This teaches them that just because some is new doesn’t mean they are dangerous. It’s also important to introduce them to other dogs.  

With proper socialization, the Corso gets along well with humans and dogs. 

Give Them a Job 

You must understand that the black Cane Corso is a working dog at heart. They need a job to provide them with a purpose and  sense of satisfaction. 

They obviously make excellent guard jobs, which could easily be their sole job. They may keep a watch over the children, or even help around the farm. Some owners use learning commands and tricks as the Corsos job. 

The truth is, what they do isn’t really important. As long as they have a well defined job, they feel useful and appreciated. 

How do you buy a Black Cane Corso?

There are two basic options if you are interested in buying a black Cane Corso. The first way is to adopt a Cane Corso. The second is to buy your Corso from a breeder. 

Adopting a Cane Corso 

Adopting a Cane Corso allows you to give a home to a pooch that needs one. You may have a difficult time finding a Corso at your local shelter. Most dogs who are up for adoption are adults as well, so puppies are in short supply. 

However, your local shelter isn’t the only place to adopt.  You can also contact Cane Corso Resuce, Inc. This organization specializes in adopting, fostering, and rescuing Cane Corsos. You can find them online, or call them at 814-68-CORSO

Buying From a Breeder 

The other way to bring  a black Cane Corso into your life is to purchase one from a breeder. There are many reputable breeders, but they are unethical breeders as well. It’s important to be sure you are buying your Corso from a responsible breeder. 

One way to do this is to check the AKC  breeder registry. The breeders are vetted and uphold the AKC standards. 

Another option is to Cane Corso Association of America, or CCAA. This organization for Corso lovers also has a breeder directory. Like the AKC directory, you can expect the breeders listed to be ethical. 

There are a few things to consider when speaking to a breeder. Breeders who register their dogs must meet the AKC standard. This helps sure that the breeder and their practices are responsible. 

A nonregistered dog isn’t a red flag, but it may be a yellow one. It is a sign to take a little extra care getting to know the breeder, and their methods. 

Beware of a breeder that focuses on color. An ethical breeder should focus on behavior and health, with color only being considered after these two factors are met. 

You should also avoid breeders that call non-standard colors rare or  charge a higher price for them. Colors that are outside the breed standard are rare in that they don’t occur often. 

However, these colors should never be the goal when breeding. There are concerns like increased health issues with these colors. In addition, responsible breeders want to keep the breed pure and within AKC guidelines.