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Are two dogs easier than one?

Are two dogs easier than one?

Really, is there anything better than the love you receive from your dog? The only thing that tops it is the love you receive from two dogs. It’s twice the love you get and twice the love you get to give.

Many people have two dogs instead of one. Others say that one dog is all they can handle. It is true that a second dog adds on responsibility. Is it more difficult owning two dogs, or are two dogs easier than one? Let’s see.

Do dogs prefer having another dog?

Dogs are funny creatures, and I don’t mean they are all comedians, though some are quite hilarious. What I mean is they are each unique with their own little personalities, attitudes, and quirks. If you are looking to add a second dog to your family, you should consider whether your dog prefers having another dog around.

It depends on how needy they are and what their temperament is.

One difference in dogs is how needy they are. Just like humans, some dogs need tons of attention and affection, and others are fine to keep their distance and mind their own business.

Therefore, some dogs are fine when left alone, and others get bored or depressed. Still, others can display serious separation anxiety by vocalizing, using the bathroom in the house, or being destructive. It has been documented where dogs with separation anxiety have hurled themselves into and even through glass doors and windows to escape.

So, a second dog can alleviate this need for companionship in needy dogs by providing them with playmates. However, be careful, because not every dog is in the market for a pal. Plus, you cannot place two aggressively natured dogs together. One needs to have a temperament that is calmer and more subdued, so they won’t butt heads all the time.

It depends on their ages and whether they tend toward alpha personalities.

If you buy or rescue two puppies or even dogs of the same age, they will usually eventually run into trouble, because most times, there will be a struggle over who is the alpha dog and who is the beta dog. An “alpha dog” ranks highest in a pack. Beta dogs are next, followed by omega dogs.

An alpha dog is dominant and “bullyish” and can get jealous in a hurry. Therefore, you want to find a match that won’t be so apt to go to war over who is the alpha dog.

It’s not a good idea to get an energetic puppy if your dog is getting old, say over 9 years old, because your older dog won’t be able to keep up with your puppy and may get frustrated if the puppy is always messing with him, wanting to play.

Your best bet with an old dog is to find a dog that’s roughly 6 or 7 years old. A dog this age won’t be too rambunctious for your older dog but may help keep your older dog youthful.

What are the pros and cons of having two dogs?

Various people have different opinions about having two dogs. It’s a great idea! It’s not such a good idea. It’s not right for everyone, but if you think it through, considering all the pros and cons, and decide it’s for you, it can be an extremely rewarding experience. Here are many of the pros and cons of having two dogs.

What are the pros of having two dogs?

There are lots of good reasons to double up and get a second dog, and here are a few of them (pros).

New Companion

A second dog can serve as a companion. Check out how.

Another dog will be a companion to your dog.

A second dog will give your dog a friend to pal around and play with. Since dogs are pack animals, they like having companions to run with. Without a companion, your dog can get bored or depressed, or as discussed earlier it can get as serious as a case of separation anxiety with symptoms like being destructive and more.

Another dog will be a companion to your family.

A second dog will also give your family another companion. Your first dog may have a favorite owner, but a second dog will probably pick another favorite. So, maybe both kids have a dog who showers them with love, or you and your spouse both get some canine affection.

Pup Trainee

Puppies don’t come ready to enjoy work-free. Puppies take a lot of patience and training, and one of the great things about getting a second dog, a puppy, in this case, is that your dog can make it tons easier to train a puppy. Just like kids learn easier from other kids, puppies learn easier from dogs.

Backup Security

One of the reasons most people get a dog is because they provide at least a certain amount of security. At the very least, they make a lot of noise when a foreign entity is on their or your property. A second dog provides an extra measure of security to your property and family.

Canine Coach

When there are two dogs instead of one, the two will exercise each other. They will run and play, keeping each other fit. This will take some pressure off you having to be in the backyard trying to run and wrestle on the ground.

Dog Angel

Is your dog a rescue dog? Consider that if you get another dog, it could be a rescue dog, as well. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have a dog, and you’re considering two rescue puppies. Either way, you could save two lives. Twice the rescue; twice the love.

What are the cons of having two dogs?

There are also some good reasons to be sure before getting a second dog. Here are some cons of getting two dogs.

High Costs

If you are thinking about feeding a second dog, it doesn’t really cost that much, right? Well, first, that depends on the size of the dog and whether you feed him any old food or healthy, delicious food. Plus, if you’re pondering the costs of having a second dog, there’s a lot more to factor in than just dog food.

Generally, yes, there’s double dog food, double treats, double food and water bowls, double bedding, and double toys, but you must also consider the costs of other supplies, like double collars, double leashes, and double crates. What about extras? There will always be big chewy bones, work-for-food toys, and more that you will want to buy for your dogs. Plus, they will need coats on the coldest days of winter, and some t-shirts you just can’t pass up.

Depending on whether they are the same or different breeds, you may be able to use the same pin brush or slicker brush for both dogs, or you may need a brush for one and a grooming glove for the other. You should need only one set of nail clippers unless you have a huge dog and a tiny dog. You need these supplies whether you send your dog(s) to the groomer for baths or whether you don’t.

The groomer — that is another cost you need to consider. How often do you take your dog now? What does it cost you each month for the services you require? Now, double that to see what you’ll pay the groomer for two dogs. If your second dog has longer hair than the first, so that his grooming is more complicated, it may cost you more than that. Also, do you go out of town often? You will have to pay twice the boarding or up to twice the sitter.

Ponder the cost of vaccinations and the cost of spaying or neutering. Then, you must also take into consideration the fact that you have no idea what kind of health your dog(s) will have. If you have a dog with medical conditions, veterinarian bills can soar, so you can only imagine what those bills will be with two dogs who are ill. Do you intend to carry pet insurance? This is another cost to be taken seriously.

Great Responsibility

You take on a lot of responsibility when you take in a second dog. It’s essentially like adopting a child. Here’s why.


Just like when you have two children, you must love them both. You can’t let one feel unloved or alone. You must love both dogs and show them both the affection they deserve.


For quite some time after you first bring a second dog home, you must supervise them. It is easy for jealousy or simple alpha dog friction to cause lots of strife in a newly double-dog home.


It is your job to care for them, day and night, well or sick, no matter what. It is your job to feed them, take them outside for exercise and bathroom breaks, and to do what is necessary to care for them when they are sick.

Double Training

If you get two puppies at the same time, it can be very hard to socialize and train them at the same time. Training will need to be done separately with each puppy at different times. This can be very time-consuming, and you will need tons of patience.

Trouble Twice

While your new dog may keep your old dog company and curb his bad habits, it normally works that he will teach the new dog those bad habits, and they will both be destructive. They may fight over any number of things. Just walking them both at the same time will be a chore, so make sure it is what you want and that it’s doable.

Is it better to have two dogs of the same gender?

Because of the alpha dog conflict you, most times, get between two males or two females, it is usually best to get a male and a female if you are going to get a second dog. This boy-girl relationship usually goes even better if both dogs are spayed or neutered, but at least one dog should be because you don’t want surprise puppies. If you insist on same-sex dogs, spay or neuter them and get one that is years younger than the other.

Is it easier to have two dogs of the same breed?

Studies have shown that dogs can recognize their own species by their facial features, but they haven’t yet been able to prove that they can recognize their own breed. Many, however, believe that they can.

While most owners say that same breed dogs tend to fair well together, it hasn’t really been proven that same breed dogs get along any better than different breeds. It is known, though, that small dogs get along better with small dogs than with large dogs.

As a rule, you don’t want to get dogs from the same litter, though, as instead of bonding with you, they may decide to bond with each other.