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Belgian Malinois Mixed With Husky: All You Need to Know

What do you get when a Belgian Malinois is mixed with a Husky? A Belusky!

Beluskies are medium-to-large-sized dogs that are known for their intelligence and protective temperament. They’re quite easy to train but require a spacious environment that gives them plenty of room to run around and explore.

Read on to learn more about the features, personality, and care requirements of Belusky dogs.


The Belgian Malinois Husky mix is a hybrid breed between Siberian Huskies and Belgian Malinois. Both of the parent breeds of these dogs are recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, the mix between them isn’t. 

Dogs of this breed are often referred to as Beluskies.

Brief History of Belgian Malinois and Husky Mix

As with most hybrid dog breeds, Belusky dogs were bred out of necessity. Breeders were looking to create a canine that would excel as a guard dog. In turn, they chose Belgian Mals and Siberian Huskies, two of the best dog breeds for such a job, and mixed them together.

The resulting Belusky proved to be a highly intelligent and hardworking dog. This breed is now used for the purpose it was originally meant for. Beluskies are also commonly used as police dogs. Additionally, their intelligence and protective nature make them great pets.

Information regarding when and where Belusky dogs were first bred isn’t available. However, what we can say with certainty is that these dogs have only been introduced recently.


When it comes to dog breeds, Huskies are as ancient as they come. These dogs were the trusty pals of the North Siberian Chukchi tribe over 4,000 years ago. They were primarily kept as sled dogs and pets.

These dogs were introduced to North America at the start of the 20th century. They were brought to Alaska to take part in dog sledding competitions, experiencing massive success.

Another key event in Husky history was the diphtheria epidemic. During these tough times, Huskies proved invaluable in the efforts to save the Alaskan city of Nome. They were used to transport the medicine that saved thousands of lives to Nome when no one else could access the city due to harsh weather conditions. 

In 1930, five years after their heroic efforts, Huskies were registered by the American Kennel Club as a recognized breed.

Belgian Malinois

In a similar fashion to Huskies, Belgian Mals got their start as working dogs. Their role was to help farmers complete their daily tasks. They were also widely used as shepherd dogs, sheltering their owner’s sheep and cows from lingering predators and thieves.

Due to their incredible loyalty, tireless work ethic, and supreme smarts, Belgian Mals are also quite commonly used as police dogs.

Characteristics of Belgian Malinois Husky Mix

Now that we’ve had a brief overview of the parents, let’s dive into the characteristics of the pups they produce.

How Big Are Belgian Malinois Huskies?

Both huskies and Belgian Malinois dogs are quite large. Therefore, Beluskies can grow to a substantial size. As with most dog breeds, female Beluskies are likely to be shorter and weigh less than their male counterparts.

Their size can vary depending on which of their parents they inherit more characteristics from. The largest Beluskies can weigh up to 80 pounds and reach a height of 26 inches.

Beluskies that are on the smaller end of the spectrum are typically around 20 inches in height and weigh roughly 35 pounds. 

However, you should take into account that the measurements mentioned above are extremes. The height and weight attributes of most Beluskies will likely be somewhere in between.

What Do Belgian Malinois Huskies Look Like?

Belusky dogs are truly beautiful specimens. Naturally, their appearance depends on which genes they receive from their Belgian Mal and Husky parents are dominant.

Fur Coat

Belusky dogs’ coat of fur consists of a double layer of a combination of soft and coarse waterproof hairs. In terms of length, these dogs’ fur isn’t very long. 

Additionally, Beluskies’ fur can come in a wide range of colors. However, all Beluskies have white or black patches on their fur.


Belusky dogs are characterized by their erect ears. They’re typically darker than the dog’s fur. Exactly how dark they are depends on whether the pup takes more after its Husky or Belgian Mal parent.

In terms of size and shape, a Belusky’s ears can be large and can also be small and rounded.


When it comes to their wagging tails, Beluskies have long, brush-like ones. If the pup is more inclined towards its Belgian Mal parent, its tail may also be surrounded by hair that’s longer than that on the rest of its body.


Beluskies’ heads are another feature that depends on which parent’s genes are dominant. They can be round and thick like that of a Husky, or slim with a pointy snout like what you’d see on a Belgian Mal.


Both Belgian Mals and Siberian Huskies have almond-shaped eyes. Therefore, all Beluskies share this same feature.

It’s the color of Belusky dogs’ eyes that varies with their genes.

They can either be blue like those of Huskies or chocolate brown like the eyes of Belgian Mals. 

Personality and Temperament of Belgian Malinois Huskies

The nature and personality of both Huskies and Belgian Mals make the hybrid breed that results from them a real joy to deal with. This is why Beluskies make for great dogs to keep as family pets.

The protective nature of Beluskies can be misconstrued as aggression, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It stems from the herding instincts of Belgian Mals and simply means that Beluskies are going to treat your children like their own. Additionally, it’s reinforced by genes that they receive from their Husky parent.

One downside to their herding inclinations is that Beluskies have the tendency to bark a lot when they sense that something is afoot. However, you can easily rid them of this behavior through proper training and conditioning.

Another thing that you’ll notice immediately in a Belusky dog is its abundance of energy and incredible intelligence. This mental aptitude makes training this breed both easy and enjoyable. 

How Much Do Belgian Malinois Huskies Cost to Buy?

One thing’s for sure, if you’re planning on buying a Belusky pup from a reputable breeder, then prepare to dig deep into your pockets.

This hybrid breed comes from two parent breeds that are notorious for being expensive. Siberian Huskies can cost up to $1500, while Belgian Mals have a going price of up to $2000 due to their rarity in the US.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Beluskies are also rather expensive. You can expect to pay $1500 for a Belusky pup.

If you’re bent on getting a Belusky but don’t want to pay that much, make sure to check your local dog shelter. However, don’t get your hopes up that you’ll find one there.

Caring For Belgian Malinois Huskies

If you’re thinking of adding a Belusky pup to your band of furry pals, you should make sure that you’re aware of these dogs’ care requirements.

Here are some useful tips when it comes to tending to a Belusky.

What Is the Ideal Environment For a Belgian Malinois Husky?

Right off the bat, if you live in a small apartment, then having a Belusky living with you probably isn’t the best decision. These dogs are quite large and have a lot of energy they need to expend on a daily basis. 

Therefore, keeping them pent up in an apartment definitely isn’t the recipe for a happy Belusky. 

The best living conditions for dog breeds such as Beluskies are a house with plenty of space and a large backyard for your furry pal to run around.

As with all dog breeds, it’s best to introduce them to other pets living in the house while they’re still pups. This reduces the chances of any conflicts occurring.

You may also be wondering if it’s okay to have big dogs such as these around young children. The answer is that it’s perfectly fine as long as you’ve properly trained your Belusky. That being said, we advise against leaving Beluskies with infants or toddlers unsupervised. 

How to Train a Belgian Malinois Husky

As we’ve previously mentioned, Beluskies are incredibly intelligent dogs. Therefore, they’re quite easy to train and condition.

This training will include providing your Belusky with the physical and mental stimulation it requires to remain healthy. You’ll also want to give your pup a chance to experience different environments and get accustomed to them.

This is better done when your Belusky is still a young pup. As your dog gets older and more set in its ways, you’ll find it harder to induce any changes in behavior.

As with all dog breeds, Beluskies don’t come readily house-trained, you’re going to have to teach them how to behave at home yourself. However, if your dog is mentally and physically stimulated to the degree it should be, then house training should be a piece of cake.

What to Feed a Belgian Malinois Husky

Let’s face it, any dog that has a lineage including Huskies and Belgian Mals is likely to have boundless energy. This means that Beluskies are definitely going to be running all over the place on a daily basis. 

The fact that these dogs have hefty bodies means that all this activity takes a lot out of them.

Therefore, it follows that you’re going to want to feed these dogs often and make sure that you’re putting the right nutrients into their bodies to keep them healthy.

Your best course of action is to nourish your Belusky with a steady diet of high-end probiotic dog food. You should also monitor the amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the food you’re giving your Belusky pup.

Additionally, if you want your Belusky to maintain a healthy weight, then you need to be careful with how many treats you give them when training them or trying to reinforce good behavior. Always go for healthy treats and don’t let those puppy dog eyes trick you into allowing your Belusky to over-indulge.

How Often Does a Belgian Malinois Husky Shed?

Despite the fact that the fur of Belusky dogs isn’t particularly long or dense, these dogs still require a great deal of care and grooming to remain healthy.

Your optimum course of action when dealing with a Belusky’s fur coat is to give it a thorough brushing at least twice a week. You’re probably going to need to brush your Belusky even more frequently than that as the seasons change. 

This is because that’s when these dogs experience the greatest degree of shedding.

What Is the Lifespan of a Belgian Malinois Husky?

Belusky dogs can have a lifespan of up to 15 years, maybe even longer. However, the typical Belusky will live for 12 years. It goes without saying that the key to a Belusky living a long and happy life is proper care and a lack of any serious health problems.

Potential Health Issues in Belgian Malinois Huskies

Unfortunately, Beluskies are prone to several ailments and illnesses. These health issues include, but aren’t limited to cataracts, hip and elbow dysplasias, and corneal dystrophy.

The susceptibility of Belusky dogs to these issues is a result of the genes they inherit from their parent breeds. Both Belgian Mals and Siberian Huskies are also at risk of these health problems.


Have you ever wondered what a Belgian Malinois mixed with a Husky is called? The answer is Belusky, and boy are these dogs a treat to be around.

Beluskies have the intelligence and charming temperament of their parent breeds and are highly easy to train. 

If you provide these dogs with the physical and mental stimulation they need, feed them properly, and treat them with love and care, you’ll have the ultimate furry companion on your hands.