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American Bulldog PitBull Mix

Dogs are considered our best friends and lifelong companions. They show us unconditional love and loyalty that lasts a lifetime. Mixing dog breeds is a unique way to experience two different dog breeds in one dog. The American bulldog and pit bull mix are among the most common breeds. 

The American bulldog pit bull is a mixed breed dog that is a product of the American bulldog and the American pit bull terrier. The bullypit is known for being intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and loveable. However, this dog is also known for having some aggressive characteristics. 

This article will examine the history of the American bulldog and American pit bull terrier breeds. In addition, the characteristics of the American bulldog pit bull will be discussed in this article. Lastly, this article will also discuss the pros and cons of owning an American bulldog pit bull.

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix
Image of an American bulldog pitbull mix

The History Of The American Bulldog And American Pit Bull Terrier

The American bulldog pit bull is a fairly modern dog; therefore, there is not much history of this dog breed. To learn more about the bullypit, we need to look deeper into the parent breeds. This hybrid dog is well-known worldwide and can be found in many homes acting as a guard dog. 

What Is An American Bulldog?

Since the beginning of the 17th century, American bulldogs have been and are still being used to protect farms and ranches. These fearless and loyal dogs are offspring of the Old English bulldog. It is said to believe that these dogs arrived in America with working-class immigrants and acted as guardians and catch dogs. 

During the 20th century, this dog breed was almost at the point of extinction. It is believed that John D. Johnson and Alan Scott were the two individuals that saved the American bulldog from extinction. This dog was considered a working dog; therefore, it was used at many farms, ranches, and homes to perform various protective tasks.

The American bulldog was also used for bull baiting (a well-known blood sport used for entertainment in the medieval era). It is believed that this is how the breed got some of its aggressive characteristics. Despite this, they are still being used as working/protector dogs and family pets. 

What Is An American Pit Bull Terrier?

The 19th century saw the crossbreeding of an American bulldog and a bull terrier; this breed became known as the American pit bull terrier. These enthusiastic dogs are commonly known for having English Staffordshire bull terrier genes. Like the American bulldog, this dog breed is also known for having aggressive characteristics, but this can be justified. 

Before the animal welfare laws were introduced, the American pit bull terrier was also used for bull baiting and bear baiting. Breeders became so competitive that they eventually turned these dogs against each other. This type of dog fighting was an underground form of gambling believed to have negatively impacted social norms. 

The American pit bull terrier is known for overcoming negative misconceptions by being used as an athletic sports dog, police dog, and therapy dog. This dog tends to behave aggressively towards other animals but not usually humans. This dog is also known for being good with children and adults and, therefore, can be considered a good family companion. 

The Bullypit

In the late 1900s, dog breeders bred American bulldogs and American pit bull terriers and created the bully pit bull (also known as the bullypit). These dog breeds come in glossy coats; their base colors vary from brown to black and white. These dogs are super athletic and tend to protect their owners until death. 

The Amazing Characteristics Of The American Bulldog Pit Bull Breed

The American bulldog pit bull is a dog breed with a mixture of athletic strength and bull terrier awareness. This muscular dog is relatively intelligent and can be easily trained. However, these dogs need a good source of consistency and discipline to stay loyal, hardworking, and loveable to their owners. 

Below are some of the characteristics and features of the American bulldog pit bull:


The bullypit is known for having a strong physical body with various patterns and colors adopted by the parent breeds. The eyes of these dog breeds are usually the unique feature that makes these dogs so special. The eyes of a specific dog tend to be the same in color, but there are many instances where a dog has two different eye colors. 

The American bulldog pit bull has huge strong jaws, which is known for having the locked-jaw feature. This dog breed usually does not shed much; therefore, it is easy to groom and maintain its fur. The bullypit is known for looking cute, adorable, and innocent as a puppy, but they eventually grow up to look like mean beasts that control their territory. 

Health Conditions

The health of an American bulldog pit bull puppy merely depends on the health conditions of the parent breeds. American bulldogs and American bull terriers tend to pass on health conditions such as skin disorders and heart diseases to their bullypit offspring. Therefore, the bullypit puppy’s lifespan usually depends on how well the owners treat these inherited health conditions. 

The American bulldog tends to have a shorter lifespan than the American pit bull terrier; therefore, it is believed that the American pit bull terrier is the healthier parent breed. The bullypit puppy tends to inherit health conditions such as respiratory issues and joint displacement. However, this can all be treated with regular checkups and correct medication.  

Living Requirements

The American bulldog pit bull is a very athletic dog; therefore, this dog breed needs to have enough space to play around and be active. Having this dog breed in a yard would require solid and secure fencing to keep the dog inside the yard. Adding a kennel and one or two toys to the yard will ensure that the bullypit protects its territory. 

Living with an American bulldog pit bull in a house means that nobody should have allergies. These dog breeds do not shed much, but there will be fur in and around the house. Therefore, a dog in the house may affect the health of someone with allergies. However, this dog breed spends most of its time outdoors rather than indoors. 


As mentioned above, the American bulldog pit bull is an active dog, requiring regular exercise. Regular exercise and movement allow this dog breed to stimulate muscles and bones. The best way to ensure that your bullypit is getting exercise is to be active. This is the perfect way to bond with your dog while enjoying good exercise.

These dogs tend to become naughty when they don’t get enough activity and exercise. They require at least 1 hour and 30mins of exercise daily. This can be in the form of walking, running, or swimming. Add an obstacle or two to jump on so the exercise routine can be more challenging for the dog. 

Food Requirements

The American bulldog pit bull is an active and muscular dog, requiring the right nutritional foods. The bullypit requires at least 2 to 3 meals daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The right foods can assist with developing strong bones and muscles and prevent health conditions that may have been picked up from parent breeds. 

The bullypit requires high-quality dog food consisting of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Glucosamine. This dog breed tends to enjoy any dog food that has meat in it. Some vitamins and supplements can also be added to dog food. Remember to reward your dog with a treat for fulfilling a given task. 


The American bulldog pit bull may seem like a fearless dog that cannot be trained, but this is not true. This dog breed is known for wanting to please its owner. If the circumstances are correct, this dog breed can be one of the most exciting to train. Reward your bullypit with some treats; this is the perfect way to keep the energetic and enthusiastic levels high. 

Use these training treats to start with simple commands such as sit down and lie down. Once these simple commands are completed, you should train your bullypit to socialize by being less aggressive to unfamiliar faces. It is recommended to train these types of dogs when they are still puppies; training an adult dog can be challenging and sometimes impossible. 

The Pros And Cons Of Owning An American Bulldog Pit Bull

The American bulldog pit bull is a popular breed in the dog community, but some would say that this is for the wrong reasons. There are some pros as well as some cons to owning this dog. How the puppy is raised will determine whether these pros outweigh the cons or vice versa. Parent breeds are also a contributing factor to these pros and cons. 

Below are a few pros and cons of owning An American bulldog pit bull:

Pros Of Owning An American Bulldog Pit Bull

1. Lovable And Affectionate 

A bullypit is known for having a heart full of love and affection. This breed shares love and affection with us and expects the same in return. They seek acceptance, so remember to give them good compliments and lots of cuddles.

2. Extremely Loyal  

They are known to have strict loyalty traits inherited from the American bulldog and American pit bull terrier. This breed will only take orders from the owner, and this is the owner that the dog will protect with its life. 

3. Smart And Intelligent 

A bullypit is one of the dog breeds with an excellent understanding of human body language. Intelligence plays a massive role in discipline; therefore, they are smart enough to be trained at a very young age. 

4. Very Active And Energetic  

These are athletic dogs; therefore, they are well known for being active, energetic, playful, and enthusiastic. This breed is perfect for those that want to start a daily exercise routine. These dogs will be happy and eager to accompany owners on a morning jog. 

5. Perfect Family Companion

A bullypit is known for being great around children and adults if raised in the right conditions. This dog breed is also known for building unbreakable bonds with owners. This dog is the perfect companion if you want to add family security.

Other Pros

  • Minimal grooming required 
  • Great guard dog
  • People pleaser
  • Always young at heart

Cons Of Owning An American Bulldog Pit Bull

1. Aggressive Nature

A bullypit is known for having an aggressive nature, but this is usually only when there is no puppy training. This dog breed usually shows more aggression when it comes to other animals. These aggressive behaviors need to be monitored from a young age. 

2. Extremely Mischievous When Bored 

These dogs are well-known for having loads of energy and enthusiasm. This is why they seem to be playful throughout the day. However, they tend to become naughty when there is not enough entertainment. Usually, they start biting on clothes, furniture, and other valuable things. 

3. Requires Obedience Training

A bullypit is known for being an energetic dog breed that will do anything to please its owner. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to the dog being over-excited or overprotective. Therefore, this dog breed requires efficient training to become a well-behaved dog. 

Other Cons

  • Banned in some states of America
  • Negative judgments toward owners
  • Adult dogs are harder to train
  • Extremely dominate
  • Puppies get stolen quite often


The bulldog and the pit bull terrier parent breeds have created a monster dog breed that is quite friendly and loveable. The American bulldog pit bull is a beautiful dog breed perfect as a family companion. The bullypit has silenced stereotypes by being a loyal and energetic dog that will protect its owner no matter the circumstance.