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Aussie Pit Australian Shepherd PitBull Mix: Facts, details, Pictures

Like its Australian shepherd makeup, the Aussie pit doesn’t hail from down under, but that doesn’t dull its allure. With each person and family having their own needs and requirements when turning their house into a home, you’re looking at the right place if you’re Aussie-pit curious.

An Australian shepherd pit bull mix is known to be a vivacious crossbreed of the intelligent Australian shepherd and soft-hearted pit bull brute and mixes their looks. Its two-layered coat is commonly patterned with the merle colors of its ancestors. It can be aggressive without early socialization. 

Call it an Australian shepherd pit bull mix, pit bull Australian shepherd mix, shepherd pitbull mix, or an Aussie pit, but this dog by any other name is as good. Like Forest’s box of chocolate, this dog is full of wonderous surprises you won’t regret spending your valuable surfing time discovering. 

Traits Of The Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Although we’ve long believed and loved that some dog breeds have character traits specific to them, a newly published study in Science reveals that this is only marginally true.  

According to these illuminative research results, a dog’s behavioral and character traits aren’t as much of a given as we thought. 

The researchers noted that picking and choosing what you want is complicated because many genes determine a dog’s inherent features. In our case of breeding and crossbreeding, think of it as attempting to win a prize for your date from those infamous arcade claw machines. 

Further, these findings point towards a dog’s nature owing more to its environment, upbringing, life experience, and training. 

In the case of our adorable Aussie pit mixes, you should salt anything you eat up when it comes to how these designer dogs are said to behave. You’ll probably be able to see several of the traits you’ll read below, but the final verdict of your experience with an Aussie pit is up to how they are brought up.

Physical Traits Of The Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Hopefully, your enthusiasm and the curiosity you might share with an Australian shepherd pit bull mix are still intact by this potential living part-pooper academic stuff. The same paper verified that physical characteristics come through much more reliably in this matchmaking game.

That’s why we can boldly state that Aussie Pit bulls share looks with the Australian shepherd and pitbull, which helps because we now don’t have to update what our eyes have been seeing all this time. 

Like the funniest and most adorable lottery ever, the Aussie pit’s appearance can be a mixture of both of its purebred parents.

These pit bull Australian shepherds generally develop to be medium-sized companions with a build that leans towards being short and stocky the more the dog draws from its pit bull heritage. 

As if saddened by the fact that you aren’t adopting one right this instant, these dogs often have drooping ears and dark, wideset eyes. 

More often than not, their face will appear more pit bull than Australian shepherd. Again, every Aussie pit will look different because of the practically randomized way they draw from their ancestry.

Even though their closer physical characteristics are an ever-changing surprise, their silhouette and physical metrics are distinct enough to warrant an estimation.

Typical Physical Specifications Of An Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix 

Weight40-75 lbs., but reports say they can weigh as little as 30 pounds and as much as 85 pounds.
Height17-23 inches, but some people report a height as low as 14 inches, and it has short to medium-length, powerful legs.
CoatA short, double-layered coat usually patterned with a wide range of merle colors: blue, black, red, and cream. On rare occasions, the coat can be longer by taking more after Aussie shepherd. Still one to several shades of coat color remains the defining feature.
Lifespan12 to 16 years.

Behavioral And Character Traits Of The Aussie Pit

With all the new evidence, you can sigh relief that any Aussie pit you might’ve welcomed into your home isn’t destined to be an aggressive mutt. But it’s still a good idea to remember that these dogs have been known to bear their fangs much more loosely than Australian shepherds.

This breed takes after its ancestors by also being territorial, alert, and short-tempered around unfamiliar faces. Even though this dog might be weary of you at first, its loving and friendly temperament quickly develops and reveals itself.

Aussie pits are intelligent and energetic, a recipe for being easily bored if left unattended for too long. This is why they can exhibit destructive tendencies even though they often grow to be loyal family dogs.

These dogs are chatty house spouses who like to bark the night away with unreasonable persistence and vigor. They aren’t meek at all and respect a confident and assertive owner.

Pitbull australian shepherd mix
Pitbull australian shepherd mix

Sociability Of The Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Shepherd pit bull mixes aren’t the breed to back down from barking or any contest with other dogs. They can be unwelcoming to other dogs and pets if not steered in the right direction. 

These dogs will leave an indelible impression, but what kind depends on how well they are mannered and how comfortable they feel around your fleshy presence.

Fortunately, Aussie pits are too much of the caring type of personality under all that jock-and-charming-popular-kid first impressions not to have many pet friends. They can have a harmonious friendship with other dogs and pets if they are slowly and calmly introduced to new pets.

It’s a good thing that these dogs are so stunning and adorable to look at because you’ll want to keep a vigilant eye on them whenever they interact with children. They can be rough with young kids, leading to a dangerous misunderstanding if the child misinterprets their energy.

Grooming And Caring For An Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

The Aussie pit’s two-layer coat situation isn’t hypoallergenic and is prone to plenty of shedding, especially around the turn of seasons. Happily, this breed isn’t too high-maintenance and should be perfectly happy with a good brushing once or twice every week. 

Since most Aussie pits come out with shorter coats, they might need to be dolled up and dressed in a warm jacket for winter months in places with harsh weather. They might also need sunscreen applied around their nose, ears, and other vulnerable areas to protect them from the summer sun.

The only upkeep these dogs need is a daily clean and ear inspection for debris and clingy pests. Their teeth should also be brushed using a vet’s step-by-step instructions when you do this ear cleaning.

Because we can’t know what surprises lie beneath the surface of these crossbreeds, you would need to take them for frequent checkups at your local vet to get an early jump on these surprises.

A good vet should be more than happy to help you write a maintenance and care plan to help your Aussie pit have many brand-new shoe-destroying days. Vets might even give you a specific routine for this dog as it is a mixed breed.

While screening your Aussie pit, you’ll need to check its eyes to ensure that there aren’t any unusual discharge or vision impairments; Aussie pits are known to be susceptible to eye-related health problems.

A daily walk that’s thirty to sixty minutes is a must for these lively dogs. Activity keeps Aussie pits fit while keeping them entertained, as they seem to have the propensity to gain weight. 

Additionally, your experience living with this dog will be multitudes better if you include a couple of fun, active play sessions and shorter walks. 

Besides requiring warm accessories for biting winters, Aussie pits should be trimmed once or twice monthly to keep their nails comfortable and presentable. As with any dog, you’ll know that the nails should’ve been already trimmed when you hear them clicking on the floor.

Food Requirements Of The Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

As each dog’s traits and needs differ, Aussie pits require a vet’s eye and attention to recommend a diet plan. As previously mentioned, these dogs can gain weight if their feeding isn’t closely monitored.

They should be on a diet that would be satisfactory for a medium-large build dog with high energy levels. The dog should be made to adhere to a regular feeding schedule that doesn’t leave room for them to be constantly eating bowls that are left out all day. 

As an owner, you should watch the number of treats you hand out and mind not fall for the cuteness and voracious appetite, which could result in overfeeding.

If you were not to have immediate access to a veterinarian’s guidance and notice that your Aussie pit is overeating, you would need to control its portions and feed it foods high in protein, fatty acids, and calcium. 

This food should consist of high-quality raw meat and dog food. Fatty and high-calorie meals should be given sparingly or avoided because of the weight gain tendency.

Illnesses To Look Out For With An Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Dog insurance is required to adequately and affordably care for an Aussie pit. This dog needs frequent vet checkups because it can be predisposed to the same unpleasant health issues as the pit bull and Australian shepherd. 

Among some of the potential plights that are known to befall Aussie pits are:

  • Hip dysplasia,
  • Collie Eye Anomaly,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Cerebellar Ataxia,
  • Cataracts and other eye and ear issues dull their senses over time.

Training An Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

You can’t afford to skimp out or be lackadaisical when training a shepherd pit bull mix, as unfamiliarity breeds distrust and aggression.

Aussie pits catch on quickly when it comes to training which helps because it should begin as early as possible with puppy training. Positive reinforcement training at home also works well, so you can use the times you give them treats to teach them tricks and manners as they enjoy learning. 

As with any medium to large-sized dog, you’ll want sanction and referee plays between an Aussie pit and small children. Their robust build can be dangerous if the dog isn’t taught to be aware of its domineering build. 

You’ll want to train your Aussie pit not to jump on kids to keep plays and interactions with little humans safe and Teletubbies approved. Early socialization will go a long way in making interactions with other pets and lifeforms more uneventful.

The best socialization should begin early and should introduce the Aussie pit to many different people, dogs, and pets to ensure a better adapted and behaved matured dog. It’s best to bring in a variety of training, play, and tricks when working with this dog.

They should also love being enrolled in fun dog events that offer various categories that allow the Aussie pit to flex its broad skull. 

If you can’t afford to enlist a good coach to help you train your Aussie pit, you’ll want to remember that you need to be confident and firm to earn its respect. It’s best to avoid tying up the dog as a disciplinary action as it can become aggressive and lose its respect for you.

Some Aussie pits might also need to be taught to take their time eating to help them not overeat. In cases where your Aussie pit can’t seem to overcome its greed, you need to hide food and teach them not to steal or sneak food outside its feeding times.

Should You Get An Australian Shepherd Pit Bull Mix?

You should consider all the previous points if you consider bringing an Australian shepherd pit bull mix into your home. Besides being emotionally capable of caring for this dog, you’ll have an environment conducive to the dog’s herding nature.  

The ideal house should have plenty of room for the dog. If there are kids around, they should be older kids that won’t get overwhelmed by the body of an adult Aussie Pit. 

Your lifestyle should also align dog’s needs. Suppose you’re not a particularly outdoor-faring individual. In that case, you should have the flexibility of being able to adapt and stomach the disgustingly fresh air and torturous bird chirps at a spacious and dog-friendly park.

Most importantly, Aussie pits might be designer dogs, but they still end up at shelters. Instead of buying one, you should head to a rescue and give one of those good boys and girls a heart they can call home.


There are practically no downsides to owning an Aussie pit if you’re aware of and prepared for its particular needs. This doggo is smarter than that insentient whip and can fill both of your days with activity and love. These dogs are always stunners regardless of never knowing what you’ll get.